Say Goodbye To Google Homepage Background Images

    November 16, 2012
    Chris Crum
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As previously reported, background images on the Google homepage are about to be a thing of the past. People who used the feature are not thrilled.

Back in September, Google said that users would no longer be able to upload pictures starting on October 16, and that the feature would be completely shut down in November. More recently, people using the feature started seeing the following message on their homepages:

Background images are going away on November 16, 2012

Thank you for using background images. As we build a more streamlined Google Search page for everyone, we’ll no longer be able to support customization with background images. So you will no longer be able to see your background pictures starting November 16, 2012.

Click Remove to stop using a background image now. Your current background image and Picasa web albums will still be available to you.

Well, the day has come, and despite a significant amount of backlash from users, the feature should be a memory going forward. Welcome to the Google homepage the rest of us are using.

lead image via eltictac (reddit)

  • John Beihl

    I think that your decision to discontinue background images was a very poor choice. There was no reason for it to be discontinued. I enjoyed using the background image as part of my usage of google.

  • frank parrish

    Good Grief Charlie Brown…What’s next!

  • Ritika Kapoor

    IF not this then what next?

  • Ritika Kapoor

    If not this then what?

  • http://google Nancy Anderson

    I really would like a background on my google homepage.
    Why are U doing this???

  • http://Google PJ

    I had to move from Hawaii where I lived my whole life to Sacramento, CA
    Where I hate living. The picture that I had posted as my back ground made me feel every time I used google that I was back home. Why have you provided us this all of these years and now you aren’t? It is always about the money, what about how this affects us?

  • paul cramer

    stupid move

  • http://www.mamma.com David

    Not a big problem now all things being equal, I’ll just went back to mamma.com. I used mamma for 10yrs and went to google.com but, mamma is just as fast and streamlined.

  • Michael

    The richest and most used search engine and they had to down size? When you try to be the best you don’t take away the things that make you the best!Well with Dick Clarke,Hostess and now this I guess the world is really coming to an end!!

  • Kevin Dakin

    I agree with every one else. Why get rid of a good thing when it doesn’t harm anything.

  • http://www.scrapmonster.com greg12750

    Google has to rely on it’s users to stay in business. I suggest that we all stop using GOOGLE for a mont, go to another search engine and show BIG BAD GOOGLE just who makes their site and stock function. Let’s pass this around and by the end of the day we can hit over 40 million Google users. BOYCOTT GOOGLE. We the PEOPLE.

    • http://googlehome the doc

      Why notfixthings that don’t work well. Like googlearth or buy people search and make it free so youkethe loyal users happy and recruit moreusersinstead of stomping onloyalusers wo loveoldgoogle. Sounds like new Coke allover again

  • Hilary Kott

    It made people happy. How hard would it have been for you to have left it the way it was?

  • Richard Horton

    The world is impersonnal enough , you just helped that along. Thanks.

  • http://GoogleHomePage Courtney Lamm

    I don’t understand people who want to fix things that are not broken, Google seems to like to compete with Microsoft, maybe time to see what Microsoft has to offer? This is a major mistake on Google part!

  • http://www.bluehostrocks.com Russell

    I wish google would allow bg images – I don’t understand the reason…

  • Norah

    Im so disappointing..I dont like Bling and just want my wonderful background back..=(

  • vnloya

    why take this feature away

  • http://www.gadgetbytes.in shabnam

    yeah i think so ..

  • Linda Denning

    I am so tired of Giant Companies,ie: Google, AT&T, Electric, Gas, Cable, Satellite …not to our Government … Not Listening to what makes “WE THE PEOPLE” happy! What “”WE” want or care about. Our problem is that “WE” just keep taking it from ‘Everyone’ as if “Well, OK, that’s just how it is now …” If we don’t start taking a stand on things we are all doomed to a dogs life! Change your internet! Tell Google we don’t like what they are doing!
    I am not a crazy person that writes opinions on everything. This is the first time I have even posted one! I am just fed up with government and companies using my money to change things for the worse and never “Really” asking me!!

    • john burgess

      lets put it to the popular vote

  • Brenda B.

    I loved the image I had on my Google homepage. It was a very calming image of a home in the country w an unexpected red phone booth sitting right by the house. I feel like changing my e-mail to another company; really! Is this just a power trip on Google’s part? To me this makes for bad business relations. I sure hope that they reconsider.

  • Pat Matera

    I hate the blank page…think I’ll look for another search engine to personalize my page with…Google is not the “end all” to my world!

  • http://googlehomepage Shawn

    I hate the white blank google homepage. I used to change phots and wallpapers on it and really enjoy having it.

  • http://oceanict/w leroy brown

    put back the personal background images

  • jim S

    They never told us the reason ? I did use and like the feature.

  • NotGivingMyName

    F*ck you Google

  • Anonymous

    This is a major step down for Google. Google backgrounds was a really cool and fun feature that a lot of people used, would it really have been that difficult to keep it?

  • Leon Teichroeb

    What the heck does Google think their doing? Do they know this is really BAD for popularity because soon no one will use Google.

  • Betsy

    I had a lovely water-washed cavern lit with the colors of the setting sun on my google homepage. How boring to look at a white page. I feel like I’m in a hospital room waiting for the doctor to come and diagnose me with some terrible disease. Any way to fix this?

  • Michael Phillips


  • William Thomas

    Google is all about money… Chrome is non-productive and their apps do not fully intergrate with office documents… changes code and causes problems with customers… Not to mention the security issue… They should change their name to “Google NSA”… Search engine is good… But the snooping will end up in court and already has… Maybe once one of their executives in jailed the point will hit home…

  • Elizabeth

    I also think that that Google should have left the backgrounds available. I think it’s a load of crap!!!

    • http://google Andrea

      What happened to our huge choice of background images for google?

  • http://google Andrea

    I miss the selection of homepage images we had from which to choose on google. I’ll have to switch to another site.