Scathing Obituary Written for Mother

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A “scathing obituary” was submitted on Tuesday to the Reno Gazette-Journal. The obituary was written by Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick’s oldest children, and has gone viral, shocking everyone who reads it.

The obituary begins by saying: “Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick born Jan 4, 1935 died alone on Aug. 30, 2013. She is survived by her 6 of 8 children whom she spent her lifetime torturing in every way possible. While she neglected and abused her small children, she refused to allow anyone else to care or show compassion towards them. When they became adults she stalked and tortured anyone they dared to love. Everyone she met, adult or child was tortured by her cruelty and exposure to violence, criminal activity, vulgarity, and hatred of the gentle or kind human spirit.”

The obituary continues with her children saying that they are “celebrating her passing”. “On behalf of her children whom she so abrasively exposed to her evil and violent life, we celebrate her passing from this earth and hope she lives in the after-life reliving each gesture of violence, cruelty, and shame that she delivered on her children. Her surviving children will now live the rest of their lives with the peace of knowing their nightmare finally has some form of closure.”

Reddick’s children close the obituary by saying: “Most of us have found peace in helping those who have been exposed to child abuse and hope this message of her final passing can revive our message that abusing children is unforgiveable, shameless, and should not be tolerated in a “humane society.” Our greatest wish now, is to stimulate a national movement that mandates a purposeful and dedicated war against child abuse in the United States of America.”

The Reddick children said that they wanted to write the obituary to bring awareness to the severity of child abuse. Patrick Reddick, the second oldest child said during a phone interview: “People may see this as something we did to shame our mother. But this is to bring shame to the issue of child abuse. I want every single person to realize this could be your obituary.” “The things she did to us were horrible,“ Katherine Reddick said. “But it’s still happening to kids every day.”

John F. Maher, the Gazette-Journal’s publisher made a statement in response to the publishing of the obituary.

The obituary you reference was a paid placement that was submitted via our self-service, online portal. It appeared in today’s Reno Gazette-Journal and also online. From the text of the obituary, it is clear that the date of death is inaccurate. The Washoe County Public Guardian’s office has confirmed that Marianne Theresa Johnson did, indeed, recently pass away. We’ve removed the online listing of this obituary as we continue our review of the circumstances surrounding its placement. Once we’ve completed our review, we’ll determine what, if any, further actions are required.

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Scathing Obituary Written for Mother
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  • Cassandra

    I know how these people feel. My mother was dead in her apartment for 2 1/2 weeks before anyone found her and only then because of the smell did anyone investigate. She hated her 4 children and one by one threw us all out of the house for things that were foolish. I started getting thrown out at 14 years old. My father stood by and did nothing. He had a massive heart attack at an early age probably because of the stress. It is hard to make people understand what you went through especially when your abuser puts on a happy face to the world but behind close doors there is terror. I am 51 years old now and still have nightmares of what she did. I go to therapy and it does help lessen the anxiety. I pray that each of you can find peace and healing.

    • anonymous

      My mother did the same thing. A hard yank of our hair and a hard smack across the face for being children and laughing.. And if the phone rang while she was doing it, she answered the phone with a cheery, happy HELLO? She still tells my family that I’m a bad person in so many ways. Never once apologized and said that this is how we learned to raise kids back in the day. She thinks that she is perfect. She wonders why I struggled with drugs, depression and why I hate myself sometimes. I hate you L.L.! May you get what you fu***** deserve someday!

      • http://Yahoo Patty

        May the Lord forgive you for your comments…

        • anonymous

          go to hell Patty. I’ve said nothing wrong. Go back to your rock that you’ve crawled under you insensitive C word.

  • Susie

    These people seem to have survived the abuse and have not let it define them. After living my young years with a abuse alcoholic step-father and a mother who would have rather stayed with him and fight it out instead of taking her children out of it, I can relate to so much of this. The sad part is, dysfunctional families create dysfunctional children. I never learned the right way to be a parent and made mistakes for years. It gets passed along from generation to generation until someone gets the courage to break the cycle. I may write my own obituary to testify what child abuse did to me.

