Scott Disick Alcohol Poisoning Scare Reportedly a ‘Wake-Up Call’

By: Meaghan Ellis - July 19, 2014

Scott Disick is reportedly doing much better after his recent health scare.

For those who missed it, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was hospitalized on Sunday, June 22. According to TMZ, Disick’s hospitalization was a result of alcohol poisoning.

The news of his condition comes after months of speculation of his alleged downward spiral. Several media outlets have reported claims about Disick spiraling out of control for quite some time. Excessive partying and binge drinking is reportedly normal behavior for the 31-year-old reality TV star.

Now, sources close to Disick reveal the bout with alcohol poisoning has served as a moment of clarity for him.

“Scott has known that he needed help for a while, but he just wasn’t ready to take that leap,” a close source said. “He finally had to humble himself and say, ‘Hey, I need help.’ It was a big step for him, and it took a lot of faith on his part.”

According to People magazine, Disick has also enlisted the help of Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr. of Miami, FL. “He’s finding his spiritual center now,” the source revealed. “I know what his public persona is, but he’s really a sensitive guy with a small spiritual side.”

The source went on to delve deeper into Disick’s personal life as he’s also battling grief. Back in October of 2013, Disick lost his mother. Then, his father died in January of 2014. Disick reportedly uses partying and alcohol as a form of “self-medication” to cope with the problems he’s facing.

“Obviously, his parents dying had a profound impact on him, and he has been grieving their loss,” the source said. “But don’t make the mistake of assuming that his problems started then. They didn’t. The losses of his parents amplified some issues that he already had. We all turn to self-medication when we’re in pain, and that’s what he has done,” the source explained.

Image via Scott Disick, Twitter

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  • Tigerlilly

    Disick’s hospitalization was a result of alcohol poisoning. Like that’s going to stop him from drinking.

  • boerneboy

    I can see why he drinks. He’s a no talent leach who’s only name to fame is fathering two rug rats with another no talent leach who is related to a piece of sh*t family. The entire Kardooshian family just needs to get flushed down the toilet.

  • Suzy

    Wow, those Kardashian women really know how to pick them. Kim is married to a filthy mouth thug rapper, Khloe is still married but having an affair with an even uglier thug rapper than Kanye and Kourtney is having children with a bum. She isn’t any better than the other two knowing he is a drunk and having an affair with him plus having 3 kids and not even married. Kris, the mother of these Ho’s is a pimp and has sold her soul and her daughters for money.

  • balletlady

    Only HE can choose to stop drinking..nothing any one else will do or say will stop it, even a near death experience will stop him from drinking.
    He is immature, self centered, self absorbed like the Kardashians that’s why he fits in so well with them & their lifestyles. He has anger issues as well & says “he doesn’t want any more children” yet HE failed to USE BIRTH CONTROL to prevent Kourtney from becoming pregnant….again. There’s always condoms or a vasectomy if you don’t want more children with someone/anyone.
    I’ve viewed the show on and off for years…his parents deaths have little to do with his antics as Scott behaved this way BEFORE his parents passed away. Obviously, as an ONLY child he was the center of their world & THEY overindulged & spoiled him rotten, that’s why he has a feeling of entitlement & ideas of grandeur for himself, i.e. considering purchasing a Helicopter with the money Kourtney MIGHT have gotten IF the painting she had purchased was “legit”, which it wasn’t. No once did I hear him say ” Hey’ let’s put that money from the painting aside for the kid’s college education”…he once again wanted to pamper himself. Only AFTER he found out how much of the backyard a helicopter landing PAD would take up, did he change his mind & not order his much desired personal helicopter that Girlie Man Bruce Jenner was to pilot.

    Lord Disick….a title he purchased, not one gotten legitimately.
    I highly doubt Scott will change…he’ll go merrily along his way making more babies out of wedlock with his tramp baby mama making Momanger Kris Jenner money.

  • Butterfly

    I feel bad for the guy. He seems a nice guy. He just let himself be manipulated by the mother of his kids. That explain his alcohol behavior.