Saudi Princesses Under House Arrest Cry for Help Over Twitter

    March 12, 2014
    Galen Velonis
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The Saudi Princesses Sahar and Jawaher have begun a Twitter and media campaign to end their thirteen year house arrest.

In an e-mail to the Sunday Times, the sisters wrote “We slowly watch each other fading into nothingness”. They added their other sisters, Hala and Maha, are facing psychological distress in guarded isolation. They further cited their treatment as human rights abuse over Twitter:

Their mother, Alanoud Al Fayez, who lives divorced and in exile in the United Kingdom, has signed her support for her daughter’s release. In an interview with Channel 4 News, she says: “They are really in a terrible state, especially Jawaher and Sahar. She’s telling me, ‘Mummy, we are trying to hold on to our sanity’. They are hanging to life. They don’t deserve what happened to them.” Over Twitter, she continues to write and communicate to her daughters, with words of support:

With over 2000 Twitter followers each, the princesses and their mother have attracted both criticism and support. Princess Jawaher tweeted a response to her opponents over the social media platform:

Legal action currently lies at a standstill for Al Fayez and her daughters. In November she told Voice of Russia Radio: “I came to London and hired British and American lawyers to help me. But agents of the Saudi King have bribed them, and the lawyers in fact braked my case and didn’t let it enter the international level. I tried to find other lawyers – but found myself in total isolation. Nobody wanted to defend the interests of my daughters.”

According to the Associated Press, the United Nation’s Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights has received the complaints, but declined to comment whether the U.N. will take any action on the subject.

Image via Channel 4 News, Youtube

  • Amy Jones

    Of course they are treated like shit, they are women in the middle east. You can’t drive a car if you have a vagina in Saudi Arabia. Why would we think they treat the princesses well? The fact we deal with these animals at all makes me want to puke. I have 2 daughters, and I would rather they brought home a black man from Detroit(Nothing against blacks, unless they are from the true ghetto and handle themselves accordingly) than bring home a middle eastern prince.

    • DeMarcus Davis

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    • Lil Pontoon

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    • Chepe Picolino

      If it ain’t white, it ain’t right!

      • hatefullove

        Again…Go stand in the sun for six hours and see how “right” you are.

    • Charles

      Your reply is just as stupid as the way women are being treated in Saudi……..

  • steven

    the only thing good about Saudia Arabia is the fact that women cant drive cars. wish that was true in the US. women drive like shit.

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    • jennifermavens

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  • joe

    steven’s comment is spot on.

    • Concerned

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  • john smith

    Amy. every country has good ,bad ,and different. we shouldn’t force our style on other.

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  • speciallady2003

    The only country that deserved to be bombed after 9/11 was Saudi Arabia, they sent them. And wrong way Bush chose two other countries in his unrelenting hunt for OBL who was not in either of those countries, and the bombers weren’t from them either. Oops.

    • Robert Aldrich

      OBL was in Afghanistan at the time of 9/11. Bush chased him out of Afghanistan to Pakistan.

      • speciallady2003

        So he says.

  • Hilary

    I’ve lived in that country for five years, and let me just say that women there have virtually no rights whatsoever. Image not being able to drive, or ride a bike. In sociological terms, they are centuries behind the rest of the world.

    • speciallady2003

      I was invited there by the former king when he was just the total debauched Crown Prince. The guy used to park his yacht off Cannes and ferry women to it, do all kinds of drink and drugs. Our friend was his best friend. Total hypocrisy. To clarify, my husband was invited and I was expected, he sent his friend to persuade me and I refused. We never went. And as a result I have zero respect for the culture and if you remember the 9/11 bombers visited strip clubs and drank alcohol. Hypocrisy and the abuse of women does not even begin to describe how foul these men are.

      • BushCheney

        As a Bush Family, we are part of it. Are you Barbra?

    • Hilary vs Palin

      Dang-it, Are you running for president or not?

  • jabbadonut

    I’ll save you, Princesses!! (You’re rich, right?) . . . Come on, Chewie, we got’s Princesses to rescue!!

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  • jennifermavens

    This woman knew what she was getting herself into by marrying someone from over there. She got what she wanted but didn’t want to pay the price. Now her chickens have come home to roost and she has no one but herself to blame. The saddest part is that the children have to suffer for her stupid mistake. And that’s what gets to me, not that stupid idiot who created this mess by getting involved with the wrong kind. Think before you leap.

    • Lisa

      According to another article I read:Princess Alanoud Al Fayez was married to King Abdullah at the age of 15. It was a marriage arranged by her uncle and she had never laid eyes on him until their wedding day. Soon she had four daughters – princesses Sahar, Maha, Hala and Jawaher – but no son.

      So, yeah, totally her own fault.

