Scott Disick: What Finally Made Him Head To Rehab?


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Scott Disick needed to head to rehab ages ago.

That much was clear to any sane observer who has watched this person drink and party excessively for years now.

However, a pill binge took a turn for the terrifying, leaving the 31-year-old to contemplate his situation in a more mature light.

Disick reportedly shared with a friend that he "thought he was going to die" and admitted he'd taken his partying ways too far.

On an episode of Kourtney & Khloé Take The Hamptons, we see Scott having a heart-to-heart talk with longtime girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian about the problems caused by his behavior as well as a possible trip to rehab.

Although Disick lamented the cost of rehab to Kardashian, she insisted that he was fortunate enough to have the money available to cover the cost of treatment.

Scott Disick has struggled with depression and anxiety issues for awhile, on top of losing both his mother and father within the same month.

It's believed that the death of his parents only served to escalate his out of control behavior.

"[Scott is] just...severely depressed," said Kourtney. "He makes up whatever pills he thinks he needs to take."

This form of self-medication is terrifying enough without the inclusion alcohol, which Kardashian admits she "doesn't think is good".

She also stated that her boyfriend likely wanted to head to rehab sooner, but was "just scared" to go.

The reality TV star shared in his own words why he finally felt a trip to a treatment center was necessary.

"I've pretty much become a broken record," said Scott Disick. "I'm sick of hearing myself talk about the problems I have that I don't fix. And I've always known for a long time I did need to get some help to get to a better place."

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have two children, 4-year-old Mason and 2-year-old Penelope, and are anticipating a third by the end of the year.