Science Girl Ad: If You Want to Be Smart, You’d Better Work It

    June 27, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Here’s a tip, science girl ad masterminds: If you want to attract more women to the field, the last thing you probably want to do is play into gender-based stereotypes. Unless you’re hopelessly single and/or a total misogynist, chances are you’re aware of the fact that girls hate being talked down to, particularly when it comes to topics such as careers and education. With this in mind, is really so surprising that the advertisement you see embedded below has caused quite a bit of controversy? I’m actually surprised this one made it out of the gate at all.

The “Science: It’s a Girl Thing!” campaign, created by the folks at the European Commission, was supposed to help get girls interested in science. Instead, it insulted the gender as a whole by issuing this peculiar little video featuring three attractive females strutting around a laboratory/runway while doing vaguely scientific things. I get what they’re attempting to accomplish with the clip — make-up and skin care products and what-not have their roots in science, after all — but they’ve failed miserably in the execution.

The backlash has been so considerable that the video has been removed from the campaign. Rightfully so. Apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way, either. Below you’ll find some Twitter reactions to the video, which are understandably negative. Once you’ve seen the clip, there’s a very strong chance you’ll feel the same way.

  • IdiotBox

    It looks like a l’oreal commercial

  • RB K-Tel

    Did you see the silhouette on that 80s chick strutting by in a miniskirt and high heels? Now THAT’S SCIENCE.

  • Cara

    And this is what’s wrong with the world: People play into stereo types. A lot of little girls dream of growing up to be scientists. When we think of our future, we think of wearing white lab coats and big goggles and doing research that will change – and possibly even save – the world, and how people will love and remember us for our work. We do NOT think of sex appeal, looking good, or being in a make up commercial. If you want to promote women in the field of science, talk about women who have already done it. Make them seem as popular as celebreties. Make them look like super heroes. Stop making it seem like girls are only skin deep.

    • Derek

      play into stereo types? mostly because they have truth in them. Even if it’s offensive… the alienation that comes from “stereo types” is what makes it offensive.

      How many adults right now are still SO misguided and confused because of amgazines and commercials? Come ON! us stupid humans see something and can’t think for ourselves and see through the BS? Come on give Human kind more appreciation. I work with a lot of women and NONE of them say “man since I don’t look like the 6 foot 110lb covergirl Im ugly.” and if you do that’s your problem. We need to hold people accountable to the fact that whatever you think, or do whether or not you saw, read, or other something that influences your decisions…. they are your decisions…. and everyone needs to own up to their decisions. No gun to your head? Then whatever you did or said should fall on you. Not society. Period.

  • Derek

    Hah really? I think it’s a stupid commercial with no direction… I sort of get what they were reaching for… but girls come on you can’t be SO offended! I get it, it’s stupid! I could have done a better commercial on a my phone that leaves no room for stupid interpretation. But they were probably trying to reach young girls who love those kinds of products (blame Magazines) that hey instead of just wearing make up and trying to be a model you can be smart to create that sort of stuff!

    Mostly every Woman wears make up in some form, and teen much more what’s so offensive about it? its a fact not opinion. Would you have preferred the “models” to be of average weight or something? I would of had REAL scientist women showing their greatest achievements… that would make more sense… I was expecting to be insulted by it… it’s not insulting… its just stupid.

    Mostly the “feminist movement” isn’t a bunch of normal everyday women standing up for their rights, it’s a minority of insecure, man hating, and woman hating women!

  • debi

    I’ve watched the video several times and I support the idea that women can be beautiful and sexy even in science careers – as in previously male dominated career fields. It seems to me that the video was trying to make young women aware of the chemistry in items that interest them the most,clothing and makeup – by intrdocing the H symbols and molecules dropping around them. Showing them science is in everything we do – even fun!
    Girls – open your eyes!! There are still many trying to hold you back!!!