SaveWhitePeople.com Is A Whole New Brand Of Crazy

    April 3, 2012
    John Vinson
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Sometimes things just fall into your lap, and when they get there you can’t help but just shake your head and wish you could un-think their existence. Which is exactly the feeling sweeping over me now, with SaveWhitePeople.com.

When visiting the website, you at first might think you’d be met with KKK references, confederate flags, and bad grammar. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. The site’s rhetoric is comprehensible, well articulated, and all sorts of scary. There’s an occasional triple exclamation point, but when you’re trying to get people to eat from your stew of stupidity, sometimes you need extra exclamation. On their about page, the site’s founder cuts to the chase about what the movement’s true intentions are…

We believe that the White people of the world has every moral right to persist upon planet Earth, simply because it is part of Creation. To establish our self-determination, it is our goal to bring about the creation of our own exclusive country, which for now, we shall call the White Republic.

We are not affiliated with any particular group, faction, or religious organization. We do support collective groups of individuals who keep at the forefront of their actions what is best for the White people of the world in a legal manner.

So, what does a person look like who subscribes to these beliefs? Luckily, they have a photo of a “demonstration” which took place at the University of Southern Indiana. There are no words to describe…


(Credit: The Shield at USI)

If you want to research further, their handbook is a real eye-opener.

Save White People Handbook

Signs and wonders.

  • Eric

    I read through the website and I don’t really see all the supremacy and hate that you are saying is there. They sound pretty… diplomatic to me. Do a follow up or even interview these guys!

  • oswald cobblepot

    Cut the guy some slack. It was 84 degrees in Evansville that day, a new record high. I looked at their manual and it makes a lot of sense. This forced multiculturalism is a form of totalitarianism and it doesn’t work. FREE people have the right to associate or not associate with whomever they wish. Since proud white people are “evil” according to the lamestream media, why not do our great multicultural society a big favor by encouraging them to have their own little country. Then they wouldn’t be a “threat” to the great multicultural society “Diversity is our Strength”. Think of a White Republic as a prison for these evil racists, lol

    • Kano’s Bionic Eye

      He would look cooler with a necktie bandana.

  • YourNightmare

    Your filthy, disgusting, Judeo-Marxist anti-White website and propaganda will end along the lives of you Radical Leftists and crypto-Jews when Whites will finally wake up and take back what is theirs – their Nations, their Media, their banks, their lives!
    You will pay for your centuries long conspiracy against us and for what you did to us in the last 70 years after The Fall of the West or better known as the loss of the War by the Axis forces.
    This Judeo-Marxist Dark Age in which you engineered our present Genocide!
    You WILL pay and the only currency we will accept is blood! YOUR blood!

    I wonder if you spineless, cowardly anti-White scums will leave my comment up here.
    Or perhaps you’re scared….?

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/john-vinson John Vinson

      Oh, don’t worry, the comment is going to stay up. Only because it adds to the insane aspect of the website.

      Do you happen to wear loafers as well?

      • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-richardson Chris Richardson

        I bet it does Nightmare’s heart proud to know the first humans were from Africa. I guess that’s more Judeo-Marxist crap, huh?

        • http://www.webpronews.com/author/john-vinson John Vinson

          It’s like I always tell racists I happen to come across, no one’s skin is #FFFFFF

  • Bobby

    I think the SaveWhitePeople site is a whole new brand of truth. The only “brand of crazy” is this guy Vinson who wrote the article criticizing the
    white racial movement. Most of us whites are sick of multiculturalism and the hordes of non-whites flooding into our homelands, either illegally or legally. We never had the option of a national referendum on multiracial immigration – it was shoved down our throats by dead liberals like Ted Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Someday the leftists and liberals will get theirs, similar to when the Soviet Union collapsed. This multicultural nightmare of the present USA Empire will collapse in failure also. In the aftermath whites will be willing to fight for their rights, including their own country.

  • LOL

    So Sad. First he should get an education. He obviously was not paying attention during grammar. Additionally, if he does not like multiculturalism, he might as well jump off the planet. Earth is predominantly people of color. Perhaps he can hitch a ride to the moon.