Scientists Reanimate Dogs, Dislike Zombie Comparisons

Researchers Bring Dogs Back to Life

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Ever see the movie, Pet Sematary? Scientists have found a way to bring Bowser back to life without the Indian burial ground and creepy old man neighbors. And they say that dogs aren’t as cranky as you might expect after coming back from the dead.

Scientists Reanimate Dogs, Dislike Zombie Comparisons

Three hours after clinical death, researchers at Pitt’s Safar Center for Resuscitation Research were able bring dogs back to life using a new technique they hope to extend humans within a year. The dogs were clinically dead, meaning their hearts had stopped and brain activity had ended. They were dead, really dead, all the way dead.

Dr. Patrick Kochanek, the center’s director, explained that the procedure involved draining all the blood from the dogs and replacing it with a nearly ice-cold saline solution. The solution will throw the body into a state of hypothermia that suspends breathing, heartbeat, and brain activity, rendering the subject officially dead.

A few hours later, fresh blood was reintroduced to the canine bodies while oxygen was administered and defibrillators shocked the heart back to life. The dogs showed no signs of physical or mental damage as a result of their resurrections.

It didn’t take long for British news sources like The Register to get a hold of the news and dub it an experiment involving "zombie dogs." But according to the Pittsburg Tribune-Review, Dr. Kochanek regrets the moniker, which has spread like wildfire across the Internet. "It’s so unfair and so bizarre," Kochanek said. "Somebody must have thought the title ‘zombie dog’ would be a catchy phrase. Obviously they were right, but obviously that is the farthest thing from what we are doing, which is trying to save lives."

The intent of the research is born of a concept from the late Dr. Peter Safar, the inventor of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and founder of the center that bears his name. He suggested that flushing out the circulatory system and replacing blood with the saline solution could buy some extra time while transporting trauma victims. The icy temperatures would preserve tissues and organs long enough for medical treatment to arrive.

"The idea is to preserve the victim for just a little while in this state called suspended animation so the surgeons can locate bleeding sites and make the necessary repairs," Kochanek said.

The procedure, if perfected, could be used to save the life of those suffering from rapid blood loss, buying them time to be transported. It is expected to be very helpful on the battlefield and at car accident scenes where rapid blood loss is prevalent. About 50,000 Americans die annually from these types of injuries, which are the leading cause of death among troops in combat.

Scientists Reanimate Dogs, Dislike Zombie Comparisons
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  • Guest


    • Guest

      this is just wrong, and sick. disgusting!!!

  • GuestNB

    Very interesting. I think the medical industry has made some pretty impresive steps towards the future. I’m not saying i’m for it or against it, I just hope that if there is more to a life after death we don’t screw anything up or piss the wrong god off or something along those lines. I mean anything is possible. If we can go from as simple as it can get to “creating” life or reviving a corpse after so long within a century, maybe life after death isn’t so far fetched. Makes you wonder sometimes you know?

  • Guest

    This is great. Man is on a self-destructive path, and this is but a dot on the map, so unless you object to all modern science, then you can’t really say anything about this.

    This was eventually going to happen, and I’m for it.

  • Daniel

    well this is all very cool indeed

  • yoman

    I thing this is not wrong.
    It is wrong to save a live?

  • Guest

    how is this just wrong, sick, or disgusting?

  • Guest

    No, it’s not wrong. Why is there always someone who reads about amazing medical research and calls it “sick” or “disgusting” or “wrong”?

    I am sure that the people who say such things would gladly take advantage of many other medical treatments brought about by research just as “wrong” to them. For example, would you let your child die to avoid these experiments? Because if you’re using modern medicine, that’s the choice.

    It’s easy to point a finger at this doctor and condemn him, but before you do you better give up nearly every aspect of your modern life, which has cost untold millions of animals deaths — from eating (even if you’re a vegetarian), to hygiene, to medicine, to our houses, to our cars, etc, etc — there are few aspects of your life that did not cause an animal to suffer at some point.

    At least this doctor and his team are doing something that could have valuable life saving results someday.

  • Guest

    This is not sick or wrong, It’s a great achievement in the medical practice and I am proud to see that our sciences have advanced this far. Science develops so rapidly, look at advancements of computer technology over the last 15 years, it is insane how quickly and dramatically computers have advanced since then. I think we’ve been on the cusp of this kind of research for awhile now and human kind is ready to start getting into the really cool shit.

  • Guest

    I for one welcome our zombie dog overlords!

  • Guest

    That could definitely save some lives in cases where the length of transport to an appropriate facility is long or conditions would delay arrival, and if there aren’t any complications with brain damage, they’ll be saving lives worth living still.

  • egr

    “It’s so unfair and so bizarre,” Kochanek said.
    I imagine the dogs felt the same way. This guy is a true sicko.

