Scott Disick Out of Control? Kourtney Kardashian Allegedly Gives Final Ultimatum

    July 1, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Scott Disick reportedly back to his old ways.

Apparently Lord Disick‘s habits of excessive drinking and partying are catching up with him once again. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is reportedly having problems on the home front with his longtime girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian.

According to Radar Online, Kourtney, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s third child, has given the 31-year-old reality TV star an ultimatum. She’s reportedly decided to separate from him until he can gain control of his life and turn things around.

The publication also reported that the National Enquirer revealed alleged details about Father’s Day, where Disick was reportedly a no-show. The following weekend on Saturday, June 21, Disick had a birthday bash in the Hamptons where he celebrated his big day, which was actually May 26.

An insider close to the famous family spoke with the Enquirer about “The Lord’s” out-of-control behavior. Kourtney’s demanding that he prioritize his life and put his family first.

“Kourtney has been a physical and emotional wreck, and she’s at her wit’s end,” an insider told the Enquirer. “Hours before they were supposed to enjoy a Father’s Day brunch, Kourtney ordered him to leave and not come back until he was ready to commit fully to their family.”

After the couple got into a heated argument in the Hamptons, Disick reportedly fled their rental home, leaving Kourtney in tears. She tried to call him, but to no avail. “But he didn’t pick up his phone. Now Kourtney’s saying she’ll raise her kids alone unless Scott shapes up immediately,” the insider said.

Another inside source also shared Kourtney’s plans if he doesn’t opt to fix the issues he’s currently facing. “Kourtney is prepared to give Scott his permanent walking papers unless he curtails his boozing and flirting with other women. He needs to step up to the plate, or hit the road for good.”

Image via Scott Disick, Twitter

  • long rider

    fake asses they’re perfect for each other

  • Mary Gendek Jones

    Good for her!

  • Mark Cashmere

    What do you expect, she’s so frigging emotionless, he looses both his parents 2 months apart last year, he has no other family and the Kardashians are far from caring for someone elses emotions. He’s tried so hard to get her to marry him, yet she’ll keep having his kids. I personally feel for the kid, yes he’s a kid still, he’s only in his twenties yet and to be dealt everything that’s on his plate.

    • debra

      It’s called Life, we are all dealt rotten hands at some point, regardless of age.This is what builds character, deal with it and mature or deny it and drink/drug it…and stay a child, emotionally retarded, riding it into manhood till your money, your health,your friends and mind shrivel up and die ! Feel sorry for this Spoiled little deluded PUNK ? I think NOT ! I’ve met 10 year olds better prepared for Reality than this Peter Pan…. Grow Up ! He sickens me. That whole lot does. Repulsive.

    • Susan Richardson

      Sweetheart he is 31! If he is not happy I get it. but its time to grow up.

    • SWF

      yoo hoo…he’s 31….didn’t you read the article? Yes. He lost his parents within 3 months of each other and yes she keeps having his children…but he has a little bit to do with that, wouldn’t you say???

  • guest

    oh boohoo rich pricks

  • bhavana

    Why does she keep getting pregnant by this guy? She has only herself to blame. I don’t feel sorry for her one bit.

  • tom

    Who gives a S-IT?

  • debra

    First they need to STRIP him of his Selfproclaimed Title of LORD ! This is as INSANE as the Black Cloud calling himself Jesus/Genius !

  • k

    I don’t know- atleast he hasn’t cheated on her. I’d say let him have his boys night out every once in awhile–you always see him hanging around her and her sisters in pictures—usually guys won’t put up with that nor want to hang around your family much. They’ve been boyfriend and girlfriend longer than some marriages have lasted.

  • Laurie

    So..the ‘desperate-to-save-their-show’ Kardashians feel this is a great story to share with the public?

  • Venus1

    Kourtney seems to have some type of attachment to this man despite all the problems she has had with him. It takes two to tango and that is where the reality lies in all relationships. It may be easier said then done but at some point everywhere has enough and decide to make a change. Maybe she is not ready to let him go…she is pregnant with their 3rd child so…anyway something is going to give at some point in this relationship. Unfortunately for her it will be played out for all the world to see. I guess it is the price she pays for wanted to be in the spotlight.

  • jillrudisill

    Kourtney wasn’t exactly a pillar of support or strength for Scott when he loss not one but both of his parents. She stayed in L.A. until finally some of her girlfriends told her that she should go out to the East coast and be there with Scott. Kourtney waited until Scott’s mother had passed or very close to passing before she got off her ass and went out there. I realize Scott has a drinking problem and that he hasn’t always been there for her and their kids but Kourtney is a hard ass from the get go. I always thought she was the most grounded and respected Kardashian out of the whole bunch until she showed her true colors when Scott needed her the most. I now have a whole new outlook about her. The woman has no emotion about others and is disconnected from others even her own family at times. Kourtney tells Scott how to act and what to do when in reality she needs some therapy herself. I no longer feel sorry for her because she keeps getting pregnant and basically uses Scott just to get pregnant and then if he doesn’t listen to her then she throws him to the curb. I do feel that Scott has a serious drinking problem and needs help but she needs to help him get sober for him and not so much for her. The kind of lifestyle this bunch leads there is always some sort of alcohol at his disposal and then she wants him to be perfect for her and the kids. Kourtney treats Scott like a puppet with her of course the one pulling the strings. She is driving him further a way and it will get harder for her to real him in and eventually she won’t be able to do it anymore they will be done.

