Scott Disick Spends More Time With Khloe Than Kourtney

    August 5, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian have anything but a normal relationship. After Scott was admitted to a hospital in June with alcohol poisoning, he promised Kourtney that he would stop drinking until she gave birth to their third child.

Kourtney agreed to work on their relationship if Scott did indeed stay sober, and it looked like things were going to get better for the young couple.

It was only a matter of time before the couple had more drama and now Kourtney is allegedly upset that Scott is spending so much time with her sister Khloe.

Khloe Kardashian and Scott have always been close, but Scott is now allegedly inseparable from Khloe and is even choosing to spend time with her instead of Kourtney.

“Everyone knows that Khloe and Scott are practically best friends, but Kourt is starting to get irritated by the amount of time they’re spending together,” one of Kourtney’s friends said.

Kourtney and Scott’s already strained relationship may not be able to handle much more and Kourtney is already under a lot of stress from her pregnancy.

Kourtney has allegedly talked to her sister Khloe about her friendship with Scott and although she doesn’t think there is anything more than a friendship going on, she has asked Khloe to back off and give her and Scott some space.

“The whole situation has irked Kourtney. Maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but she’s politely asked Khloe to back off and give them some room. Needless to say, it’s causing no end of stress for the sisters.”

The source didn’t share how Khloe reacted to her sister’s request, but one would assume she would do the right thing and leave her sister’s boyfriend alone for a while.

Do you think Khloe and Scott’s relationship is innocent or is there something more to it?

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  • Rebecca Howell

    Scott is not black- so no I don’t think there is anything to it.

    • pat

      No…he is not…but neither is French Montana….and thats who she is supposely dating now…Nationality: Morocco….duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….some people can be so ignorant…

      • Rebecca Howell

        Relax Pat. It was a joke. But FYI Morocco is in Africa. So she still is dating an African American.

        • pat

          yes i know that….but everyone in Africa is not African American….or did you not know that…lol….i really dont care…i was responding to you for the hell of it…

          • Rebecca Howell

            French Montana is American and was born in Africa. I was correcting your duh…. remark. If you read the original remark- I said “black” because that referred to her penchant for dating black guys. And French is black. Black is a color not a Nationality. But again… it was a joke. You made it into a serious issue and turned it into a dig. It’s called humor.

          • pat

            at the time i was only messing with you…but i see you took it serouis…so why are you still bothering me…now in my real serious voice….FUCK OFF….now that’s being serious….

          • gossip26

            Lol lol cracks me up!! People start with comments about the Kardashians and 9 times out of 10 they lose direction and end up scrapping with each other. Lol crazy stuff. :)) :))

          • pat

            I am not scrapping with anyone…I was just making a statement and my statement must have hit home for someone to come back at me like that…but it’s all good…cus I am all good…lol

          • gossip26

            Good on you Pat. Love your positive attitude. Gotta laugh though.

          • Rebecca Howell

            What’s your beef? In this country if someone is black we are all supposed to call them African Americans. So now if you are actually born in Africa but live in America AND are American citizens like French Montana (he is not a Moroccan citizen)- what would you call him? That’s why I say black because it’s a color of skin not ethnicity as you pointed out. Just like white doesn’t indicate if you are Irish, English, or Scandanavian. If you are saying I am racist because the KK girls like black guys. That doesn’t make me racist. Robert DeNiro exclusively dates black women. It’s just their taste.

          • pat

            I never said you were a racist…frankly i dont care if you are or not….that’s your choice…i was just making a statement like everyone else does…have a blessed day…because i am….

        • Yelaina Thompson

          Everyone who lives in Africa or is nationalized in a country on the African Continent is NOT African American, nor African. I get tired of people using the term black, making a dumb statement and backing it up with “it was a joke”. I would like to know where you have traveled in the world?

          • Rebecca Howell

            Well considering my profile picture is me in a gondola in Venice- I’ve traveled probably more than most people. It was a joke- Khloe likes black guys. Why do you hate the word black? I’m white not Anglo American or German American. Give it a rest. Khloe and Kim go for black men- it’s not even open for debate.

  • amy

    Why is this news?

  • Nizzy

    I think it’s innocent. I also think she should back off because Kourtney is pregnant and needs his sober support. But it’s sad that with such a big family, she can’t turn to one of her many siblings for the support.


    Who Freakin’ Cares?!?!?!

  • Judy

    What is this? the Rebecca & Pat show????

  • ATL_Sassafrass

    Lord Douchebag

  • lolamirite

    That’s what happens when one sister puts out anal.


    He is a mega loser, alcoholic and from what I heard wasn’t a very good person in general, used his parents money, mooches/ leaches off of Kourtney, love how he drives a custom Bentley that she probably bought or is on loan from Bentley to get PR for free from the show. and why Yahoo calls him a reality star beats me, he’s a total jerk and like the family talentless, go away

  • Ricky Rice

    Kourtney is kind of a kill joy .

  • Nikki

    scott can be alot of fun..much like khloe…kourt is always whinning..that voice..i dont blame scott..lol

  • Karl Hutchense

    THAT bath photo is just straight up weird. I wonder how much more abuse his liver and kidneys can take before they shut down completely. Dude needs to grow up and Kourtney needs to quick making more babies with that useless dork.

  • anna

    Well that’s no surprise they’re both drunks, so they have that in common.

  • Guest

    Actually I hope they both get together. I’d even like to see them go to bed with each other. Kourtney & Khloe are not married, so what the hay. Know what I mean? Awww, that would be so sweet. After they get it on, they can both puke on each other from all the alcohol they’ve drank.

  • anna

    Kourtney & Scott are not married so who cares if Khloe & Scott get it on with each other, I don’t. I actually hope they do. After they screw each other, they can both puke on each other from all the alcohol they drank. How romantic.

  • anna

    Kourtney is such a bitch, no wonder Scott drinks. Scott, I think you need to dump Kourtney & go out with Khloe the drunk. You two would be great for each other.

  • Melissa Sanders

    Who really cares about this garbage? Did any of you read or hear that yesterday 7 volcano’s errupted at once in diferent parts of the world? I bet my ass you didn’t because your to worried about these stupid people instead of real important events that are taking place world wide.