Scoble Drinks the Adobe coffee

    February 27, 2007

The Adobe Engage event is already proving interesting. Ryan Stewart wins the first report to come through Google Blog Search.

Takeaway? Adobe is indeed coming after developers. It’s interesting to hear their positioning vs. Microsoft. My post last week pretty much nailed it. Adobe’s Kevin Lynch says they try to extend the Web where Microsoft looks, he says, to extend Windows.

Adobe’s weaknesses? Corporate developers are safely in Microsoft’s camp because Adobe’s Apollo system (which lets developers build Windows, Mac, or Linux applications) can’t get to the Windows API (or the Mac API, or Linux’ API).

The other real loser here? Java. Apollo delivers real cross-platform apps that look a lot like what Microsoft always demonstrated with .NET 3.0 (great looking UIs and rich interaction).

But, clearly, Lynch wanted to position Apollo against Microsoft’s WPF/E, not Java.

Anyway, more later, we’re sitting through a ton of third-party demos now.



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