Scarlett Johansson Sodastream Ad Becomes Online Meme for Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    January 27, 2014
    Shana Norris
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Scarlett Johansson’s collaboration with Sodastream has drawn sharp criticism from those with strong opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and now it’s spawning political memes across the Internet.

Sodastream recently announced that Johansson would be their first-ever global brand ambassador.

Johansson said she has been a fan of the environmentally-conscious company’s make-it-yourself soda product for several years:

“I think it was really a natural partnership because I’ve been using Sodastream for probably five or six years and it’s a product I found on my own just because I like carbonated water but I hated the waste of bottles … It’s a product that I stand by, that I use, that I believe in.” She calls her spokesperson deal with Sodastream a “fateful relationship.”

But the relationship comes with a hefty dose of controversy, especially as Sodastream plans a Super Bowl commercial spot featuring Johansson.


Sodastream is headquartered in an Airport City, Israel office park that sits at the junction of Haifa, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. The controversy stems from the fact that the company’s main manufacturing facility is located in an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank.

Oxfam International, for whom Johansson has been an ambassador since 2005, has expressed concern over her relationship with Sodastream, pointing out that under international law, trade from settlements such as the one in West Bank is illegal: “…Oxfam believes that businesses that operate in settlements further the ongoing poverty and denial of rights of the Palestinian communities that we work to support. Oxfam is opposed to all trade from Israeli settlements, which are illegal under international law.”

Over the weekend, political memes began to circulate on Twitter:

Johansson made an effort to “clear the air” by releasing a statement to the Huffington Post: “I stand behind the SodaStream product and am proud of the work that I have accomplished at Oxfam as an Ambassador for over 8 years. Even though it is a side effect of representing SodaStream, I am happy that light is being shed on this issue in hopes that a greater number of voices will contribute to the conversation of a peaceful two state solution in the near future.”

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  • J.T.

    Yeah, whenever you see people in cages it is not a good thing.

    Human beings are literally stupid. You know what is weird about Israel-Palestine and the whole situation? I have no clue who is right anymore. I am not even sure there is a right. Both sides are screwed up.

    Everyone is fighting for God, but somehow I don't really think that God wants fighting. I am positively sure God did not want people in cages.

    It is going to be funny when we die and find out that God really couldn't care less about the Holy Land because he basically created the universe. He is going to look at everyone and say —- well, I told you to love your neighbor as yourself and I did not mention anything about fighting over property. Think about how many souls have died over religion. None of it makes sense — especially since we know there is good and evil in every religion and in every country. The fight should be against evil.

    • Ashraf

      I'm Palestinian and i can say that it's not and never have been a religious fight or war from our side, there are Palestinians Jews,Muslims and Christians and we get along perfectly,we have been living along side each other for centuries now and we still do.
      It's a war between people that came from Europe and started killing and burning and pillaging the whole population and cities of Palestine (Muslims,Christians and Jews).

      If your a Palestinian then you should die or move from here. 10 million Palestinian Refugees are out and cannot come back nor allowed to enter and live in the Palestinian cities.

      It's a war between the owners of the Land (Palestinians) and Europeans that came to Palestine to live in it by force(Israel).

      we don't fight for god or whatever entity or religion, we fight for our rights and our lands….