    • Guest

      if thats how you feel than maybe they can test on you!

  • Guest

    this is awesome and should be done on humans. What, worried their life will be in danger? Please.

  • Guest

    Cool stuff. The future of medicine!

  • http://slrman.wordpress.com James Smith

    As if there were not too many people already another moron wants to keep people with traumatic injuries alive. This would require enormous expense with storing large amounts of cold saline solution at multiple locations, training first responders in using it, and then the costs of possible unknown side effects of using this technique.

    Overpopulation is the biggest problem in the world today and now we have to save millions of possibly brain-damaged individuals to continue to pollute the planet?

    • Adam

      May I ask were you against the intoduction of defibrillator units in ambulances in the grounds of expense of production and cost of training. As for overpopulation concerns those a proberly best solved through low cost family planning initiatives rather then killing off the surplus population with violent and traumatic events like gunshots and car crashes.

    • Uncorrect

      Your argument seems to stem mostly from overpopulation and cost, which is very unrelated to the science being explained in the article. You are looking and social and economic factors, not responding on-topic to the scientific or ethical (as relating to scientific discovery) ramifications of this discovery.

      On overpopulation: You mention overcrowding is the world’s biggest problem, with no supporting argument, just an assumption that everyone would agree. There is more uninhabited land on the planet than inhabited land. People just have a tendency to congregate in very small areas, and not want to spend the money or time to expand and improve their situation. I would hazard an educated guess you live in one of these areas, and are too lazy to support yourself in an open and unused area. This means you are guilty of the same thing you are complaining about; living in an overpopulated area without doing anything about it except wanting everyone else to fix your problem. Nice trolling, but the true solution to your problem is that everyone who doesn’t want to be in an overcrowding situation should move out of the crowd or commit suicide. Those are both very viable solutions, one in the short term because of suburbanization tendencies, and the other is permanent unless you bury yourself in an urban cemetery – which are usually very overcrowded. My personal suggestion? Kill yourself and save us your hypocritical whining.

      On the costs of saline use to save lives: Saline is salt water, if you are not familiar with such a medical term. It is not really that complicated, expensive, or even groundbreaking technology that we would need to figure out how to store, distribute, or train people to use it. It is standard for all hospitals to have a large supply of it, it can be made at home in a pinch, and most emergency crews have it damn near on tap. Except for the cleanliness factor, we have about 75% of the earth covered in a saline solution. How is this going to break the bank to use a technology already in use, just in a slightly different manner?

      You also made a half-attempt at an argument about the side effects which is the only part of your trolling that was on topic. Scientifically and ethically, this treatment is probably several years away from being able to be used on a human. It would have to go through many tests on different animals and then probably voluntary human prisoner and academic studies before being implemented by emergency crews.

      Quit trolling, use the internets to learn something – or remove yourself from the problem you are whining about.

  • Guest

    What in the world is wrong, sick, or disgusting about this?

  • Guest

    Guest #2, are you some kind of incredible idiot? Do you realize what this could do for modern medical science, and how many lives it could save if it could be applied to people without permanent brain damage?

    It’s pretty much safe to assume that you don’t have the faintest idea what is going on and just read “zombie dogs” and went into a panic.

  • Adam

    Fantastic, I recall the concept has been around for quite sometime but this is the first I’ve heard of it coming close to working. Can’t see why anyone thinks this is sick and disgusting (unless they have issues with testing on animals but I fail to see how these test could be performed on human test subjects at this point). Is there a link to the research paper on this or has it not been published yet; would be great to know more.

  • Guest

    fool you have to break morals to get that good science done

  • Noelle

    This is so wrong. What is wrong with people? How unnatural and disgusting. I am appalled.

  • http://www.artofstorytellingshow.com/ Storytelling

    Imagine you go to sleep – your are effectively “dead” then three years later you are reawoken on Jupiter – or better yet – 100 years later you are on Alpha Centurui – If perfected this technique could unlock the stars….

    Of course the Animal Rights people are going to be mad about this experiments for good reason… I mean we are not talking about a couple hundred animal experiments – but maybe 10 to 20 thousand…

  • Guest

    Its really amazing how far science is coming, i think this could be a great way to help keep people alive…things like this is why i am entering the medical field..new ways and research to save lives.

  • Guest

    You incorrectly spelled Cemetery.

  • Med Student

    I don’t think the zombie comparison is fair, nor do I think this is disgusting. Its odd, but its progress. If your loved one was dying before your eyes of massive blood loss, think of what this could do for them. You wouldn’t have to let them go! This procedure isn’t drastically different from bringing someone back to life after a traditional flat line, just with the added step of preserving tissue. Without oxygen, tissue dies rapidly. It makes a lot of sense to preserve tissue in a state before it reaches the point it can no longer function. As for the ethics of using animals, most of them are bred for the explicit purpose of experimentation; its akin to breeding an animal for consumption. It serves a purpose of sustaining our lives just as this research will.