  • Dawn

    I am 100% supportive of what these siblings have written! Their whole life they were abused and traumatized! Why is it that when a person finally has strength and courage to shed light on their abuser (parent, & I use that term loosely) and “lay it all on the table”, that many view it as disrespectful and that you should just get over it?! Screw that!!! So many look the other way when it’s a parent hurting their kids. If it was a stranger doing it, would you look the other way?! Instead of making an exception, we should be holding these “parents” to a higher standard!!! Props to these strong adult siblings! I pray that you will have peace now that this monster is gone from your nightmares! I too will look forward to that day I no longer have to look over my shoulder & worry about my or my loved ones safety because of my evil monster!

  • anon

    I grew up in an environment that was emotional torture. I was housed, clothed and well fed but my soul, intellect and creativity was stunted. My mother had three physically beautiful children however she saw us through her own mirror and she found us ugly in some way. My nose was big, etc. I grew up a mess and I am afraid a bit like her. I was mistreated and I mistreated. She is suffering now, 12 years in a wheelchair having experienced a very serious stroke, unable to speak or move properly her life has been hell. My life has been difficult because of my difficult attitude, depression and anxiety. Obsessing and complaining when in essence I had everything. I just didn’t see it. I have learned through loss. She has not had the chance.

  • http://yahoo.com Wendy

    I only hope that the family finds peace!!!…God Bless

  • Billy Turner

    I recently opened up to a friend about my abusive mother, and he immediately gave a chilling litany of his childhood. I spoke with another friend, and she related similar experiences. There are so many who’ve had abusive parents and or relatives. Prior to her death, my mother asked for forgiveness, which I gave. Heaven itself knows the abuse is etched in concrete.


    Its a great thing you don’t see too many Black people typing obits like these. Even if there was abuse present in their lives, they know how to keep some things to themselves and wont dare expose it to public domain. This very troublesome family seems to take comfort in knowing they have scandalized not only their mothers name but their names as well. They may not know it yet, but this will follow them for the rest of their lives in a negative way. They have not healed from this to put something like this in a newspaper that can be viewed all over the globe just goes to show you they are still suffering because they havent forgiven her. She was pushing 80 and all they could think about was putting their business out there instead of seeking family counseling. Its a shame.

    • Jenny

      I think you missed the point. Speaking the TRUTH is a healing action. Their story could be and IS many people’s story. Hiding in shame when someone hurts you is not therapeutic. I applaud their courage and strength to speak out. Let the chips fall where they may! I have no doubt that their mother, in the afterlife, is mortified about her behavior….as we all will be someday when we review our lives….we will judge ourselves for both the good and bad we have done to others in this life. Just my opinion…..

    • Eve

      They did NOT shame themselves! It is not the victims’ fault to be abused and no one should be afraid of speaking up about it. All that does is perpetuate violence!

  • Jenny

    After reading all these comments about abusive parents, I am so thankful and grateful to have had such a loving, fun, intelligent, beautiful mother who knew how to love unconditionally and who never laid a hand on me in anger. I am sorry for what you have gone though….and I congratulate those of you who have stopped the cycle and sought out healing for yourselves and others.

  • Anonymous

    My Mother used to beat me, but not as bad as a lot of these cases. She was an angry person, always screaming, liked to my pull hair a lot, would sometimes grab whatever she could to hit me, sometimes it was a hard back hand smack across the face. She used to terrify me. I’m not sure if this was abuse, but it sure felt like it. I’m now an adult with children and I love them with all my heart. As for my mother, she never has or probably ever will admit to doing anything wrong. I hate her for it. My self-esteem still suffers even nowadays from what she did to me. She still likes to tell me what I am doing wrong in my life today(i let her in my life because of her grandkids). She tells my family lies about me or exaggerated the truth and then tells them not to tell me so I can never defend myself. I’ve mentioned what she did to me to her and she has said before “that’s how you disciplined children back in the days”. I have nothing but hate for this women. She thinks she is perfect.

