Satan Statue Design Depicts Satan With Children

    January 7, 2014
    Erika Watts
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In response to a monument of the Ten Commandments being placed on Oklahoma state capitol grounds, the Satanic Temple has released plans for a statue of Satan they want to put there. The group says that since Oklahoma is allowing other religious monuments on capitol grounds, then a statue of Satan should be allowed as well.

The Ten Commandments monument was placed on Oklahoma state capitol grounds in 2012. The matter was brought to the ACLU’s attention by a Baptist minister who doesn’t believe that state property is the proper place for the monument, and the ACLU has since sued to have it removed.

“Our constitution makes it clear you cannot use state property and state resources to support a particular religion and this monument does just that,” says Brady Henderson, Legal Director with the Oklahoma ACLU.

In the meantime, the Satanic Temple wants their own monument erected on state grounds and has submitted an application to the Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission. The Oklahoma Capitol Preservation Commission has put a moratorium on new requests until the Ten Commandments lawsuit is settled, but this hasn’t stopped the Satanic Temple from going forward with their planning. The group just released the designs for their Satan statue, which features a 7-foot-tall Satan with children.

Check out the Satan statue design below.


Lucien Greaves, temple spokesperson, first discussed the matter last month and said that the Ten Commandments statue is opening the door to promoting his religion. “You don’t walk around and see too many satanic temples around, but when you open the door to public spaces for us, that’s when you’re going to see us,” Greaves said.

In a statement Greaves released on the Satan statue plans, he says the monument was “designed to reflect the views of Satanists in Oklahoma City and beyond.” Greaves also notes that the statue will “have a functional purpose as a chair where people of all ages may sit on the lap of Satan for inspiration and contemplation.”

Even though some legislators say the Satan monument has no place on capitol grounds because they don’t believe Satanism is a religion, Henderson believes that the monument cannot be rejected.

“We would prefer to see Oklahoma’s government officials work to faithfully serve our communities and improve the lives of Oklahomans instead of erecting granite monuments to show us all how righteous they are,” Henderson said. “But if the Ten Commandments, with its overtly Christian message, is allowed to stay at the Capitol, the Satanic Temple’s proposed monument cannot be rejected because of its different religious viewpoint.”

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  • Blake Schill

    I knew the state of oklahoma was stupid.but the governor needs her ads whipped for even thinking about this.this country was founded on god..not satin..stupid birch…

    • jay

      this country was found on FREEDOM not god, you idiot. if they want a satan statue to show their beliefs then they should be allowed to even if it’s wrong. it’s the FIRST amendment, freedom of religion and expression.

      • http://att.net mike

        Jay, do you wanna know the real beauty of the constitution? It can be changed. And this country was founded by slave owners who wanted to be free. Just think about that. When they set up the constitution, they knew they themselves were far from perfect, so they left an opening allowing future generations to change any mistakes they might make. They did not do this to make it possible for any statues to be built or any religions to be shown favoritism, they did it to allow as much freedom as possible in the hopes of one day actually making the world a better place. In other words, I wish Atheists and Satanists like you would quit perverting the constitution like a spin doctor for fox news in order to justify your own shoddy idealism.

      • bianca fuentes

        i thouqht u asid freedom not God retard first talk and get your own stuff right then talk so your aguement can be relevant satan is their god then why dont youll complain about their horrible and dumb beleifs but you complain about the Christians God which is the real one and yoour too accept it or not what yoou have is hatred and denial!!!!! Sorry for youll but Jesus will never stop nor cease regardless how much you like him or not you are living because of him get your facts straight stop being so contradictory and ignorant!! and i can careless about what you say or reply showing you cant even make a good logical statement and making dumb remarks and being the bads and dumbs defendant

      • soldierofthecross

        This country was found in Christianity and you and all if the satanist have the right to burn in hell for all eternity!

    • Justin

      This country was actually founded on atheism. The founding fathers built a constitution that would not cater to any religion (hence making it atheist). If any American really studied what freedom means and what this country’s foundation was then you would understand that he united states is not Christian-land, but rather anyone’s land. An ignorant american is an american who thinks Everyone here believe in the same god. This country was built on religious freedom and even not having a religion. That’s why we left England. Read up on your history before proclaiming that this nation is under God.

