Scott Gregory Answers QuickBooks Questions

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If you’re one of the two million small businesses using QuickBooks software, you’ve probably got questions. Scott Gregory provides insight to you on QuickBooks topics such as:

  • Figuring out the answer when clicking Help just doesn’t help
  • Understanding the various features and functionality of QuickBooks
  • Trying to figure out how to upgrade to a newer version of QuickBooks

    Send Scott the QuickBooks questions that are on your mind by e-mailing to Questions@BondTechLtd.com. He may not be able to answer your questions individually, but your e-mails will be used to shape future QuickBooks Q+A and QuickBooks Insights articles for WebProNews, SmallBusinessNewz and SmallBusinessUpdate.

    Scott’s QuickBook Answers:
    QuickBooks Q&A: Graphing Units Sold
    QuickBooks Q&A: Data Optimization
    QuickBooks Q&A: Tax Tables
    QuickBooks Q&A: Mulitiple Customers, One Invoice

    Articles by Scott:
    QuickBooks Q+A
    4 QuickBooks Insights

    In his role as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Scott has recently authored three QuickBooks e-books, designed to help readers get more done with QuickBooks in a lot less time. These books are titled: Slash Your Accounting Fees: QuickBooks Secrets Your Accountant Doesn’t Want You to Know, Zooming Around QuickBooks: Shortcuts and Timesavers, and Mastering QuickBooks Reports: Become a Report Wizard Right Now. In addition, you can take advantage of the two newsletters that Scott produces: QuickBooks Tips, and the “No Geek Zone”.

    Scott Gregory, CPA, QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Microsoft Certified Professional is the president of Bond Technology. Bond Tech provides a full suite of QuickBooks and technology consulting services to small businesses. Services range from helping clients save money on their initial or upgrade purchases of QuickBooks to installation and training, as well as computer installation and networking. Contact Scott at SGregory@BondTechLtd.com, or by visiting their web site at http://www.bondtechltd.com/.

    Scott Gregory Answers Quick Book Questions: Click Here For Free Answers

    Scott Gregory Answers QuickBooks Questions
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    • Guest

      Hi I have been searching all over for help with my credit card entries. I use my CC for all my COG. I enter the invoices from my vendors as Rec. Inv. with Bill. Then I go to the pay bills page and click the ones that are on my CC statement. Then I go to Reconcile CC. But my credits are not posted there and my payment that I pay online and then do a debit thru my checking account does not show. I would like to know the best way to do this right.(and easy)

      Can you tell me how to do this step by step? I have searched all over for help with this. Your help would be deeply appreciated.

      Wanda \ magnumtruckingin@bellsouth.net

    • Guest


      At the first of the year, my bookkeeper opened a new company without bringing the balances forward due to some ‘bad information’.  What is the best way to manually give a customer an opening balance.  I need to know the steps.  We have QB Pro ’06


      Thank you very much for your help!

    • patty vandergriff

      When I imput expenses and items, how do I print out that page showing these expenses and items?

    • Kristin

      I need to customize my report for each rep.  I need the report to show and calculate items sold, but I do not need to pay reps for freight, set up charges, and samples. Of course all of this appears on the invoice that is sent to the customer. Is there any way to make a report  like this?

    • Michelle G

      When I print my accouts receiveable aging, it lists customers with a zero balance (not all customers with a zero balance, just some).  I cannot figure out why they appear on this report.  Some of them have not had any entries for a number of years.  HELP???

    • Guest

      I have began a new job where my boss hasn’t kept any records of her expenses. All I have are her bank statements. I am going to have to input from the beginning of this year into Quickbooks for Contractors. The kicker is, she has used the business account for business AND personal. What are suggestions for inputing this into QB? Do I just set up the one account and break it down? If so how? Any help is appreciated!

    • Fred

      QB’s Enterprise vs.11
      My question,
      I have a company setup in their currency. When making a GJE, how do I setup foreign currency and exchange rate?


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