    • Anonymous

      By the way, if my mother didn’t do this things to me, I’d have had a better life and have been a totally different person. Some of us can’t evolve from this type of stuff and turn to drugs or whatever else to numb the pain. I hope one day that I can let all of this go. :(

    • pat

      kick her out of your life
      Your son does not need here in his life and its a bad example for him.
      If he chooses later on to have contact with here that his choice


  • Warren Lester

    My father is a retired St. Louis County Sheriff in northern Minnesota. He was and still is a narcissistic sociopath who believes that he is above the law. He has beaten me as a child and as I became an adult, he continued to mentally torture and suck any sense of well being out of me, basically to make himself feel better about what a useless person he actually is. I told him to f-off one day as he “tells” me that he is going to move in with my wife and I because, according to him, “I have every right to live in your house!” My sister and nephew continue to kiss his ass in the hopes of getting some money when he dies. Just because you are blood related doesn’t make you family. You have to earn that! I have no more contact with my father, my sister, or my nephew. That is my choice.

  • Eve

    I don’t blame the children for writing this obituary. The idea of “not speaking badly of the dead” does not sit well with me. If we lead good lives people will wish to speak well of us (and remember us fondly) after our passing.

    However, I do disagree with the statement of the child of the deceased who stated, “I want every single person to realize this could be your obituary.” No, it couldn’t. Not unless it was a total lie. Most people treat their children well.

  • Hmm

    This situation sounds very bad. However, I don’t see many details about the abuse in the article. All we have to go on is 5 short paragraphs. If things were that bad, why did they not address them while the woman was living?

    In this day and age, everyone takes what they read or hear from the internet as the gospel truth. After 5 short paragraphs, people commenting think they are experts on the whole matter.

    I don’t condone abuse at all. I just wish people would not rush to judgement so quickly. We rush to judgement on so many things only to find out later that the inital facts were simply wrong.

    • Eve

      Considering their ages, they likely couldn’t have done much when they were children.

      • @Eve

        Oh I agree. I am not saying it didn’t happen.

        It just concerns me that people rush to judgement too much nowadays without doing any real research or even knowing the people involved.

        What is to stop me from totally making something up and posting it on the internet and causing someone a lot of harm? Absolutely nothing — because people rush to judgement.

        I hope I did not come across as insensitive to the situation because I really do understand how people hurt.

        • anonymous

          I read other places on the internet about what she did. It was horrible. She also ran a prostitution ring in her house apparently. Nobody would go through all this trouble to write this if it didn’t happen and she wasn’t an evil person. Apparently she died in her trailer home with her 13 cats alone. I guess some people get what they deserve.



  • Bad Things Happen to Everyone

    Bad things happen to everyone. You can’t change the past or live in the past. You pick yourself up and move on.

    You forgive because until you do so then you are nothing but a victim.

  • t

    I agree with everything except the part about suffering in the afterlife. What does that accomplish? It keeps those funky feelings alive. Forgiveness does not mean accepting what she did, it just releases the negativity from yourself.

  • tammy

    I agree with everything except the part about suffering in the afterlife. What does that accomplish? It keeps those funky feelings alive. Forgiveness does not mean accepting what she did, it just releases the negativity from yourself.

  • Global Perspective

    We are so outraged by child abuse in this nation, yet our wars have made orphans out of hundreds of thousands of kids. We are outraged by Syria using chemical weapons, yet in the past month our drones killed more innocent civilians than those chemical weapons did.

    We call ourselves just because we used drones and syrians evil because they use chemicals. However, at the end of the day, a lot of innocent kids were killed and we are just hypocrites.