      • Incognito

        Well said Justin

        • http://att.net mike

          Incognito, jenny just whooped yo ass, fool.

        • Christina

          If this nation wasn’t founded on God, then why was the bible and prayer a part of schools for years and years..it wasn’t taken out of public schools until 1962. What more proof does one need…

          • bianca fuentes

            because it was they just hate that fact and wish they could change it and think they are by debating it hahah ignorants

      • jenny

        Actually before our country was separate from England they had a religion that all people had to follow along with severe taxes. No this country was not founded on atheism. This country was founded on Christian principles. The purpose of separation of church and state was so the government could not impose a all state religion and people could believe whatever they want. And the definition of religion is anything you put your faith in. In your case it would be Atheism. I myself put my faith in Jesus and his power. Think about everything on our currency “In God we trust.”

        • Bill

          Sorry but in God we trust was put on our money in the 50’s when we were fighting the Godless communists. The founding fathers would have never allowed it.

        • waylen page

          one day closer, wont be no satin statue in heaven!!! plus look at it, what a wake up call for parents!!!!!! there children are looking up to satin “O” NO!!!!! gaze up on that and think about life!!!!! even satin WILL be in hell!!!!!!!!!!! some people say they don’t believe in hell, they will!!!!!!!! I’M A JESUS FREAK, but don’t worry, wont be no Jesus freaks in HELL, Jesus will call us all home! He don’t want us to see how ugly things fixin ta get!!!!! BOOM!!!!!!!

        • http://att.net mike

          jenny, while I do agree with you, you need to remember that in god we trust on the money happened in the 50’s and also that money is more evil than good. People put the value of money over faith, making the dollar an Idoller, or symbol worshiped above god. Money is the root of corruption and evil,like that hasn’t been said a 1,000 times already. But don’t worry, cos I agree with you.

          • Keith

            No mike d love of money is the root of all evil I see people with lots of it feeding hungry people clothing homeless people housing homeless n 2 even think of allowing a lucifer statue just check out John 10:35 the same ones that worship Satan in this world I would love to give them a drop but I won’t be allowed people better wake up

        • Robert

          Actually, “In God We Trust” was added in 1957, during the height of the Cold War, to differentiate US (the God fearing good guys) from THEM (the godless Communists).

          “Under God” was added to the Pledge around the same time.

      • Cnthia

        An atheist believes there is no god. The constitution is about not making a state religion, not saying there is none.

      • http://att.net mike

        Justin, jenny just whooped yo ass, fool.

      • @Justin

        While some of what you said may be technically correct, the fact is that we wouldn’t have this planet if it wasn’t for God.

        Also, sure there are tons of religions. That doesn’t mean they are viable. I can pray to a tree or to a stone. But at the end of my life, that tree or stone with not hear me or help me. I was just a fool who prayed to an inanimate object.

        I think it is clear that this country was founded under God. Everything —- our entire legal code —- is pretty much a fortification of bible concepts and the ten commandments.

