SE Wars Get Social – Battleground MySpace

    May 25, 2006

A new battlefront in the ongoing business war between Google and Microsoft appears to be opening around the popular social network

According to an article in the Financial Times , MySpace is, “… in talks to forge a internet search link with either Google or Microsoft, in a move that would confirm the emergence of Rupert Murdoch’s internet site as a significant new power online.”

Over the past year, MySpace has attracted tens of millions of new users and is expected to surpass the 80-million registered user mark in the next two months. Having exhausted his search for another search partner, Murdoch appears ready to rekindle the bitterness left by the feud fought over AOL, which Google won late last year.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently mentioned another social network built for US based students, Facebook , in an interview with Cnet news . “I’ve spent a lot of time studying FaceBook. I think there is a lot we can learn from the FaceBook concept.”

“We’ve looked at this carefully, these online communities will evolve and search will be part of it,” Eric Schmidt, chief executive of Google, told the Financial Times earlier this month. “There’s not going to be a single winner.”

MySpace is the fastest growing online community among younger Internet users.

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