Scott Disick Battling Insanely Creepy Sex Scam Allegations

    July 26, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Scott Disick has always seemed a little creepy to me. From the few episodes of “Keep Up with the Kardashians” I’ve actually seen, the guy appears to be a cold and extremely calculated sociopath, the sort of individual who might keep your skin on a hanger in his closet after locking you in the basement for several months. I’m not saying this is fact, mind you, but it’s certainly the impression that I get. I’m sure folks say the same thing about me all the time.

A number of deeply unsettling allegations have started popping up regarding Disick’s history, many of which seem to suggest the man isn’t as stable as he claims to be. According to Radar Online, Disick is known amongst his friends as a professional creeper, one who wasn’t above stealing items from the girls he used to sleep with.

“It’s true that Scott began videotaping himself having sex with girls when he was in his late teens, and then he’d steal from them!” former friend and model Brittany Reichek explained to the website. “Scott and one of his buddies had a system. They would pass themselves off as wealthy stockbrokers, pick up girls in the clubs in the Hamptons, get drunk with them, then take them back to their parents’ homes and claim the houses were their own.”

The Huffington Post reports that Disick and his cohorts would take just about anything that wasn’t nailed down, though they did have a penchant for nicking cellphones, cameras, cash, and credit cards. Reichek said she knows of at least 50 instances of such nefarious behavior from her estranged pal. Pardon me while my skin crawls.

Naturally, one should take such allegations with a grain of salt, particularly when this sort of information is coming from the mouth of a “former friend”. Still, these peculiar habits aren’t entirely out of sync with the vibe I get from the guy. Considering he’s just recently welcomed his second child into the world, this sort of news is definitely a little unsettling. Given he has a family to care for, I hope none of it is true. Good luck, Scott.

  • caeli hixson

    What a f@#k!!!

  • Janet

    Scott is creepy and what does he do for a living? Does he have an education or just a sugar mama? Skinny, scrawny, creepy. I don’t see why Kourtney is attracted to him.

  • Cheri

    Leave him alone!! Why do people have to talk about each other all the time? And if you Tod Rigney don’t know if it is true why did you write about it?

  • Robert Black

    Scott douchebag is not only slimy and creepy but acts like he owns the world when if it weren’t for his girlfriend and her messed family no one would know or care for his stupid a$$

  • Not Surprised

    @ Cheri – Honey, relax!!! He won’t read your post and think to himself “I wanna be this girl’s boyfriend!” The guy is a creep! It’s been hinted at for years, and now it’s come out. I guess the rest of us would take you seriously, if you actually posted your comment, using proper English and correctly spelled words!

  • DD

    Spot on. Definite sociopath.

  • Nicki

    Really, that’s all? With this creep that is not surprising at all. I’m betting there is a lot more creepy things going on with this guy than that.

  • Nicole

    What a disick!

  • Mlle Gigi

    No arrests? Probably didn’t happen. Mama Kris needs something new because her prime ‘toot, Kim, is fading fast as far as interest is concerned. She’s gotta find a new cash cow fast, and TAG!, you’re it, Scott. LOL

  • Tony

    I think he has a big dick. I know Chris Jenner said he was packing a cucumber, and I’ve seen glimses of it in certain episodes, so I’m curious to see it.

    • Lisa

      alrighty then…

  • courtney


  • Adam

    Who’s more foolish? The fool, or the one that follows him?

  • Jill

    the fact is that was how long ago?? it’s obvious he doesn’t need to steal anything from people now, and he is in a secure relationship. He’s an adult now not a teenager. And a father.

  • Kandace Branum

    I to have wondered what the creepster does for a living except sponge off Kourtney. Lets face it ladies, most of us have had a scorr or something siilar our family hand friends hated the guy but we didn’t listen. Let me say it like this lives with mama after age 23,25, no long term goals, If you want to do bad you can do bad all by yourself. No reason to drag the Kling on with you

  • http://yahoo joan

    This creep makes my skin crawl. It just shows how sick these kardashians r. The only responsible person is kloe. what mother discusses her boy toys w/her kids. these people are very sick

  • http://yahoo Kayla

    If it’s true, I think he fits in nicely with the rest of the immoral family. Kim does sex tapes,divorces after 2 months of marriage for publicity and sleeps with anyone famous; Khloe drinks and drive and has a mouth like a garbage can; Kris is a media whore and an adulterer; Rob is a low life, free loading bum; and Kourtney has 2 illegimate children with a man she refuses to marry. Yep! Fits in rather nicely.

