Scarlett Johansson Answering Questions About 'Lucy'


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Actress Scarlett Johansson will be answering questions about her new film Lucy via Twitter, according to Entertainment Weekly. Twitter users can tweet with #askLUCY and @EW today to send questions to Johansson herself, and EW will be sharing answers on Thursday.

Lucy is a sci-fi action film directed, written, edited and produced by French director Luc Besson, and hits theaters on July 25. The plot revolves around a world controlled by criminal organizations, and Johansson plays the title character Lucy, who is forced into being a drug mule by a mob based in Taipei, Taiwan. A surgically implanted packet of drugs breaks open and leaks into her body, which causes a reaction that allows her to access more than the mythically standard 10% of her brain.

Lucy then evolves into a superhuman, to where she can absorb vast amounts of information instantly and wield telekinetic powers. The film also stars Morgan Freeman.

Here is a new clip from the film, in which Johansson's character speeds through Paris:

Another clip showing Lucy making an escape is also online:

Here Lucy has an encounter with the Taiwanese mob:

The 10% brain myth is a popular urban legend perpetuated by a misunderstanding of archaic brain research. Modern imaging has revealed that all areas of the brain are "firing," though the exact functions of some regions are still misunderstood.

In 2013 Johansson also appeared in director Jonathan Glazer's excellent sci-fi thriller Under the Skin, playing a confused alien disguised as a woman, who seduces men in order to harvest their flesh, which is a delicacy on its home world.

Here is the trailer:

Johansson, who recently revealed that she was "tired of being sexy," is expecting her first child with fiance Romain Dauriac, the owner of an independent advertising agency. The couple presently lives in the Rive Gauche district of Paris.

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