Schmidt: Theres Money In Them Thar Media

    February 2, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

When Wall Street’s darling stock plummets upon missed earnings estimates, folks tend to concentrate so much on the recent numbers, they miss the subtleties of side comments on the future.’s Susan Kuchinskas caught the more interesting part of Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s earnings conference call as he promised an extension of the company’s advertising platform to sell ads via print, radio, television and streaming video.

From Kuchinskas’ article:

Google CEO Eric Schmidt promised analysts that the company’s extension into traditional media would fuel tremendous revenue growth in the future.

Advertisers would like to get the same kind of accountability and tracking that search advertising provides in other media, said Google cofounder Sergey Brin, The technology that came with the recent acquisition of dMarc Broadcasting could do it.

It seems that Google is looking to expand its Internet kingdom to a potential media empire, a development that could gain the attention of trustbusters as well as the rulers of the various lower media kingdoms.

While Google still denies that it will spawn a wireless network outside the San Francisco area (which would be another excellent means for delivering targeted advertising), Google has been hinting at this direction for some time-especially when we noticed domain registrations like

Schmidt’s comment seems an admission of what we’ve all suspected.