  • Michael Fallen

    The guy is a douche, but isn’t fathers day for the father? If the father wants to go out and take a break shouldn’t everyone be okay with that. Just saying.

    • Jo

      I wonder what he did on father’s day last year. He may of just went out this year to drink, because he recently lost his dad and it is the first father’s day without him.

  • Kat Frey

    Can’t blame him hanging around those people I would drink too.


    Kourtney is co-dependent. She needs to get some TRUE self esteem. She continues to have children with Scott in spite of his non commitment. She needs to learn that having a man’s children does not mean she’ll keep the man. Pregnancy and having children is no way to hold a man. The children will be the ones who will suffer.

    • Jo

      I doubt she is getting pregnant to hold on to Scott. Scott has been practically begging her to marry him, but she refuses. If she wanted to hang on to him she could accept his proposal of marriage.

  • jeanniem22

    His behavior has never change so the intelligent thing for Kourtney to do is to get pregnant again – NOT – you reap what you sow girl friend!

    • Jo

      He actually changed his behavior drastically for years. He has only falling back into his own ways after the death of both his parents.

  • grandmadove

    anything to keep your name in the news

  • Cindy Smith

    Don’t know why she hooked up with him in the first place he’s a whore.

    • Larry Fyne

      And she’s not?

    • Sylvia Floyd

      HE’S a whore? The Kartrashian bunch are the whores dude. He needs to get a vasectomy and get his attorney to get some type of parental rights for his now 3 kids and straighten himself out. He just lost both parents, needs direction in his life, not what Kourtney and her screwed up life.

  • Kimberly Schoenrock-Williams

    these two losers are meant for her other. ” a final ultimatum?” for what? she’s stuck with him. three kids with this loser. She’s stuck with him now, for 18 years. boo hoo, Who CARES?!

  • chrissy

    He isn’t ready to marry… I don’t know why she thinks she can control him cause she has kids with him… He doesn’t seem interested in her.

    • SWF

      Obviously you have NEVER watched the program. I’m not proud of the fact, but I can at least comment on this. He had asked her to marry him a number of times. She dumps him every time she gets pregnant or the mood strikes her.

  • selma

    Kourtney, you have a serious problem. You seem to be following habits instilled early in your life. Clinging to to a father of your children is called enabling. You Need help!
    Stop focusing on the man , focus on yourself, now!

  • amk

    Scott is obviously still dealing with the death of both his parents. I’m not saying that drinking is the best route to take but that’s the path he chose. She should be more supportive of him and not be so quick to hand out demands. I can tell you from experience that handing out untimatums only wreck more havoc. They should seek counseling.

  • curt

    Whats wrong with excessive drinking and partying? What a B….!

  • Sissy Napolitano

    what I wonder is .. does scott want these babies that they keep having?? am I right in thinking that he goes off the deep end so to speak whenever Kourtney is pregnant!?

  • Mary

    Each Season of Kourtney and “One of Sisters” she gives him an ultimatum..

  • StaceyA

    here we are up in arms over the latest Kardashian news article….if everyone would stop making such a fuss- there would be none! This happens everyday to us real folks right??? Why am I not on the news crying it out all the time? Grow up ALL!

  • Irma Garcia

    you go koutney send that fool packing

  • gossip26

    She controls him like a pet. She never discusses anything with him, just uses him as a sperm bank. Horrible bossy woman. He should dump her!

  • gossip26

    No sane, self respecting man would be caught dead with Kourtney. Scott is the only one who puts up with her BS. She supports him financially and he is her sperm donor. I dont think he loves her anymore. It’s convenient for both of them. Her voice alone could drive anyone to alcoholism.

  • lindy west

    This is, as they know, great for ratings. He has not been faithful or sober for apparently quite some time.

  • Guest

    It’s all staged BS to keep people tuning in to their pointless show.

  • mg

    She’s so distant and seems to only want Scott around to impregnate her (and be the ‘villain’ on their reality show!) It seems like he continuously tries to be what she wants (and candidly, he needed to do a lot of changing, I would completely agree!) Even after he has turned himself around, it has never been enough. Then he loses 2 parents in 2 months and she is ice cold to what he is going through. I see only one person who has worked for THIS relationship and it is not Kourtney. He is funny and charming and has proven also that he can be – often – a hot mess. But you can see he really cares and his emotional river runs deep. Her dribbling creek seems to be as shallow as Kris’ and Kim’s – YUCK.