Scotch: 6,000 Gallons Catch Fire In New Jersey

By: Amanda Crum - June 5, 2013

Scotch, like anything worth consuming, is pretty dangerous around an open flame or anything that creates sparks. So when a truck carrying 6,000 gallons of it hit a car in New Jersey and overturned on Tuesday, it went up pretty quickly.

Authorities say the truck was in a mixed residential and commercial neighborhood when the driver tried to navigate a turn and clipped a parked car. The hit was strong enough to overturn the truck, but the driver was able to escape serious injury. No homes were damaged, so it looks like the only casualty was the sweet, sweet Scotch. Somewhere, Ron Swanson is crying into his mustache.

Image: Gerard Trabalka

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  • Rick Dame

    Talk about alcohol abuse!! I’m crying in my Scottish beard.

  • derek

    I live in NJ and just upset the ground got drunk and not myself on Scotch.

  • Mark Friedman

    Did you mean Ron Burgundy, aka The Anchorman, aka Will Ferrell?

    • bob

      Ron Swanson man. He loves his scotch with a big piece of steak.

  • alanrobin

    sure it did! in n.j.? forget about it…..I SAID FORGET ABOUT IT!

  • alan g.

    What a waste .. I hope the truck driver had a b.a.c. test .. maybe he conducted quality control test on the way ..