        • moon

          I don’t know what this country was founded upon exactly, except freedom of religion, but I don’t think Satanist should really get a break here. In the same way that hate speech isn’t acceptable in the extreme, Satanists, satanic practices, their temples, their monuments should not be allowed. There should also be an extreme review of those who are satanists that parade around and say they are “Wiccan” (Goddess or nature worshipping) when they are actually satanic.
          I say this because basically all religions that I know of in the East and the West have some similiar rules , even if they fight amongst one another.
          When I was a young girl, I had the severe misfortune of being born into a family that had different kinds of domestic violence going on in it, and both sides. I began running away at age 13 , and I began to know other street kids. I actually didnt want to be on the street, but couldnt find a social worker to help. Some teachers helped, and I was sent to a boarding school to finish the high school which I was very glad about.However, again, unfortunately, I was on the street again at 18.
          Once again on the street, I was struggling between groups of clueless kids, mainly on drugs, trying to figure out how even to survive, which was so hard because I was born “witch-like” weird looking (long dark hair, skinny face, crooked nose, etc). I immediately was slotted into the goth/wiccan type round about scene whether I liked it or not. I was so sad. I was also quite sick , with a problem in my thyroid which was almost killing me daily, it took me about seven years to start to look like human-ish enough to re-emerge from a sort of freakish underground scene of a very cold city, devoid of sunlight. The kids around me were at least half satanists. They ruled. They also killed animals, molested children, subjected even the unwilling adults to very terrifying sexually predatory games, they dug up bodies from grave yards (belonging to beraved family’s) to practice their dark arts upon and they sacrificed animals in caves by the river while audiences of young drunk assholes watched.
          On the West Coast, which is where I ran first, they had a human sacrifice under the bridge of a rickety apartment where I was staying at that time– which was why I was too sc ared to stay where it was warm.
          They also owned things young, like tatoo parlors. They had and have a lot of power, and its very awful.
          I cannot tell you how many lives of young people would be saved if street kids could just turn them in.Thats who they prey upin the most.
          So somebody explain to me why its okay to have the satanists get to practice their religion. Is it because they are mainly ( not all ) but mainly white?
          I mean if these were black people wouldnt they just be called the Cryps ( or crypts) and sit in the jail???

          • Nora

            This government is so screwed it can’t even tell right from wrong they only look at the outside not the inside which is why the innocent never get true justice it is very sad I pity this government and every one else who abuses of the weak and innocent

      • Steve

        Justin?? What country are you in again?? Satan wasn’t even born yet when this country was established.

      • Steve

        Justin?? What country are you in again?? Satan wasn’t even born yet when this country was established.

      • bianca fuentes

        freedom of RELIGION retard!!!!!!! if you dont like it so much as you say then kill yourself kuzz the breath you HATER AND UNGODLY have is his too!

      • bianca fuentes

        hahahaha really dont tell me??????????! good invented information what a bad joke it was founded n completely the opposite and thats what you and the other atheists dont like and wish to change …god have mercy on youll poor of youll how ignorant love you hope you be happy and find the truth before it too late how dumb the atheists think if they do!

    • casey

      You need a spell check, and help on opening your mind on others beliefs. They have a right to put a monument as much as the next religious group.

    • karl marl

      This country was founded on the separation of religion and state, regardless of what you Jesus Freaks desperately try to brainwash yourselves into believing.

      • karl marl

        *waah waah* Nineteen of you don’t like what I said. You’d rather go through your sad, ignorant existences believing in a 2,000-year-old zombie Jew who did magic tricks and took you to Happyland. That’s why I belong to The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, where we pray to his only begotten Son, Raptor Jesus.

    • OzzAngel

      Was Satin invented when this country was founded?

    • OzzAngel

      Was Satin invented when this country was founded?

  • Barbara Smith

    It is appropriate. People need to realize Satan controls their kids more then they do or the church.
    Look at all the vampire movies, zombie movies, and witchcraft themed movies that are so popular.
    Perfect example Christmas is all about Santa Claus, not Jesus.

    • FRS

      Christmas itself is as Pagan as Halloween in Origin.

      • pansy blackwel

        It’s the one day in the world, whereas, everyone is a devout Roman Catholic. Christmas is not about Jesus Christ.
        The tradition started centuries ago, with Pope Julian. He wanted a way to persuade the poor to attend mass. He accomplished this by bribing them with “gifts” of food, clothes. Henceforth Christ-mass. No where in the HolyBible did it say to celebrate the birth of Christ.

      • Barbara Smith

        that is correct. After Constantine converted to “Christianity” was not catching on he ask his “priests” why. They stated people wanted their old celebrations. The druid God Mithra’s birthday was celebrated on Dec 25. Hence the date picked for our modern day Christmas.

      • @FRS

        It doesn’t matter what the origins were. Not everything goes as smoothly or as perfectly as people want. Of course, there would be links to paganism. People don’t change overnight. Things don’t get established overnight.

        In the end, it is as simple as this. Do you stand with Jesus Christ or do you stand with Satan? The question is fundamentally that simple. People like to prove how “smart” they are by pointing out little small details that really are not relevant.

        At the end of the day, the fundamental question is who do you stand with? Choose a team.

