ScobleSearch: Search What Scoble Reads

    January 22, 2007

If the mythology is accurate, you can’t keep up with Robert Scoble’s reading and blogging habits.

The quickest look in to what Robert has been reading – although an incomplete look at that – is his Link Roll over at Google Reader. Now, that’s not his blog, that’s just an aggregator of interesting blog posts from other places he collects on a daily basis. The man is a machine!

Robert’s list of subscribed RSS feeds numbers around 900 and I was too intimidated to even import all that into my own Google Reader account, for fear of just getting completely overwhelmed by it. However, I did what for me makes complete sense I created a search engine which searches across all the blogs and websites listed in Scoble’s OPML file; a search engine which has the benefit of including the full content of the websites in question, not just strictly the content that is delivered via RSS (often there are hidden gems!); and finally, a search engine that is limited to a set number of high-quality Scoble-qualified blogs and online news sources, completely free of spammy search results or any other contaminants!

So I am delighted to introduce [drumroll] ScobleSearch!

ScobleSearch is permanently located at where you can find ready-made HTML code to conveniently add ScobleSearch to a page on your own blog/website.

Now, the genius that is Andy Beard has created another very cool Google Toolbar button, which beautifully integrates ScobleSearch directly into your browser. Many of my readers have already integrated Andy’s TopRank Button for use with my SEM Search so head over to Andy’s place to grab your ScobleSearch button as well.

Finally, Matthew Chen and the team at Megite have a Scoblizer aggregator thingy, which is way cool. There’s another way again of getting into Scoble’s head!


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