Score One For Nokia: You Can Play Angry Birds With A Banana On A Lumia Smartphone

    October 5, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Nokia’s Lumia 920 is coming out this November exclusively on AT&T. It has a number of features that sets it apart from the pack, but naysayers will tell you that these features don’t make much of a difference going up against the might of the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III. Well, can you play Angry Birds with a banana on those phones?

Nokia’s Facebook page touted the impressive touch screen on the company’s Lumia line of smartphones. They even claimed that one could play Angry Birds with a banana due to the extreme sensitivity of the screen. Such a feat would be pretty hard on other smartphones.


The Lumia’s screen is so sensitive that you can play Angry Birds with….a banana. True story. http://nokia.ly/VyPI7L

Who are we to doubt Nokia’s claims? The folks at Advices Media thought somebody might, and set out to find out if a banana could actually be used.

As it turns out, a banana is a perfectly suitable replacement for your finger on the Lumia’s screen. I don’t know really know why you would want to play a game with a banana, but it’s something that the competitors don’t have just yet. Apple will surely announce banana controllers for the iPhone 6 in response.

  • Dace

    This just proves how far behind these guys are to Apple, seriously.. The whole reason you can’t use a “banana” or anything else on the iPhone screen is because it is heat sensitive to avoid unintentional screen touch by something other than a finger. Remember the old days of those stupid badly designed phones that, when put in your pocket with your keys, would ring one of your friends and have them listening to you while you walk? Well that doesn’t happen on a smart phone… Oh look.. there’s one of those old fashioned badly designed phones up there.. ^^^ Its a Nokia ^^^

    • Nick

      Another Apple fan boy, one of the main reasons this isn’t using the “electro” sensitive screen that your beloved Apple device is using is because Apple has the patent for it and thus Nokia can’t use it without ensuing a bloody legal battle, so good on you Nokia for not buying an idea you didn’t come up with and locking other people out of that technology, good on you for drastically improving an old technology and sticking one up at Apple and saying we don’t need your shitey “electro” sensitive screen… (get your facts straight it senses the thermo electric current from your body not just heat, that’s why you can use the screen with special gloves that don’t heat up) =]

      • Dace

        Ah good to know Nick sorry I should have researched that before posting :)
        Why not just license the patent, it really is a critical standard from here into the future in my opinion. Well, either way, at least apple fanboys don’t accidentally call their contacts while the phones in the pocket. In our case, it’s not a banana in our pocket, we just genuinely love our phone 😉

        • AppleFanboys hater

          Clever Girl!
          ever heard abt locking the screen…?