    • pansy blackwel

      not only that, but children can, and often do, lose their lives, and end up in hell. just look at how many subscribe to those Harry Potter series.

      • Heather

        And hwo exactly do you know that Childen end up in hell? The bible certainly does not say Children will go to hell so where exactly doed your information come from??

      • Nokomis

        Obviously you don’t have a relationship with Jesus and need to reevaluate yourself. You know nothing of the grace of Jesus acting like a fiction book for children condemns them. Children do not get separated from god. It is ignorant posts and hateful comments from people like you that turn many from church and help separate them from god. You are an agent of Satan himself but too stupid and uneducated to realize it. Do the world a favor and destroy your internet connection and go back to Westboro baptist church.

      • @Pansy

        You are a fool if you think that Christ, who died for all people, would send a person to hell for reading a children’s book.

        Christ is so unbelievably merciful. That doesn’t mean we should do wrong, but what it does mean is that he is here to help us. Do you honestly think Christ is going to condemn someone for something as petty as a book?

    • Bupkis Meister

      Actually, looking into history, no group has committed more hideous and vile deeds the did the Christians to the Jews. And, indeed, in the name of their god!

      Amongst the ‘seven deadly sins’ is hypocrisy – and that is a synonym for christianity.

      • Jay Money

        LOL!!! Christianity is hypocrisy….LMAO!!! So I guess Muslims are great saints…huh? And if your going to accuse some one of being a hypocrite at least get the Seven Deadly Sins correct Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, Wrath, Envy & Pride.

        Looks like you just broke two of the Seven deadly sins….but seeing that you didn’t know them before I expect you wouldn’t know.

        • klein

          Idiot. the possibility that group X is hypocritical has no bearing on whether group Y is hypocritical (unless Christian and Muslims are the same, or closely related — is that what you mean?)

          This is SIMPLE logic. Your argument (and I use that term loosely)is a non sequitur. To use your annoying expression — LMAO

      • bianca fuentes

        haha that not even a commandment dummy u have no idea on how dumb you sounded but wait if you an theist what are you going to tells us about the bible you dont even know about it because if you did you would believe in it and its truth stop being so hateful kuzz thats what you are in in denial because you dont like the fact Jesus is God and he is like it or not and Christianity is not a hypcrote atheist are believing in evolution theorys k=because they have no faith but they have faith in evolution obviously because where you there to watch it i dont think so so if you have faith in that why not god …..evolution makes less sense and has no proof just thoeries anyone can come up with THANK YOU VERY MUCH God bless you~

  • Anna

    Are you kidding???? Then let’s add a Buddha, Star of David, Statue of the Virgin Mary, a Cross – how about a statue of a man with a white hood????? The 10 Commandments are good life “rules”. It is accepted by most of the organized religions – Christianity, Jews, and Muslims.

    • pansy blackwel

      a cross is a symbol, not graven image, or an idol

    • Incognito

      I think this is GREAT and FUNNY. I for one as soooo tired of having Christianity shoved down my throat! Christianity is nothing but Paganism with a few alteration. Don’t believe me? Look it up !

      • Eric Tabor

        Very True and then Christians CRUCIFY Pagans and those who practice witchcraft which is causing no harm to anyone. People tell children that Santa Claus was not a real person but in actuality he was called St. Nicholas and delivered gifts, food, trees, and other items to the less fortunate. Religions need to be more tolerant of one another because most serve one purpose and that is to get you to a better place. No legitimate religion is going to promote violence or induce to you to commit harm toward others.

      • rosamund

        And you a big Amen from me…

      • @Incognito

        I have lived in the US my whole life and I have never been to one church that forced me to walk in its doors.

        Also, there is a huge difference between Paganism and Christianity. Don’t try to act wise and mislead people. There is a huge difference between following Christ and praying to a tree or a golden calf.

      • bianca fuentes

        Look it up where where? the internet hahahahaha ohh really dont tell me!!!!!!!!!!! what a reliable proof you are giving me and im suppose to believe you anyone can come up with “proofs” such like you because they don’t like the fact Christianity doesnt cover their sins doesn’t mean is true but that’s why the Bible is the oldest and most famous book because that That really DOES HAVE THE TRUTH

    • Lorri

      Anna, that is the POINT. Once you allow one religious symbol, you have to allow them all or it’s not fair. Best not to allow any, which would be following our Constitution for a change.

