Schmidt: Mobile Ad Revenue To Outdo Traditional Types

    August 14, 2008

About once a month, Google comes up with some neat new feature for mobile phones.  It’s never much compared to certain search and mapping innovations, and the things tend to receive little notice from any mainstream audience.  But Eric Schmidt is still betting on mobile in a big way.

You know how Google focused on the search market before all others, and its $158 billion market cap is based on a foundation of search and online advertising?  Never mind all that.

Eric Schmidt
 Eric Schmidt

Schmidt told Jim Cramer, "We can make more in mobile than desktop eventually.  The reason [is] because the mobile computer is more targeted.  Think about it: you carry your phone everywhere, it knows all about you.  We can do a very, very targeted ad.  Over time, we will make more money for mobile advertising."

A key point in understanding Schmidt’s prediction might be knowing how he uses the word "eventually."  In the CEO’s mind, it could be something that applies to when he’ll check out a new restaurant.  Or it may better describe how soon the sun will burn all liquid water from the Earth’s surface (give that one billion or so years).

Ah, well.  Regardless, credit goes to MG Siegler for the interview transcript.