Sean Hannity: Ballot Gets Tweeted, Then Deleted

    November 7, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Sean Hannity, host of Fox News, quickly realized his mistake yesterday after he tweeted a photo of his completed election ballot, which is illegal in many states.

“I learned a big civics lesson today,” he later said. “I took a picture of my vote and I tweeted it out and then I heard it’s not allowed. So I had to…I deleted it…whoops! I didn’t know, I really didn’t, honestly.”

Hannity wasn’t the only one tweeted pics of his choices; so many people were doing it yesterday that it became a trend, especially on Instagram. Many celebrities got in on the act, too, but it’s more than likely that most of them have since been deleted, like Hannity’s.


Here’s a handy guide to state ballot laws, which may be useful during the next election year.


  • http://yahoo.com Patrik

    Under his own rigid tenets, he should be taken out and shot!

  • Budwick

    Ignorance of the Law is no excuse. Hannity should be locked up and throw away the key. This sort of behavior is completely unacceptible by someone in the public view.

    • All-American

      DON… I could only imagine you said this to get attention…thank god you can spell. we recommend you to the next grade level

  • Max

    There are a many things he thinks he knows that he really doesn’t.

  • William


  • http://WebProNews William O’Reilly

    “Blowhard Dumbass” should think before he acts? What a pinhead?

  • Not-too-old

    OMG! Sean Hannity made a mistake. Welcome to the human race. BTW, he mentioned a word most obamanuts never heard of. CIVICS. It’s not a Honda, but teaching on how the government is supposed to work. I gues they don’t teach it anymore because the gov’t doesn’t work.

    • Stacy

      Did they teach it where Hannity went to school, evidently he sat in the same class as the obama nuts. Probably was sent down to the office for blabbering to much.

    • Haveavoice

      Hallelujah!! I can’t believe ANY women could vote for any man that did not support her right to choose. What century is this? Thank goodness President Obama lives in this century.

  • Diane Fisk

    Dear Sean,
    Republicans stance on abortion needs to be changed. We lost many women’s votes because modern women want a choice. Repbulicans are out of touch with today’s American woman.

  • M

    Doesn’t surprise me at all. This shows the maturity of a grown man. Quite possibly the biggest baby on this earth. Way to be Sean!!!

  • Stacy

    This shows how narrow minded Hannity really is. What a liar didn’t know you couldn’t do that sure????? I belive that

  • Thomas

    Sean Hannity should now know that no one is beyound mistake.He too makes one. He runs people down and assassinate characters and shows publicly his Republican inclinaton. He does not do himself any good. He should hide his face in shame because Obama won the election by miles against his preachings in the fox news studio that Obama is a looser. Sean Hannity is the most hated in the media world.

  • M

    He’ll apologize and buy his way out of it

  • benj

    Sean there seem to alot of issues you are not aware of. Your guest on the radio last night pleading for voters to “hold the line” in Ohio. He stated to you that there were thousands of Republican voters outnumbering democratic voters in his state. You believed him and not the polls that was amusing.

  • http://webpronews bcl

    You can tell your grandkids you voted for the worst pres. in us history. how many more wasted trillons this year? half the country wanted to fire him we’ll see how he does with his write up.message for women latinos & young people everywhere

  • j

    A fitting final touch for Hannity’s 5 years of dedication to stop Obama.

  • http://yahoo indigo

    Hannity, trump, and the stupid horse face lanky blond (can’t remember her name) should all go and crawl under a rock!!!!!

  • bob

    Hannity …pffff what a irrelevant DoucheRocket . pffffffff

  • Scamuel Jones

    Sean Hannity is a big a dumbazz moron as is Rush Limberger, Donald Trump, Brian Williams and drunk ole Diane Sawyer! ALL are dumbazz moron POSs!

  • nyako

    Hmm. Well. He still has a Job to trash the president . Hannity thinks he has something sensible to say he just as stupid as rash trump. At tome l think even Sarah Palin has more brains

  • JOE


  • mrksgrl

    To Sean Hannity-
    You sir, are an idiot. Thankfully the longer they keep you on the air the less dangerous you become, soon your show will go the way of the Fox morning show parodied on SNL (all to closely may I add).
    If you had taken a tip from Bill O’Reilly you might have remained relevant, but I am not sure if you drank the Kool Aid or if worse you spout your divisive garbage just for the money, either way be happy – President Obama just saved your job for 4 more years It was not your grand intelligence.

    • MNRAE

      Little Lord Hannity. By knowing you work for Fox news I am in no way surprised in your epic failure of a tweet. I would never turn it on in my own home. I am forced to watch it at times waiting in line I know from watching it for 5 minutes that “aint’ nobody coming out of there with a Pulitzer prize or anything close to a journalistic integrity gold star. Just continue to talk louder, interrupt your “guests” and keep on making the point that the more people like yourself are suited for interviewing Sarah Palin and her daughters… ex baby daddy’s new wife. TWEET ON!

  • OrchidIslander

    A tweet from a twit…..

  • Arturo Garcia

    Hannity, you are going to hell man, you are a sick liar, there is no way your show will survive, because people will evenually see thru your hate. The ratings are alreadfy showing it. Karma is going to get you very soon! An example was using national tv to tell the viewers where the welfare money is going, by using an example of a stripper on welfare. You failed to mention that of maybe one abuser there are thousands of legedimate recepients who desperately need some help. Something you, Trump and Romney will never understand. You use the power of the media to send wrong messages to your followers, but then again, so did Jim Jones in Gianna. Look dude, in 2008, god saw all the greed that was going on, so he sent you a black presedent. This caught the country by surprise, A black commander in chief? no way! You and the republicans locked up and held the middle hostage. God saw that you guys didn’t get the message so he sent him back for four years. Get used to it man, the country is going to be perfectly fine.