Scoble Still Loves Xbox, TabletPCs, Media Center, etc.

    February 26, 2007

Liz Lawley wonders why I hyped up all things Microsoft when I worked there, but now don’t get excited anymore.

She missed that I was only talking about Internet stuff that goes in the Web browser, not stuff that Microsoft is more traditionally known for like Windows and Xbox and all that.

I don’t remember too many things I hyped up back then that were Web services. Virtual Earth is one glaring example. Yeah, that still wows me. I still love a lot about Microsoft (the first time, if you remember, I saw Office 2007’s new interface I said “wow”) but look at the examples Liz got excited about. Do they really make you go “wow?”

I still get excited by Vista, Halo, Tablet PCs, new mice, etc.

UPDATE: One area where I was wow’ed and now am seeing that wow tempered is Windows Presentation Foundation. It builds the coolest demos (see Tim Sneath’s blog). But now that I have a Macintosh I find it isn’t nearly as interesting as when I lived in Windows-only world. Why? Cause WPF/E isn’t done, doesn’t run every WPF application, and for tools developers will need to use Windows (the best tools, Expression and Visual Studio are Windows only).

Oh, and Liz, I hate your comments. I have to register just to leave you a comment. That sucks.

The real point here is to look at the commentary my post started. Not many people could come up with things that Microsoft has done lately that get them excited about its stance on the Internet. Can anyone else come up with some?



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