  • Karen Davis Brian

    Women’s rights are so non-existent in Saudi Arabia that I am surprised that the father has not murdered (honor killing) his daughters for speaking out in public. It is very grave, indeed, when women cannot get custody of their children and have to flee the country in secret to try to get some sort of meager help from abroad. I pray that these young women get some help from somewhere, or that their father somehow has something happen to make him realize that his daughters are humans to be respected and given human rights. From what I have read though, unless the mother figures out a way to secret them out of the country, their futures are bleak.

  • Karen Davis Brian

    It is even worse than I thought. Look it up. These princesses are all between the ages of 39 and 42, with their youth forever gone while being kept locked up. Two of the four are in solitary, while the other two stay together. They are being punished because they complained to thier father about the poverty in Saudi Arabia and because they went to parties.

    • Robert Aldrich

      They are lucky to still have their heads. If they weren’t princesses they would have been beheaded by now.

  • fu

    What in the living fuck would you morons know about a place like Saudi Arabia beside what you hear about it by media whose government is using it as a tool of propaganda? Get that wax out of your ears and start using your own brain to think for a moment as a change. “OhMYGOOOOOOD. Something bad happened so some Godknowswhat whore did and it’s a whole nation that acts that way.” This world just gets more shitty each passing second. Congratufuckinglations for making it like that, people.

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    • Laurie

      Move there Fu and prove us wrong. You’ll soon find out that the pleasure you have in insulting your fellow countrymen online will be non-existent if you move to Saudi Arabia.

  • linda anderson

    I hope someone will help these women get out of such a backwards country. I wish them well.

  • Charles Spratlin

    Feel bad for them, i really do. Born into a hellhole of a country with tyrants as family, no hope for an escape.

    and yet so long as those camel fucking bastards keep the oil flowing, they will have the US in their pockets.

    • Hilary vs Palin

      So, what does that make the US?

      • Charles Spratlin

        Willing patsy’s in allowing a nation to oppress its people.

  • FU2

    Hey “fu” well FU too. I live in SA now and it is all real what commenters are saying about Saudi culture and lake of women’s rights. While I do think it is all wrong, I comment to you since you seem to just want to rant about something you don’t know about that is really true.

  • Ayman knaifati

    Saudi Arabia has always been a women oppressor. Channel 4 news have already contributed to this cause and made a lot of effort to have solutions at the Saudi Arabia embassy, but so far they have no responses.

    The media should not over look King Abdullah’s abuse to the four princesses. I have read most of the articles concerning the four princesses for now, and they are all of the same content. We are no more in the medieval era; we have accomplished declarations of human rights that policy-making governments are using it for their own benefits. I am certain that the media hence will soon forget this tragedy, but we will not.

  • couls

    I wonder what they have done so wrong to deserve such treatment.
    I don’t care for social status!!! (princess non princesse),, but care for the human being. even an animal shouldn’t be treated with inattention.
    I just pray good mental health for they persecutors,

  • Lil Pontoon

    Don’t worry girls Captain Obama will do nothing to help you.

    • Jerry’s Jerk Chicken of Saudi

      Nor should he. Women are being mistreated in this country. ( and killed with their children…right before the punkass-bitch-of-a-man kills himself (coward))

      “Screwface? Me don’t know no Screwface. Find him your f…ing self. aaaarhhh” nice pic lol

  • Sunset

    Praying for these women. Extreme isolation is torture and abuse. The king says he wants to improve the plight of women in Saudi Arabia and he should start with his own house.

  • Guest

    If it ain’t white, it ain’t right

    • Hatefullove

      Go stand in the sun for six hours and see how “right” you are.

  • Sara Lee

    Women are dirt in the Middle East. According to many Middle Eastern Men Women are to serve…have babies…and die. And America lets this happen because of the American oil businesses. Yea America…..Money NOT Lives is our American Politicians’ priority. American Lives are no longer a priority. We just pay the frigging bills.

    • trollking 2000

      Funny this describes Europe and USA until about 50 years ago.

      • trollking 2000

        Your cakes suck BTW

  • disqus_9xeDQGZZk4

    They are sic with religious fervor and ownership over others…no different than slavery..All these cultures need to be wiped from the face of the Earth

  • PeterTrapasso

    AN amazing story! More here – Saudi princesses: Held captive according to U.N. email claim


  • Realist

    Yet all you that voted for Obozo, and proclaim the war on woman by the Republicans have POTUS over there bowing to these sexists. Hyprocrites.

  • BushCheney

    You see how dumb we are here in the US? The story is about a princess in Saudi Arabia, we changed the topic, put spotlight on us to showcase our stupidity, and continue insulting ourselves with racial slurs and obnoxious comments back and forth. I am sure readers in Saudi Arabia will be saying WOW! What a bunch of sick minds.