    • Reaganpal

      Don’t forget Khris Jenner, the matriarch, a self absorbed media whore herself and Bruce, best of the bunch..but a cereal munching sidekick enabler modeling really bad plastic surgery.

      The family is aimless and useless, an example of having way too much money and no lives to spend it on.

      • Reaganpal

        Oh I see that you did mention Kris.

  • danielle

    who gives, he’s a grown man and what he did in the past isn’t you business….he supports his family now, and who cares who he was 6 years ago

    is this really going to change your life

    • LEXI


      • http://TmZ June

        Like this man, hey ! we all hav done some praetty crazy things ..Scott is a nice guy , putting up with all that he des with that crazy bunch of Kardass…their whack !! not scott. Give the Guy a Break People .. Love u scott !! screw the others..just jealous…what about all there SEX tapes YA!!

  • Leslie

    You don’t have to be a shrink to see this guy has some really deep mental issues.The list would take 20 pages-his out of control ego,distorted image of himself as some kind of Cary Grant/Rock Hudson (yes,I used Rock for a reason)movie star stud,his need to dress for attention-the list go’s on and on!But the most disturbing is his obvious substance abuse problems and the Jenner/Kardashian media whores willingness to use it to create drama and make $$ off it-I hope one day they will be able to explain to his children why Daddy was on T.V wasted and acting like a jackass! Not how I would want to remember my Dad.When is enough $$$ enough for these greedy exploit my own family at any cost trash?

  • LEXI


  • LEXI


  • Luke

    What does this say about the girls he slept with? Im guessing he slept with Brittany Reichek, who is a no-name and now she want to get famous.

    Who gives a crap what he did…havent you seen wedding crashers? They arent actually cowboys from Texas! LMAO

  • Diana

    I can not stand this creep! He is a Heffner want to be!

  • Glenn Quagmire

    Stealing stuff from one night stands is nothing new. My former roommate and I had a running contest on who could plow more women. We had to steal something from inside the girl’s apartment/house to “prove” we nailed them. The challenge was to take something unique, but also something that would not be missed. We decided on refrigerator magnets. Every chick has a series of dorky magnets on their refrigerator. We’d snag one on the way out after banging them and bring it back home. Then, we’d place them on our own fridge. This was a great way to keep an accurate tally and keep the leaderboard in plain site.

  • http://yahoo liz

    this guy is a fake, disrespectful and out of wack, can’t understand why Courtney keeps on having a child with him, just hope she don’t marry the creep he looks like an evil to me watch out for your money Court he is a thief too. be very smart with regards to that guy.

  • Karla Bell

    I am by no means a fan of Scott’s, but what a hateful article to publish, with no facts to back up your statements.

    • Mona

      Exactly! Right down to the hair and the way he dresses!

  • Chanisekiddo

    ever since the 1st time i saw him, all i could think was ‘American Psycho’ …. it’s like his style, mannerisms, and stuff is just made in Bale’s image in that movie,… Think Disick took that movie to heart waaaay more then any of us did, and in a different way!

  • Eastca

    Anybody remember the “sex and the city” episode where a guy would only sleep with models and tape the sexual encounters without their knowledge…..Scott just made it part of his TEEN years.

  • Richie Rich

    A creepy thieving jew? whodathunkit. lmao

    • Kimberly

      Go to hell you Anti-Semite. I’m sure there are no creeps or child molestors or rapists or skum in government, like our current President, who are Catholic or Christian or anything else.

  • Elle Sherrod

    This guy is a genius. Yes, he acts like a creep (there’s no better word for him), but that’s his role. He seeks attention from everyone and he gets it. Sometimes I watch the show just to see what ridiculous thing he’s going to do next. The guy’s funny and Kourtney has to know what he’s doing (trying to gain publicity), that’s why she’s still with him. If you see him as an idiot just trying to do everything and anything to make the show more interesting, you’ll see what I see. I’m sure they’re in bed plotting the next outrageous for him to do to gain viewers.

  • Becky Espino


  • Monica

    The guy is ‘LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK’! Havn’t we all done things in our past we weren’t particularily proud of?

