Savannah Guthrie Makes Her Co-Hosting Debut on TODAY

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Savannah Guthrie was selected to fill the hole left by former TODAY co-host Ann Curry, who watched helplessly as NBC scrambled to replace her following record low ratings. This week, Guthrie made her debut as co-host on the popular morning program, alongside Matt Lauer and Al Roker. As a fan of Ann Curry, Guthrie’s shift to the co-hosting gig isn’t particularly thrilling, as I still hold the belief that the seasoned journalist got the shaft by her superiors. Still, at least the network went with someone who’s already established herself with viewers. That should make the transition a bit easier for devoted TODAY fanatics.

“This was a little unexpected, as we all know, but I just want to say that I’m so proud and honored to be in a place occupied by so many women I admire,” Guthrie explained. She added that it was nice to have a job that “you can describe as fun and actually mean it.”

Although media speculation about Curry’s departure was rampant, the network itself has said very little about her replacement. However, NBC New President Steve Capus explained to the Hollywood Reporter that Curry didn’t have the enthusiasm for the “fluff” pieces that the network required her to tackle. Curry’s expertise is in serious journalism, so feigning excitement over cooking segments and celebrity pieces wasn’t exactly her forte.

This week may be Guthrie’s “official” first week as co-host, but it’s certainly not her first rodeo. One day before Curry bid farewell to viewers, Savannah took the spot next to Matt Lauer, resulting in Good Morning America’s complete annihilation of TODAY in the ratings. According to Nielsen, GMA stomped a hole in its competitor to the tune of 670,000 viewers.

NBC is hoping that Guthrie’s warm personality and jovial manner can help bring viewers back into the fold. Sadly, a lot of folks are none too pleased with the way the network has handled Curry’s departure, which may ultimately cost them in the long run. Personally, it’s kind of hard to view TODAY in the same light knowing that they’ll boot their hosts at the drop of a hat if they fail to meet expectations.

Savannah Guthrie Makes Her Co-Hosting Debut on TODAY
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  • Ellen Devens

    Ann Curry is possibly one of the classiest and brightest. What’s the expression, “A camel is what happens when executives meet to discuss a horse”…. or something like that.

  • Donna

    The day Ann Curry left the show was the last day I watched TODAY .. Matt Lauer is a pompous ass and Savannah Guthrie’s voice drives me crazy .. she is just another piece of fluff that NBC added in an attempt to win the ratings wars .. Ann Curry is a classy journalist and didn’t belong there. I will watch Ann Curry no matter where she goes!

  • jme

    Ann isn’t the problem with this show. Savannah is slumped over & behaving like a teenager, hardly the way to bring in viewers. Matt is grumpy & seems irritated by this job, kind of like Regis Philbin did before he FINALLY “retired”.

  • Josephine

    Though I have no dislike for Savannah, I too will switch stations due to the dismissal of Ann Curry. It is with amazement and disbelief how “superiors” can treat a kind, intelligent, and positive person as Ann in such an inhumane way. She is much more deserving than the big shots give her credit for. I wish Ann all the best and I will be watching to see her kind, energetic face on TV again!!

  • missing Ann Curry

    The whole transsition just doesnt look right. Conspiracy all the way, I think Savannah f.u.c.k.e.d somebody. Matt is the reason nobody wanna watched. They may never recover now.

    • missing Ann Curry

      * watch

      • OLLIE


  • missing Ann Curry

    Remember when Al Roker called Savannah Samantha instead of Savannah?_ there was an underlying reason behind that. I watched her talk with Tamron Hall once and she seems a bit conniving.

  • RR

    Anne Curry is an intelligent journalist with class and her worldly experience has a lot to offer the viewers. The problem with the Today show is that they are following the trends of worthless air time spent on idle chatter, just to talk. The Today Show needs a face lift, eliminating Anne Curry was a huge mistake because she has a lot to offer, perhaps NBC should have changed around their program and finally get rid of Matt Lauer. I will not be watching the Today Show. I find Matt Lauer personality dry and pompous at times. Anne Curry was grossly undervalued and her talents were disregarded when NBC decided to drop her.



  • Second Mouse

    This Ann Curry business has left a bad taste in my mouth. Ann was the only reason I stayed with The Today Show as of late. I do not particularly care for fluff stories but watched anyway while she was on. It seems lately that the show is more slap stick/goofy. I think they joke around TOO much. I want some NEWS! Now I think I’ll just start GMA.

  • Kristine Brown

    The reason Ann doesn’t have the “fluff,” is because she’s not fake and the way NBC RUNS through all of their interviews and segments is enough to make one sick! Ann is a real, down to earth sweet person….we love you Ann. NBC should be shut down for airing on line Ann’s reaction and response to her departure. I have never seen anything so shallow and heartless in my life!!!! I have watched NBC for years, but I can honestly say that they have lost any respect that I had as a long time viewer. You deserve better Ann, get out of there!!

  • jordan

    I absolutely believe this is the smartest move you have made in a long time. Savannah is great and is an honest down home person. She is Real

    • jordan

      after reading some of the older comments, would like to tell you that I formerly wathed CBS, ABC, and now watch NBC Today every day. You have a great morning show. What this world needs now is a little honesty and an “Old Fashioned” person, not a jaded, one sided person.

  • janlincoln

    Actually, NBC might consider getting rid of Matt Lauer. What an ego! Ann was lovely. The way NBC replaced her leaves me with no respect for the network. I am now a GMA fan. The Olympics may save the Today Show, butjust temporarily. People and how you treat them matter to the public.

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