    All of us. Myself included.

  • archer

    You need a license to drive, maybe this is needed in order to do the most important job in the world.

  • http://yahoo maggiesmom

    Why didn’t they publish this BEFOREh she died, to humiliate her they way she did them? Why would children (over the age of 18) stay around her so she could continue to ‘stalk’ them and disrupt their lives?
    I think this is a horrible, equally insensitive action for her children to take.

  • Dan H

    These people should be applauded and Obituaries should be truthful and honest like they were in the late 1800’s and the turn of the century. Look at history (some of the old one’s are quite hilarious in their honesty). Hat’s off to them! Let’s face it, Hell is real and people do go there!

  • Karla

    A few years ago when Christmas was around the corner, I witnessed a mother, another lady with her, and the mother’s son walking to their car after shopping. I was also about to get into my car when out of the blue the mother was mad at her son for whatever and began belittling him and cursing using the ‘f’ word a least 5 times. I felt so bad for the child that I spoke up and said, “please don’t call/use that word in front of your son. My heart just ached for him and couldn’t believe my ears.” She looked at me and said this was not my child. I smiled (he was still there)and told the woman to have a wonderful Christmas and left. I hope that made an impression on one of them, even if later in life. We forget sometimes that our parents are supposed to be our first role model. I hope this will not negatively impact this sweet, young boy. No telling how long he’s had to endure this abuse.

    • Chrissieh

      I certainly hope you called somebody on his behalf. You may feel good about making your point with her but he was left to deal with not only her anger with him but now her anger with you. I was one of those kids. Too many turn their heads.

      • Karla

        I actually did call 9-1-1 hoping a police officer could make it out before she left the parking lot. They didn’t promise anything since it was not a physical domestic issue. They also felt by the time one arrived they would be gone. They actually left rather quickly while getting into the car.

  • anonymous

    I’m a mid 40’s father who has struggled with depression, drugs, anxiety and lack of self-esteem. I’ve basically went nowhere in life and am still trying to do something with myself. I’m not making excuses but if I would have had a different mother, I would be a COMPLETELY different person. She thinks she is perfect and laughed at me when I said that I was scared of her as a child. If she could say “I’m sorry”, I would forgive me and I could probably move on with my life. She wont. I’m afraid that I’ll wind up a broke, penniless loser…..

    • pat

      man sorry
      but you need to find healing in yourself I had too
      The damage is done sorry to say but I woke up one day and decided i was tired of being a survivor and wanted a life and i did

      good luck

      • anonymous

        I’m trying man, I am trying. I agree with you and sincerely, thanks for the comment.

    • Susan Sweeney

      It’s so sad that it’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault when we are failures in life! I pray that you will stop pointing fingers at the splinters in your mother’s eye & take the planks out of your own & make something of yourself!! EXCUSES….EXCUSES….it’s all up to you what you make of it – NOT your mother!!

      • anon

        @Susan I truly hope that you are either horribly abused in your next life, or you die a slow, lonely rotten death. Anyone who says words like that to an abused person, doesn’t deserve to be on this earth. This is why children commit suicide(but as you’d say, “it’s their own fault”. F U

  • Nancy Hashka

    My girlfriend and her two teenage boys were mentally tortured by her ex-husband. When his heart started failing at age 35, he became even meaner and bitter. He died before he could find a transplant. Her two boys, aged 14 and 16, asked her if they could throw a party to celebrate the fact that the SOB had died and they could now not live in fear. The whole family threw one heck of a big party……..even his own brothers and sisters came…..and they all shared stories about how abusive he was to them too.

    Sometimes people need to realize that you can’t excuse someone’s behavior by asking about their childhood…..some people are just born bad.

  • http://Yahoo Patty

    How do all of you people know this is true…Do the 6 surviving children lead stellar lives and are they the best parents in the world…This saddens me….

