Schmidt Talks Freedom; China Still Out Of Luck

    August 23, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Google CEO Eric Schmidt ascended to the Aspen Summit to discuss what freedom and openness means to his company and its customers.

The Google Public Policy blog has been spinning the company’s mantra about net neutrality, open access to the 700MHz wireless spectrum, and now the simple concept of freedom. Their latest post features a video of Schmidt addressing The Progress & Freedom Foundation’s Aspen Summit about Google’s views on those topics.

This is the talk where Schmidt suggested Google will “probably” bid on the 700MHz spectrum when the auction takes place. We’ll be surprised if they don’t participate, either as a bidder or in partnership with one or more entities.

A video of his presentation opens with an introduction that references Schmidt’s history with Sun and Novell, two companies that have fallen into corners of the tech industry where they once held dominant positions. Fortunately for the CEO, Larry Page and Sergey Brin rescued Schmidt from Utah to helm the pre-IPO search engine.

The blog summarized the essential points Schmidt wanted to make about the Internet and freedom, noble aspirations to be certain:

First, he said we need to defend freedom of speech as more speech comes online