Saudi Princess Innocent of Human Trafficking


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Charges of human trafficking filed against a Saudi Arabian princess living in Orange County California were dropped today as the prosecution failed to provide evidence which corroborated the charges.

A 30 year old Kenyan woman brought the charges against the princess after supposedly fleeing the home and waving down a bus. Once on the bus, the woman confided in a passenger, who then helped the woman contact police to tell her story.

When the charges were brought to court, however, the story did not add up. The Kenyan woman claimed that her original contract stated that she was guaranteed $1600 per month for a standard 40-hour work week. However, prosecutors stated that the woman was being paid $220 per month for a 16 hour work day. Prosecutors also stated that the woman was denied medical care, had her movement restricted, worked for 4 more families that she was not under contract with, and had her passport held against her will, not allowing her to return to Kenya if she so wished.

Defense attorneys for the princess were able to show damning evidence of just the opposite, however:

"The nannies traveled to the U.S. on $10,000 first-class tickets.These women had cellphones, Internet, Facebook, and the family even bought cable in their native language for them. They enjoyed full use of the spa, gym and pool and were often dropped off to shop alone at neighborhood malls, all paid for by the family."

Prosecutors also found evidence which displayed that the Kenyan woman had logged into her social media profiles to delete evidence which showcased the lavish lifestyle she was living.

Paul Meyer, attorney for the princess, believed that the woman was filing the charges for nefarious reasons: "It was obvious she was seeking (a) visa."

Despite all of the evidence against the Kenyan woman's story, the judge still felt as if this was all just a complete misunderstanding: "I think she believed she was a victim. I don't think she was lying to us. I think it was a misunderstanding and miscommunication."

This case just goes to show how crucial intercultural communication skills are in an ever-expanding world. Someone should have bought these ladies Rosetta Stone.

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