    • anon

      Patty, you are a sick person.The first thing when a child says I was abused, you BELIEVE them! You don’t assume that they are lying. You obviously have no love in your life and are probably a lonely person. What kind of person automatically assumes a person that says they were abused are lying. So six people that all corroborate this story, tell the world about it, are lying? what would ever give you that idea? Go crawl back in your trailer home and wake up.

      • dee4870

        “Yes your right”…. she is either very ignorant to the horrors of child abuse or thinks that it is OK to abuse children, either way she obviously doesn’t get it and doesn’t really care.

  • Maria

    Forgiveness would have given them better closure. Carrying around that kind of emotional baggage has taken a toll on this family. If they did not say what was needed to their mother while she was alive this does nothing but open them up to a lot of uncomfortable questions they may not want to answer when the hurt feelings are still there.

  • Stacy B.

    Why in the actual obituary in the video does it say she passed away on September 30, 2013?????

  • Chrissieh

    As the daughter of a mother who was equally, if not more so, cruel I can understand their need to write this. I am now a very happy, well adjusted, educated woman with children who are the same. You would never identify me as a the beaten, raped, belittled child I was. The one thing that many of us who grow up in this way rarely get from our abusers is validation. Not just an apology but to be validated and to hear them say what they did was wrong and totally on them. We also live with the knowledge that many know but few act. They don’t want to get involved or confront, etc. Then a funeral comes up and we listen to others talk so glowingly about the person. Even though these people may have forgiven it doesn’t lessen the pain that returns under these circumstances. I read that their hope was to have others recognize abuse and act. That is mine too. I forgave long ago but it still happens and I want others to do something, not just talk about it without action. So, be compassionate towards these people. One of my abusers passed a few years ago. It brought me so much peace and closure. They deserve that even if you don’t agree with their methodology.

  • dee4870

    “Good for them”….if that many of her own children hate her than she had to be a bad person and not only that why did she have so many?…. probably so she could always have a little one to abuse since it is hard to abuse an older child. I am older and I have seen this happen to innocent children and it is not something that needs to be forgiven not unless the victim needs to forgive them to heal themselves,.. but they did what they did for them and that is good.

    • ldean50

      I agree, and also see how it was done for others as well.

  • Nina

    I’m sorry for these people and for those of you who did not have good mothers. Unfortunately, being “Mom” is not important to some women. I had a wonderful mother who did everything in her power to raise her children and instill good values in them. We did not have alot of money as she was a single parent with 7 children to feed, but she showed us that we had each other. She would fry chicken and make potato salad and take us to the park, this may not seem like much to some but it meant the world to us. She cleaned other peoples homes to make ends meet and buy school clothes for her children. When she passed, of course we cried, because she had been an adoring mother and had done her job and so deserved the rest.

  • Youknowme

    Dear L, I hope by some chance that you are reading this and know it’s me writing this. Do you know that I’ve thought about suicide many times because you liked to verbally and emotionally abuse me though my childhood? I know it was over 25 years ago, but it still effects me. You think I made mistakes and am going nowhere in life? It’s mostly your fault. Yeah, I know my sister is doing well in her life, she wasn’t abused like I was. Also, some people can handle things more than others can. It makes me happy to know that you pretend to have a great life but in reality, you are lonely and can hardly walk. On top of this, you deny you did anything wrong. You are a poor excuse for a mom. No matter how much you say that I’m your “favorite”, you know that is a lie and you say that so people think you loved me and you didn’t nothing wrong. May you rot in Hell), and realize what you did wrong someday.

    • ldean50

      … good for you. Bravo!

  • mark

    I can understand someone who was sexually abused feel this way. But when you write these kind of things remember that the person can not defend themselves. Just as families with a lot of inheritance coming down to them they often badmouth steal and act childish to get money. I was spanked with switches and belts and turned out fine. I believe if they put spankings back in school we would have less kids trying to shoot everybody. Kids need discipline. And too many parents try to be best friends instead of a parent. Just look at kids today. A lot of people cry because they got spanked. Please. Go to war than you will have a lot of reasons to cry about something. I think we are getting soft as a country because of the me generation. And I really do understand if you was really abused. But a lot of people need a pity party.

