Scofflaw List Will Be Used To Shame Motorists


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Anyone who has driven through Illinois knows how annoying their toll system can be. It seems like you stop everyone mile to pay a little bit of cash. That high level of inconvenience has lead many to simply skip paying, creating a huge amount of unpaid tolls. However, the state is hoping that its new strategy will bring a stop to the practice and force past offenders to pay up.

The list, which will be up and operational at the end of this week, will appear on the Illinois Tollway's website and will list the worst of repeat offenders. Someone would have to rack up more than $1000 in charges to be placed on the list. Tollway authorities are hoping that the list will shame offenders into paying their debt while deterring new offenders.

While the list may seem a little overboard, the Tollway has good reason. It was estimated that between 2001 and 2012 the Tollway totaled around $300 million in unpaid tolls due to these violations. A similar problem in Northern Texas lead to the creation of their own list.

While it is arguable that the list will have any effect at all on the toll skippers, Tollway authorities had to attempt something. Perhaps the shame of seeing their name on the list will keep a few drivers on the straight and narrow, but it is unlikely that authorities will see an end to their debt anytime soon.

[Image via Illinois Tollway on YouTube]