    Before the rights activists say it, yes you could purpose breed humans too if we wanted but that’s too expensive and we don’t mature quite as fast. : D While this is true, you can imagine there’s a larger ethical dilemma with human experimentation than animals. Finally, we have an assumption that all research is painful too for some reason. Precautions are taken at length to prevent this. So, if I had a choice I’d rather it be dogs (as humanely as possible) than us.

    Its only scary because its unfamiliar. Feel free to research tissue death, suspended animation, medical research and animal experimentation. Get the facts and form your own opinion. : ) You’ll find camps on both sides of the debate.

  • Guest

    How is attempting to prolong life wrong exactly? Is not the drive of humanity self-preservation?
    The human lifespan has been extended incredibly over even the last century due to experiments and medical trials like this one. I would say the opposite in fact, this is a very exciting discovery and I hope to see it implemented to save lives in the near future.

  • Luckinfooser

    You get in car wreck and sever a major artery and this procedure saves your life. Is it wrong then? Would it be sick to see your loved ones again? If you think that is disgusting then you might as well end your life now and get it over with!

  • Guest

    Woah, this is cool. mad cudos to those researching this. Imagen all the people that could be saved. >_> by killing them first.

  • ROFL

    your an idiot, it can be used to save lives. get your godbothering ass off this site

  • Guest

    You spelled Cemetery wrong.

  • Guest

    this is just awesome, not sick. or disgusting!!!

  • Guest

    Read the fucking article, dipshits. This isn’t about reanimating corpses, it’s about a new life SAVING technique that you may one day benefit from. Quit your melodrama and appreciate what modern medicine is doing for you and everyone you know THIS VERY SECOND.

  • Guest

    True, but it has to get worse before it gets better

  • Uncorrect

    This is a very interesting concept. Would be interested to see how it translates to humans, although I think there is a little more to be said about the complexity of human thought over dog thought when it comes to ceasing and resuming of brain activity without damage.

    On another angle, it might go a long way to proving that those idiot one-godders are wrong about the afterlife. 3 hours of basically “full organ and tissue transplant” is plenty of time for a soul to move on to their eternal reward. What is left would be the empty transport husk of the body… Or maybe the walking soulless damned. Depends on how stupid your belief system is. Could cause violence with ignorant fundies if this ever actually becomes standard procedure.

  • Guest

    This is the rightest thing ever – dead dogs

  • Eetwo

    This is what we do? We kill dogs to bring them back to life in the name of science to possibly extend our measly human existence? This is so wrong and morally backwards I am ashamed to call myself a human being.
    These people need to be exterminated.

  • Eetwo

    And to all you people talking about saving lives, this will never happen to you or to anyone you know. This research will take 50+ years to be accurate.
    What they forgot to mention is all the dogs that didn’t survive and were left for dead.
    You’re all a bunch of idiots as far as I am concerned.

  • Guest

    so I guess it is sick or wrong to save a life……. anything that can buy an extra minute to save a life is worth it

  • Guest

    the person above me needs to chill the fuck out.

  • Basta

    I wonder what it’s like to go under?

  • xcbGuest

    Saying it is wrong or disgusting is like saying a defibrillator is wrong, medicine is wrong, bathing is wrong. At some point all of these things were considered outlandish ideas. This is the future whether you like it or not. Frankenfurter will walk again.

  • http://doodlius.blogspot.com Baba Doodlius

    There is no truth to the rumor that the subject dogs craved their owners’ brains after undergoing the procedure.

  • jon

    let them die. we are over capacity already.

  • Chris

    Sometimes I love Stumbleupon. Oh, and that poster there who said this was wrong, animal experiments is the source of a majority of treatments for various illnesses and diseases we have today. Without them, our mortality rate would be ALOT lower that it is today, with us being lucky to even hit 30, like in the dark/middle ages.

  • Guest

    Wow..What the hell is wrong with people today.

  • Guest

    How bout we just… idk, stop messing with death?

  • Guest

    this is awesome! keep it up!

  • Avi

    I’m not for animals suffering or animal experiments, but if this idea works it would be a real benefit and could save many lives. I just wish there was another way to test this theory.

  • Guest


  • Guest

    Totally is.

    But maybe they said the same thing about those defibrillator things when they came out? I dunno.

    It’s gross though.

  • Guest

    Any way to buy people more time and heighten their chance at survival is a good one to me. If this actually works, it really would be wonderful!

  • Guest

    Well, Guest #2, if you get into an accident we won’t use this procedure to try to save your life, ok? I mean, since it’s so “wrong, sick and disgusting” you won’t have any objections to being left to bleed to death, right?

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