Search Ad Prices Up 11% In April

    May 12, 2005

Fathom has released its keyword price index for April, revealing that search ad prices rose an average of 11% from the previous month.

The press release says that the strongest category remains Finance/Mortgage at $6.49, up 20% from April. Telecom/Wireless also saw a large gain, rising just under 6% to $1.01, as did Broadband, which rose 13% each of the last two months. Travel/Hospitality and Automotive both dropped 1%, but Fathom sees this as a sign of stability in the market.

Take a look at a chart Fathom has released of the index, or take a look at the nifty graph I’ve wipped up:

Fathom Online Search Advertising Price Index through April 2005 - chart by Blog News Channel

Click on it for a larger (and infinitely more readable) version.
(via Search Engine Watch)

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