  • Petal

    If it were possible for Mom to be any deader, that would be a good thing. The kids were more than justified – people like this woman should not have children. Mom was an excellent argument for sterilization.

  • Caesar Castracane

    Okay, your life was perfect…cut the pity party…the Golden Rule says Do unto other’s as you would have them do unto to you….not as they did unto you…It’s forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us….not no forgiveness to those who have trespassed against us……don’t be so self-righteous about all the good you do for the abused, do it silently and remember that your children are watching and will treat you the same…..when you’re elected god you can do this….don’t let the past destroy your present and future…..off the high horses and embrace everyone…..at least think about it.

    • ldean50

      I think you missed the point – and why it was not done silently. Silence is the best weapon abusers have. Had you read the article, you would realize how out-of-line your holier-than-than rant actually is. “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing”(William Blake)… you seem to fit the do nothing mold.

  • Bryan

    Sounds like not a very nice person. Still, it’s kind of without class to speak ill of someone at their funeral/memorial. Couldn’t they have just skipped the service?

    • ldean50

      It was an obituary in the paper. RTDT.

  • Chris

    Anyone see the movie or read the book, Jack Ketchum’s ‘The Girl Next Door’? Sounds like the mother described in the obiturary is just as horrible as the mother (or Aunt) character in the book/film.

  • Firmament72

    This myth has been going around for several years. Two years ago it was a mother in Ohio. The obit was almost word-for-word like this one.

    • Rick

      Was no myth in my family. Very similar narcissistic, abusive behavior to that in the obituary. My mother should have been sterilized at 12. These women have NO BUSINESS having children.

  • Nancy

    Why don’t any of you stupid hillbillies know how to spell or write? I can’t even tell if some of these comments were English. No wonder you were all abused. Too stupid to live.

    • pat

      lets see if you can read this
      F… Y..

      Go back to your trailer park and shut up

  • ldean50

    Also… on mother’s day when everyone is celebrating, giving flowers, or wearing flowers to celebrate their mothers, just know there are many who still feel the need to “pretend.” Not all mothers deserve sainthood – some should have been jailed. I just hope the paper has the healthy insight to repost this obit back. I too, like many here was raised by a woman that would today be diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. It isn’t always the physical abuse, the mental torture is just as damaging. I felt a sense of freedom when I read this – I think the children did the right thing – awareness is critical.

  • Firmament72

    The obituary was printed in Tuesday’s editions of the Reno Gazette-Journal and appeared on RGJ.com after it was submitted through a self-service online portal.
    John Maher, president and publisher of the newspaper, said in a “note to readers” that the paper had “removed the online listing of this obituary as we continue our review of the circumstances surrounding its placement.”

  • Drew

    Awww man, does this mean I have to live my life according to a code of ethics else one day people will tell the truth about me? What a drag. (sarcasm, obviously,) serves as a warning… If you are a meanie-head in life, than you will likely be remembered that way in death… Enjoy your “posterity”.


    my mother died at 57 I am now 62…I am a victim of her extreme cruelty and i pray to god that when I die I do not ever ever ever have to see her …it truly scares me

  • mack

    Good for you! i am so glad you and your siblings had closure. I have not had the ‘privilege’ of my parents abusing me, but i did see it from other families. Kids would come to school crying and such, some of them my friends, and i ask what is wrong. sometimes they would tell me, other times, not when they were really quiet. But later as they’ve grown, sometimes when we talked abt not seeing each other for awhile, they would proceed to tell me things that they went through as a kid living with that parent. and you think to yourself -‘oh, i did not know that was going on!’ So, you never know how a message is going to hepl the next person who has been through that or is going through it now. God bless your awareness campaign and keep up the good work!

