School Bus Driver Failed to Take Action During Fight

    August 5, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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A 64-year-old school bus driver, John Moody, won’t be facing criminal charges after three 15-year-olds attacked a 13-year-old on his bus last month in Pinellas County, Florida. Police said the boy was kicked and stomped 23 times during the attack.

Watch the Video here- Warning- May be Disturbing to some Viewers

A cell phone and a surveillance camera caught the fight on video. As the attack was happening, Moody called for help, but failed to take any action to stop the three attackers. “I got a fight,” Moody can be heard saying in the video. “I need help in a hurry, I got a fight I need help in a hurry. No you gotta get somebody here quick quick quick quick. They about to beat this boy to death over here. Please get somebody here quick. And they’re still doing it. There’s nothing I can do.”

Many people are wondering why Moody didn’t do more to help the victim. “There was clearly an opportunity for him to intervene and or check on the welfare of the children or the child in this case and he didn’t make any effort to do so,” Gulport Police Chief Robert Vincent said. “The three boys just jumped on him and started pounding on him and I did all can. I was looking. It was like I was in shock. I was petrified. I wanted to help him so bad. I wanted to help him so bad, I wanted to help him,” Moody said.

Authorities were originally seeking child neglect charges against Moody, but they have since been dropped. Frank McDermott, Moody’s attorney, said the child neglect accusations were “preposterous.” “I don’t think law enforcement should ever tell citizens to intervene in a violent attack. John did what he was trained to do,” McDermott said. The three boys were arrested on aggravated battery charges.

  • Hmmm….

    This is typical. A group of black guys jumping on a single white guy.

    The man was 64 years old and the 15 year-olds (3 of them) would have beat him to death too.

    Our children are not children anymore. I don’t understand why people out there think they still are. They are as big as grown adults and are doing everything that grown adults are doing.

    • http://yahoo don fahy

      maybe Oprah should open her eyes and wacth this video and compare it to trayvon or agree with kieth ellison’s comment that the govt has the right to take more of her money to support these underprivliged punks.

  • http://Yahoo George Romhany

    I’m 65 years old charter and tour bus driver. I just read the article today. In my opinion the bus driver did what the School Policy says. The bus driver can’t be a “hero” or a security officer on a bus, in a fight like that. He’s not allowed to step in the fight. He has to act, accordingly to his contract. He’s there to drive the students to the school! The Dispatcher in the school is the one, who has to notify the police, in a case like this. By the way, today’s 15 years old boys are much more mature and bigger, then “our generation” was. He did the right thing!
    G.R. of Miami

  • Jan

    Sheer stupidity to even think of charging Mr Moody the bus driver The three bullying perps who gave the 13 year old the beating are the ones that should be charged and never let travel on the bus again. Gone are the days when the driver would have got the three of them by the scruff of the neck and hauled them off the bus with a good boot up the behinds.

  • Wendel

    I seem to recall a school bus driver or chaperon who last year was severely reprimanded for stopping a fight on her bus. She was attacked bu the kids AND her administration.
    Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  • Joe Schmow

    Why dont the police pay him extra out of their checks if they want him to intervene against violent attacks. He’s not getting paid extra to deal with that crap. I would of done the same thing.

  • Hmm….

    This is why so many whites send their kids to private schools and charter schools. It is to get away from the blacks in the public schools. Not trying to be racist. Just trying to tell the truth. Nothing gets better unless you start talking about things truthfully.

    • Rachel Greene

      Really?!? So who what about the horrific, brutal school shootings that have been committed by white kids REPEATEDLY in this country or did you forget??? Hey just trying to tell the truth…..

      • http://Foxnews Steven Wilson

        Don’t you mean the autistic kid…..with the brain of a pea…..who just happened to be white.

      • lisa

        Your right Rachel better to be sneaky and be drug dealers and kill them slowly so no one knows who you are

    • Tee

      If you weren’t trying to be racist you wouldn’t have brought up race in your comment, idiot.

      • @Tee

        No, Tee it is not a racist comment. It is the reality of why things are happening. Blacks never look at their own communities realistically. It is always someone else’s fault.

  • John Smith

    If the driver had intervened, he would have been criticized for being like George Zimmerman. How about criticizing the kids?

  • mafusail

    Mob and media lynching of Zimmerman tells one “TO NOT INTERFERE” when “SWEET BLACK TEENS” are involved. Good thing George saved his life – and very likely other lives – from one of the thugs. Charge them as adults!