    • http://TmZ June

      YES ! we Have ….He is nothing like the S….it he goes through with the Fake Kar .ass.ings. Love him.

    • Lucia

      Very true Monica, leave the past in the past. i knew a few guys who saved girls underwear. Big deal worry only if you find all that stuff still laying around somewhere. And by the way he is my favorite Kardashian. = P

  • Leslie

    I think Lexi shows why people are so into following this crap and making these no-talents filthy rich,because people actually think this is entertainment.Must be the same people who love to watch a crash at the side of the highway!Why is it the people who think it’s garbage should be the one’s to get over it?Why don’t the people who encourage this trash because it’s “entertainment” get over it and pick up a book? I’am sure you probably have a few paperbacks handy-maybe Nancy Drew or Charlie Brown!And I don’t think it counts if you beg for media attention 24/7-makes it hard to feel sorry for them!

  • http://none helen

    Scott and the K’s need to get out of DENAIL! Addiction is a deadly desease. He needs to go to a reputable 12 step rehab and get Sober. As sweet as she is Courtney can’t do it. She needs to attend Al-Anon.
    I have worked in the field many years and have never met a sane person who was using chemicals. Booze is a deadly chemical!! alcohol is a chemical!!! It doesn’t matter if you drink it, swallow it or shoot it up….it;s deadly. The promise of continued use is either death, jail or insanity…take your pick. It’s a powerful, cunning and baffling disease.

    Surprising and wonderful things come about in contiued SOBRIETY.
    Get your hands on The AA big book, READ and ATTEND Meetings!!! One day at a time. Get the cotton out of your ears and put it in your mouth. In other words SHUT UP and LISTEN!!

    • genius

      I take it there is no fact check button next to the spell check button you obviously didn’t use. If you are SO smart, why can’t you spell? It would be better for everyone here if you would focus on your recovery (QUIETLY and not here) and quit annoying people who don’t care about you or your rehab speech. CALL YOUR Sponser maybe they want to hear this crap.

  • http://none anon

    get sober!

  • Reaganpal

    Scott is an alcoholic who is NOT in recovery. This is a good part of the problem, besides the fact that he is a narcissistic jerk.

    • Vanessa

      Narcissistic are creepers!!! Stay away from them!!!!!

  • Mona

    Admit it – the main reason he creeps everyone out is because he reminds us of Christian Bale’s character in American Psycho!

    • Turtle

      So, so true, Mona!!!

    • dd

      Haha for sure! Even the allegations are in line with the character in American Psycho. Though it’s my favorite movie, the sex scene haunts me!

    • Nia

      Agreed! I always thought that! LOL! I quite enjoyed that movie and I like Scott’s personality too! Maybe I am weird. Ha! Oh well!

  • Marco

    This guy cracks me up, only entertaining thing about the show

    • Nia

      I like him too! He is funny!

  • adam12

    this guy is the king of all creeps!

  • Richie Rich

    A creepy jew who enjoys stealing. whodathunkit. LMAO

    Bernie Madoff
    Timmy Geitner
    Anthony Weiner
    Alan Greenspan
    etch etch

  • scott d

    What a scumbag… he probably sleeps with a bag of his own crap under his pillow.

  • shane voigt

    So you right and base an article completely on hearsay just because you dislike or are jealous of a person? You should not be a journalist. I dislike reality T.V. stars just as much as the next guy but come on. This is pathetic!

  • Sherry

    This artcile is terrible. If you don’t have factual information about someone, you shouldn’t write about their character. Everyone always has an opinion about something and some even lie for attention. It’s not fair to Scott and “journalist” should stop writing about what we think. Wouldn’t like it if you were on the receiving end. Yahoo needs to really focus on what they think are acceptable articles. Just sayin…… All the best to Kourtney and Scott and their little family. :) Enjoy each day for it is a blessing and see the good in others.

  • Amber

    Scott’s hilarious! I don’t think he’s a creeper at all.

  • http://KeepingupwiththeKardashaians Sharon

    Scott Disick is beyond creepy. That family needs to pull their heads out of there asses and see Scott for the person he is. He is a sex addicted, alcholic idiot. Im convinced he has been cheating on Kourtney And if any of these people have half a brain cell. They should never leave those kids ecspecially the little girl alone with him. They dont know what he might do. Its sad but true he could molest thos kids. The guy is all around shady. I wouldnt put anything past him even the unthinkable.