  • Lee

    More of the story can be found in the link provided. They were removed from their mother’s home and grew up in an orphanage. Their case resulted in a Nevada law in the 1980s allowing children to become legally independent of their parents. I think this was not a case of it being up to others to get the mother help or of not enough trying to be done about it when she was alive. Perhaps she was just evil like the children said.


  • lexi

    I think the newspaper was CYA because they posted it, probably printed it and they don’t want to be sued for libel.

    If I were the children this individual raised, I would have come forward with evidence to back up the obituary and the reasons behind it. They paid for the space, and they are entitled to tell the truth even if it is after the fact.

  • rirituls

    I think its great!!!!! Congrats to them who had the courage to put it on paper. May you have peace now :)

  • JD

    I think the saddest thing is all of the people commenting who have been so hurt and abused as well as children. Hug your children extra tonight and if you are not a parent reach out to the kids in your life you may be the adult they can confide in to reach out and stop the abuse. Be the difference a child needs. (((hugs to all of you who didn’t get all the hugs you deserved)))

  • Virginia

    I too was raised in a home very much like the one your family was raised in and I thought the day my mother died would be the best day of my life. One day you will forgive her. I did my mother but I can’t for get the torture she put kids through. I felt so sorry for my siblings but there was nine of us and we all suffered the same torture although I had one brother that I thought got the worst end of every thing. He turned out to be an alcoholic but is cured now. WE all got along with one another and to this day we never let out mother split us up as she tried so desperately to do. We had a wonderful father. He never knew the torture we went through because we were not allowed to tell. I am just high lighting one the things now because I have forgiven my mother for the things she did to us and did before she died. After all having eleven kids and having miscarriage’s between the kids was probably what caused her to be so ill hearted. She made it plain to us that she loved the oldest son and the rest she didn’t want. Forgiveness is so much better than carrying a grudge. A grudge just hurts you and if she thought she could still torture you that is what she wanted to do. So forgive her and get over it. She is gone and there is nothing you can do or say that will make it better. I know I have been there and done that. I am seventy eight and would not hold a grudge against any one any more. It only hurts the person holding the grudge.

  • http://attyahoo Douglas Knight

    Having your drunken father come home at 3 a.m., throw you out of bed, onto the floor. Then you are dragged by your arm, half asleep to the dining room table where you have to listen to him rant & rave for hours, then a good hard beating for about 5-10 minutes. Nothing like being backhanded out of a chair, flying through the air, then finding your mouth is full of blood-you’d better swallow it, too. If you don’t, more & longer beating. After you’ve bitten about 1/4 of the way through your tongue, you spit a mouth full of blood or two for the next 4-5 days(kids heal fast). The worst part was the cursing, meant to make you feel worthless & small. Denigrating you in front of total strangers. All these things for something that might have happened 6 months previously. Mom would get a 12 foot electrical extension cord, fold it up into a 4 foot length & beat you severely across the back of the legs. If you “danced” around too much, it continued until she tired-it could continue after she caught her breath. Nothing like balling up your fist & punching a 4 or 6 years old boy in the head. I guess it’s fun to watch boys fly through the air & cry afterwards. Sometimes mom would get a little “tuneup” too. Good thing I never bruised, I guess.

  • Susan Sweeney

    This is the side of the individual who wrote it. Too bad the deceased mother didn’t get the opportunity to present her side. Perhaps they were truly abused…WE will NEVER know for sure!! However, what hatred displayed in the obituary. Fighting against child abuse/spousal abuse, etc. can be done in MANY ways…but I don’t believe it should be done against the dead in this manner when the world will, unfortunately, never hear the other side! I pray that God will heal this family…

  • hannan

    good riddance to her. Why was she allowed to free?

    • http://yahoo linda maddy

      Sounds like Mrs. Reddick got what she deserved.

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