  • dave

    i drove a school bus for 18 years …you want to break up a fight
    on my bus ?? you be the one that tries and i will go to your funeral
    i was also a bartender for several years ….the boys on the bus
    go for it … the guys in a bar fight are wimps
    i was told let them go at it and call on the radio for the cops..
    which made me happy because if i had to do the job you would
    not like the mess that resulted

    • Jon

      What do you mean by ‘I will go to your funeral’! You will kill the fight starter then freely attend the funeral or will you let them die THEN go for it? That ‘threat’ is just as misleading as your grammar!

      • Pointman #1

        Dave you’re right. You’re also right about how good some high-school kids can fight. don’t worry about those who are critical of your grammar. I always hated History and Grammar. I remember our bus driver’s name was Pappy. I wish I could tell Pappy how sorry I am for making his job so tough. Pappy’s now driving a bus in Heaven.

  • Cerissa

    Why does this have to be about Race. Simply put, it’s about kid’s who need to have their ass’s behind bars for a good long while for the beating they gave that boy. While they are there hopefully they’ll get a taste of what they doled out to that poor kid. An eye for an Eye.

    • Pointman #1

      I doubt if the kid being whipped on really got hurt that bad. I got in plenty of fights on the school-bus. We lost a few teeth and picked up a few lumps and bumps, but it was all in fun. A good butt-whippin never hurt anyone. The worst part of fighting on the bus is having your Mom complain about the bloody-clothes and then her whipping you with a thorn-bush.

      • Jen Brown

        His arm was broken. Are you kidding me? Did you watch the video? It was 3 on 1.

  • Michael

    No the bus driver did the right thing. Just think a black man touching a white kid even if it help him would have been in trouble in the State of Florida.

    • Pointman #1

      Michael, I agree.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    So if the kid died the bus drive wouldn’t get charged and go on his merry way?

    I’m sure this bus drive would watch his own kids get beaten up and not try to stop the fight. The parents should sue the bus drive for every last penny and teach him a lesson to not sit on his but while a kid get’s beaten up by 3 people.

    • Pointman #1

      The bus-driver done the right thing. The bus-driver done all he could have done unless he was looking to be sued. YES, most of today’s parent’s would sue you in a heartbeat if you so much as touched little Billy snot-nose.”

    • Pointman #1

      “Getting sued,” was my main point. Sorry, nothing to sue the bus-driver for. Why? Because he didn’t get involved. If you want “sued” get involved. That’s one intelligent bus-driver.

    • zombie

      You’re an idiot !! The people persecuting this guy for not doing anything are the same people that would persecute him if he did step in and one of these “little angels” were injured. This is not an ex football lineman this is a 64 year old man just trying to make a living putting up with kids that need to be in jail. If he had stepped in and one of these cowardly wanna be tough guys had been injured their parents would have broken out their first grade pictures and told every news csmera they could find what a sweet they were. Meanwhile these parents are raising cowards that know they would have gotten their asses whooped had they fought this kid one on one but three on one, well that makes them tough. That seems to be the case with kids these days, they never fight one on one, it is always 3,4,5 or more on one…we are raising a nation of cowards. Can’t have it both ways, can’t have good samaritans getting sued and prosecuted for “trying to do the right thing” and then get upset when people turn their backs. Want to fix the problem, why get mad at the bus driver, how about beating the hell out of the irresponsible parents that raised these imbeciles. Instead lets get mad at the little old guy that was forced to have to put up with these three idiots just to make a living ..how misguided are you.

  • Pointman #1

    It’s ovious to me why the bus-driver didn’t get involved in breaking up the fight. The parent’s of those involved in the fight, would love to have had an opportunity to sue the bus-driver for hurting their so called “baby-boy.” I can hear it now, “that big bus-driver hurt my baby boy and it’ll take at least 2 years od therapy to heal my baby’s wounds. That bus-driver needs to pay.”

  • http://Foxnews Steven Wilson

    I break up these fights immediately….I don’t let them kill one another.
    All you have to do is jump on the White Kid to protect him…and take the blows if they keep coming.

    Then you file assault charges, if the other kids don’t stop hitting you as you shield the child being assaulted.
    …If you are hurt and damages occur, you can sue the students that assaulted you as well.

    Most fights stop when I intervene immediately.

    I watched kids suffer broken ribs when I went to school…as they were being kicked in the rib cage.

    Needless to say…no one came to stop the insane treatment being leveled against a defenseless child.

    Therefore….I never stand by and watch as a child is being pummeled by other children. It’s called school for a reason. It’s supposed to be safe. If you want war…go join the armed forces.

    This driver didn’t have to do anything….but being a spectator….is pretty close to being a coward in my opinion.

    Common sense dictates….not waiting to apply pressure on a defenseless human bleeding to death….as you call 911 and tell the driver of the ambulance… that the guy is shooting blood clear across the room.

