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    February 12, 2007

The Chairwoman of Wikipedia foundation, Florence Devouard, is interviewed on video by Nicolas Charbonnier and part of her speech at LIFT is online in the last third of his eight-minute video. On screen is a slide showing Wikipedia’s growth, which is one context behind why Wikipedia needs more funds/donations to keep up in the future. When your service is doubling every few months in near-exponential growth you need to think about how you’re going to pay for future servers and pay for more bandwidth. LIFT recorded all of the sessions and will have those videos up in the next couple of weeks.

How did I find this video? I did a Google Blogsearch for “LIFT07.” Blog search is different than using Google’s main engine: it shows you people who have just blogged something in the past few hours and, I’m finding, is an invaluable tool for learning more about news stories that are breaking. I wish more bloggers used blog search to look for additional angles on stories and linked to those — I’m seeing very few bloggers doing this and it leads to meme trackers that only have A-listers like me on them (boring! incomplete! not always accurate!). I haven’t seen this video linked to on TechMeme yet. There’s a bunch of stuff that’s not on Digg or TechMeme (or other meme trackers) over on my link blog as well.

I didn’t know Nicolas until I started doing blog searches for LIFT07, by the way. This is the way to bring new voices and new ideas and new media producers into the conversation. I hope to see more bloggers linking to new things. Even just including a link to a blog search engine like Technorati, Ask’s blog search, or Google’s blog search, at the bottom of your posts would make your posts more useful to your readers.

OK, now I’m off to the airport. See ya on the other side of the Atlantic


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