Scoble Finally Gets “Semantic” Web

    April 5, 2007

Yesterday I got a look at Radar Networks’ stealth stuff. It won’t be on the market until later this year but for the first time I finally understood what the semantic Web was all about and what benefits it’d bring us.

I don’t think I could explain it in ASCII text. I think that’s the problem. I read Tim Berners-Lee’s paper. I didn’t get it. I read tons of other stuff about it. I didn’t get it. It took someone building a new system and demonstrating it to me for me to get it.

Basically Web pages will no longer be just pages, or posts. They’ll all be split up into little objects, stored in a database (a massive, scalable one at that) and then your words can be displayed in different ways. Imagine a really awesome search engine that could bring back much much more granular stuff than Google can today. Or, heck, imagine you could view my blog by posts with most inbound links.

And I’m not even doing it justice (and I’ve been asked not to reveal what Radar really is doing until later this year).

It’s funny, yesterday I was thinking to myself “the industry has gotten boring.” Then came along Radar Networks, which definitely is doing something not boring.