    • Dave

      Florida? yeah, don’t do anything. If a beating happens you just have to let it happen.

      Sincerely yours…
      George Zimmerman

    • http://Yahoo Randy Johnson

      How big were those “kids” if you read the whole thing you see that the victim had reported the attackers earlier for trying to sell him drugs. If anybody should be locked up it should be the schools officials who allow thugs like this to stay in school. And here’s another thing fool, according to school policy the driver very likely would have been charged with an assault on these poor “defensles” children.

  • Ken

    I am 65 yrs old and I don’t blame the driver because at this age you are no match for young violent teens. In addition, older people may have chronic illnesses, like HBP or heart related problems that could have caused Mr. Moody to have a heart attack. We certainly have bones that are more brittle than when we were young. If those three assailants had beaten Mr. Moody the same way they beat the victim, he could have died.Younger people won’t fully understand this until they get older and realize how their physical abilities change over time.

  • Becca

    This man made a very smart decision. He asked them to stop, and they resisted his authority. Had he physically became involved, he could had sustained substantial injury, in more ways than one. This story would have a very different ending with the media & law enforcement being very critical of his physical involvement.
    For anyone that does drive a school bus, they would know that we are told to never touch a child, under any circumstances. This is “why” we now have video cameras on our buses – to protect the children just as much as the driver. Very sad that it had to come to that, but this is a perfect example as to why they are now needed. I truly hope that these boys are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • FARM BOY

      These three black thugs should themselves be beat senseless and have both of their arms broken! This is so sick to watch! This buss driver and the school should be sued for negligence! Where is the all mighty Obama? where are the great Rev Al, Rev Jackson? why are they not wanting to do anything?
      If The Great Obama had a son, would they look like these three thug?
      This white boy was beat because he would not buy drugs from these slime bags!

      I have had my “TALK” with my son just like Holder had with his, as did my Dad did with me! Where are all the News Agencies in reporting this viscous HATE CRIME? these 3 black thugs must be racist!

      This is clearly a HATE CRIME!

  • Lorraine

    It’s Florida! A very pro-gun state. The bus driver should’ve pulled a George Zimmerman and start shooting at those thugs. Would he have done enough to intervene then? Would that have been even more controversial? What do you expect this bus driver to do? He’s 64. If bus drivers need to physically intervene in fights then the district need to hire men who are professionally trained as fighters. Not old men.

  • lisa

    Why is no one saying that they should be charged with federal hate crime? What because they are black they get free pass?

  • Jen Brown

    The bus driver should have stepped in. I understand he was an older man and was scared. But Im a woman, not a very big one at that and I would have tried to help that poor boy! There is no way I could have just stood there and watched those thugs beat the crap out of a younger boy! Watching the video made me want to jump in the screen and beat those kids.

  • phil nolot

    Hmmm. the news media is not screaming about race on this one. was the victim white ?

    • mike

      yeah.. if it was 3 white kids kicking the shit out of a black kid
      we would have Sharpton Jackson and everyone else their! what about a hate crime? robbery?????

  • Jeff

    The driver did the right thing, he CALLED IT IN. If he had gotten involved:

    – He would have been fired.
    – He would have been arrested.
    – He would have been sued.

    Getting involved would have been STUPID!

    • Mike

      He was black, the 3 assailants were all black. Of course he’s not going to get involved. He’s a racist!!!! They should all be charged with hate crimes.


    These three black thugs should themselves be beat senseless and have both of their arms broken! This is so sick to watch! This buss driver and the school should be sued for negligence! Where is the all mighty Obama? where are the great Rev Al, Rev Jackson? why are they not wanting to do anything?
    If The Great Obama had a son, would they look like these three thug?
    This white boy was beat because he would not buy drugs from these slime bags!

    I have had my “TALK” with my son just like Holder had with his, as did my Dad did with me! Where are all the News Agencies in reporting this viscous HATE CRIME? these 3 black thugs must be racist!


    • Dan

      Defintiely a hate crime and they should be charged as such. But the big news is Riley Cooper and how he offended blacks by using the awful “N Word”….

  • http://www.yahya.com yahya

    yahyaabuabakar we love facebook very much

  • Steve

    Why haven’t we seen anything on YAHOO/CNN/MSNBC about the black teenagers that beat up a white teenage boy on a school bus??? and a school bus driver who DID NOT intervene to stop this nor even check on the boy after….

    What if Travon Martin had been shot by three “White/Hispanics”??? Would there not be cries of outrage? Even with one there were… But THREE BLACKS beat ONE WHITE and we hear NOTHING….

    Goes to show just what the media looks for…

  • Dan

    Whya ren’t the attackers race mentioned? Because three black kids attacked a white boy? CNN? MSNBC?