    • Angelus

      Sharon sounds like you are blowing hot air for no reason, because Scott loves his kids and will never do such a thing. Kourtney doesn’t even sleep in the same bed as Scott, so you can not blame the guy for being on edge all the time for some sex. Do not talk about people you have no clue of only judging from a few episodes because that is trashy.

  • Susana

    That best friend is making up stories to get on the media. If he was psycho or any strange Kris Jenner would of got rid of him a long time ago. Plus, why when people become celebrities people from the past want to start talking to the media about old news. The old BF should watch it possible lawsuit for “defamation of character”.

  • paolo

    stop hating! you ain’t perfect?!

    • Lisa

      I don’t hate and I assure you that I am in no way jealous of Scot. Sure I would love to have the Benjamin’s that he can get his hands on like the one’s he throws around, or shoves down a waiters throat! I am merely stating my opinion that his antics are not necessary, because like he said about Mason “not” being Bruce’s grandson, Scott will never be anything of any kind of significance without the people he is leeching off. Bruce and his good name and reputation being a part of that positivity for Scott, but he will not respect that because he is a “pom-pass” a$$!!!!!!!!!!

      • Angelus

        Lisa, Scott still has a lot of growing up to do but he is getting better as he gets older. I used to hate him but if you catch up on a few episodes you would see his commitment and progression. The episode that made me like him was the one where he tries to be more in sync with his Jewish background but everyone was making fun of him and not taking him seriously, especially Kourtney. I saw a very disappointed little boy in him that wanted to show he can be a better responsible person. Now instead of hating him, I find him hilarious because the guy just likes to fool around a lot and he can be such a douchlord at times but in a funny way. Our mistake was taking him seriously when all he is is a jokester.

  • Lisa

    I use to watch every episode until I viewed the one where Scott was going on about his watch. Scott had the audacity to say hey ” watch out for my 90 thousand dollar house” referring to the watch that he was currently wearing.

    This was ridiculous to say and have to hear it as well!! This economy is barely hanging on, and some cry baby is going to whine about a watch that he really did not need, especially a 90 thousand dollar one!! I do not see him as an entertainer, I see him as a leech that is getting fat from the family he is in with, with the opportunities that have come his way because of them.

    Bruce is the most genuine and they treat him like crap! He should divorce, get half and move on from her , she can’t seem to leave her past alone. I suppose she keeps thinking about her book, where she wrote that they had “wild crazy sex every where”

    Okay back to the smug and ignorant/arrogant(for no reason) Scott– I needed to lose 10 pounds so I bought some “Quick Trim” then I found out he was behind the product and the ladies were as well. I threw the bottle away and lost those pounds myself! I am almost quite sure that none of the K sisters ever swallowed one of those pills that they get paid good to say they do! (yeah right!!) Kendall is the most prettiest of the bunch, genuine beauty, such long legs (perfect for modeling) and her heart and soul are soft and compassionate towards others’.

    I remember an episode that made-up my mind that between Bruce and Kendall I would still watch the show. This episode was about planning Kendall’s “Sweet 16 ” birthday party, and Kris wanted a wild and crazy (meaning money crazy) party. The Ba Hamas or something, and Kendall did not want such a lavish and expensive party, because she said that too many people were having a tough time in this economy today.

    I thought that was a very gracious and compassionate thing to feel and repeat. This would mean less of a party, but Kendall did not care, she was thinking of others in the world. So to the producers of E channel (Ryan Seacrest,and Kris Jenner”Keeping up with the Kardashians” Can we see less of Scott Dicsick? he makes me “sick” to watch him, and she does as well. I can hardly stand to listen to her voice. When she is done with a word, she turns that last word into a long drawn out pronunciation Ex: Babeeeeee

    • Truth

      Bruce is dumb, he left his family for the kardashians and they each take turns treating him like Shi* yet he continues to stay. I too have seen every episode and I will confidently say he’s probably been cheated on 30 times by now. And Kourtney doesn’t know how to address issues or feelings which makes her hard to deal with. Scott is laid back and but pretends to be cool when he’s not.

  • youknow

    Creeper! Maybe he just can’t help that is the impression that he gives off…..

