Screenshots Weave Tale Of Google Health

    August 15, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s march into the health information industry received a little daylight as screenshots of their “Weaver” project found their way to Philipp Lenssen’s blog.

Screenshots Weave Tale Of Google Health
Screenshots Weave Tale Of Google Health

When it comes to the tech industry, one can trust that something is a leak about as far as one can throw the leaker from a standing start. Many items that leak out from otherwise non-talkative companies, Google being a prime example, may be more strategic than anything.

The screenshots of a Google Health prototype appearing at Google Blogoscoped have the usual minimalist, blue and white look of a Google product. There is a profile section where a visitor can enter medical details; Google promises they “will not share it with anyone without your permission.”

The confident Google Health user can download medical information from services that permit it, like a pharmacy or a medical provider, and add it to Google’s service. This leads to the construction of a “Google health guide”: