Seahawks Fan Tattoos Head for Playoff Tickets


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The next time you describe yourself as your NFL team's number one fan, ask yourself a question: would you shave part of your head and get a tattoo in hopes of scoring tickets to a playoff game? This is exactly what Seattle Seahawks mega fan McKenzie Jane Brown did in hopes of winning tickets in a radio station contest. Unfortunately for Brown, she came in second place in the contest, but she has no regrets about the tattoo and says she would go even further to get Super Bowl tickets.

Brown, who already had several tattoos before getting the Seahawks logo tattooed on the side of her head, decided to take part in a contest offered by 98.3 The Key to try to win tickets for the Seahawks-Saints playoff game. The Kennewick, Washington resident is a longtime Seahawks fan, but has never been to a game before. "I was really hoping the first one would be the playoffs," she said. After hearing about the contest that would give the person with the best Seahawks-themed photo a pair of tickets, she decided the best chance to win was getting a tattoo.

"I always wanted to have a Seahawks tattoo, but I didn't want a logo to interrupt the other tattoos," Brown said. "That's why I felt the head would be perfect." In order to get the tattoo, Brown had to shave part of her long mane, which had to be tough considering she works at a hair salon. Brown ended up getting the Seahawks logo with a 12 for the team's fan base above her ear. Check out another photo of Brown's tattoo below.


Amazingly, Brown lost the contest to a fan dressed in a Batman-Seahawks costume. Even though she didn't win the tickets, she doesn't have any regrets about the tattoo. "I came in second, but nothing else changed," she said. "I may have a little bit of an itchy head, but I'm still loud and proud."

With less than a week left until the Super Bowl (assuming it doesn't get rescheduled), Brown has made it known that she is willing to get another tattoo if it means locking up tickets to watch her beloved Seahawks. Hopefully the tickets will be guaranteed before she gets more ink.

Check out what Brown went through to get the Seahawks tattoo below.

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