  • http://google karen

    I like Scott people need to get off his d***!!!!

    • SusieQ

      I like Scott, too… but we have to admit… he’s def a creepy-creeper!!! ; )

  • Lisa

    I like scott. I think hes funny. This all sounds like crap just to get a story.

  • JUAN C

    you mean SCOTT (DOUCHEBAG) DISDICK… That guy is pimp. He’s freeloader.

  • Madd Jack

    “All this should be taken with a grain of salt” But I’m going to write about it and post it on the internet. Your’e a real piece of work Todd Rigney, maybe your’e just jealous?

  • Tara

    This is completely true, actually. He videotaped my sister when she was black out drunk and underage. No joke. It’s been such a trip watching him all these years.


    This entire family when to sh*& when their father died. They should all be dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Does anyone realize they do NOTHING and you watch? Wha the heck is wrong with America…..the best way to show them is to take away their fame..i hope one day the light fades on the family and we can see who they really are…really a bunch of has-beens



    • SusieQ

      And you are creepy for taking the time to tell us all that we’re creepy. This article must have interested you in some way, or else you wouldn’t have commented on it. That’s THE TRUTH.

      (and yes… I AM creepy for writing to you, and for watching this “crap” tyvm)

  • Mims

    He’s an alkie, a creep and what’s with the greasy hair? He’s PERFECT for the Kartrashian clan.

  • Betty Carter

    Well, I see the Kartrashians have a lot (most) of people fooled (and they are laughing all the way to the bank). It’s TV show, not a true story. Everything you see or hear is scripted. Get a life!

  • K

    It is what it is! Who are we as humans to judge? People can only get away with what you let them get away with and will do to you what they know they can! No one is perfect and everyone has flaws but all we can do is lear and move forward, most importantly before you do anything ask yourself,”How would I feel if this happened to me?” and this one question could prevent alot of pain, hurt, and embarrassment. Every action has some type of consequence so be sure your actions are thought through!!

  • Peter Griffin

    Shut up, Meg.

  • cindy

    If you have a problem with Scott Disick then you must be jealous of his life. If you have nothing to say good about all these comments for these postings then you shouldent be leaving a comment and just keep it to yourself.

  • Heather B

    I use to hate watching Scott myself, but the last couple seasons, since he got help, I love watching him! He has the best sense of humor, and it’s nice to see the way he is with Kourtney, even though she makes him sleep in a separate bed! You can tell he really tries to make her happy, and has changed alot for the better. He’s my favorite one to watch on the show because he keeps me laughing! (i.e.”Lord Disick”) LOL If I ever had a chance to hang out with any of them, I’d pick Scott. All these people writing these stories undoubtedly hasn’t watched the show since Miami, and really don’t know how he is now. It just makes them look stupid because they’re judging someone based on their past. Looks like everyone would know by now that everyone has made mistakes in their past, and it’s the ones who learn from their mistakes and make a change that should be recognized and not criticized! Love you Scott and thanks for all the laughs!!

  • scamo

    Things like this will always happen to people part of the Kardashians. They need it for the material to cover the three more seasons they just signed the tv show for. Everyone always makes a big deal about them. It’s Hollywood. Everything there is fake. That’s why marriages never last and relationships revolve around who’s cast in the same movie.

  • http://WebProNews Lois Guillen

    Don’t watch the show on a regular basis, but when I have watched, I find Scott (in the recent past) to be the most real and genuine. He seems to be very different these days. And the way he feels for Kourtney does show on his face. She, on the other hand, treats him so bad and unfeelingly. He reminds me of a little boy who is trying so hard to win an adult’s approval and is scared to death he is going to loose something he values a lot, Kourtney and his kids.

  • Mindy Monaco

    Kourtney is my all time favorite she keeps it real. she deals with Scott in her own way she is very independant and real with it all she takes the relationship as a whole Scott and kourtney have a abundance amount of love for eachother and thier family is beauitful no need to get merried they love eachother just the same with or without the paper CONGRAULATIONS to all three of them on baby PENELOPE arrival!!!!!

  • jane

    I think people do a lot of crazy stuff when they are young so what! All you have to do is watch all these crazy movies and you see it~ all the time. People love to talk about a person’s past, but maybe they forgot it’s the past and I wonder how many bad things they have done while they are talking about Scott~~