Scoble at Microsoft TechFest

    March 6, 2007

It’s weird being back at Microsoft just a few yards from the building I last worked at. I’m sitting in the front row with Jeff Clavier, Scott Beale, and a bunch of others (there are several hundred journalists here for Microsoft Research’s 15-year-blowout TechFest).

You can listen in on MS Research’s TechFest site. Rick Rashid, head of Research, is on stage. So far not much interesting, will let you know what I see.

 UPDATE: I’m Twittering it. Curtis Wong (who is one of the smartest people I met in my Microsoft travels) just showed off Sky Server, which lets you walk around the sky, much like you can with Google Earth. This is inspiring, it’s like having the Hubble Telescope to walk around right on your desktop.

It also demonstrates how much we lost when Jim Gray sailed his boat out of the Golden Gate never to be heard from again.


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