    • Incognito

      I agree.. if ONE is allowed then all is allowed

  • Katchup Kitty

    Acts 17:22-31

  • Sara

    All the more proof that Jesus will return soon. Everybody needs to repent now.

    • Jay

      I could of sworn this comment section would’ve been more positive. However, seeing how many Satan supporters there are and others that think this is perfectly fine, is an eye opener and very scary…

  • Bill

    I bet I can guess where the next tornado will hit.

    • pansy blackwel

      I guess you see now what’s going down in OK. I noticed in that
      storm ravaged town of Murray, quite a few confessed to be non-believers.

    • Incognito

      Really Bill? Soooo when a tornado hits a daycare or church then that is GOD’s judgement? Interesting

  • http://djhf jdjdjf

    Ahhhh ha ha ha! Hail Satan! Finally a statue I can relate to.

    • bianca fuentes

      Gross you in that garbage and paganism too Ohh how sad im sooo sorry for you come to Jesus he is the truth read the Bible and then youll have the good thing to relate too i hope you find you way soon before is too late God have mercy on you and the ones like you how repugnant and sad …..statements like this are horrible and discusting what a waste of country to see what some dumb people support

  • Screwed Up America

    America is so screwed up. The government spies on all American citizens. We incarcerate the most people in the world and make the most money in the world off of incarceration. The police set people up all the time. Our President does nothing. Our Congress even less. We fought 13 years of wars for nothing. Our kids go to schools in trailers but we somehow find the money to build million dollar high school football stadiums. We slaughtered 54 million babies in abortion but that is okay. Meanwhile we will sentence a man to prison for life for stealing a pair of socks, selling 350 worth of weed, or getting in a simple fist fight (all of those are real cases). Three buildings fell on 9/11 but only two planes hit buildings but that isn’t suspicious. Then on top of that we spend twice as much investigating Moncia Lewinsky sucking a dick than we did investigating 9/11. We never saw a plane hit the Pentagon. At Sandy Hook, the video of the shooting is nothing but a blue screen for 50 minutes but we are told there was a shooter there. At Boston, a man gets both his legs blown off which normally means death in under 2 minutes from massive bleeding, but we see him lay on the ground for 15 mintues and then wheeled away totally conscious with no blood coming out of him. Benghazi was a lie. Pat Tillman was a lie. Jessica Lynch was a lie. WMDs in Iraq was a lie. The Gulf of Tonkin was a lie. Watergate was a lie. Now, we have a 7 foot tall statue of Satan calling children to him even though we all know good and well that child sacrifice is a huge part of Satanism.

    We are so fucked in this country. We think we are the best country in the world???? My God, we are the worst. We are living in a freaking dream world.

    • http://yahoo claire Paige

      You are incredibly insightful and observant. Our ONLY hope is a loving God. The bible says it –mans heart is desperatedly evil. Let all good men pray.

      • http://yahoo claire Paige

        If you think satans your buddy and cool youre deceived and hes laughing while you both go to hell…. hes nothing to play around with. I will pray for your soul.

    • @Screwed up America

      You are right. I have seen the inside of abortion bags. It is horrible. It is murder. Yet, we will condone that, but send men to prison for next to nothing. There are so many people serving time for victimless crimes. But it is okay to murder a child? For those of you who have never seen the inside of an abortion bag, look at these pictures:


      Look at those pictures and tell me it is not murder. Yet, we will send people to prison for victimless crimes?

  • pansy blackwel

    One out of four televangelist, are from Ok

  • Tony Karusso

    Shows what they know, Satan is beautiful not some ugly monster looking figure. He is attractive and alluring, that is why most ppl flock to him. Jesus on the other hand was not alluring. The Bible says that there was nothing spectacular about him, a king with a crown of thorns?, come on who wants that right? This statue doesn’t offend me because it doesn’t depict the true nature of Satan, so build it, I don’t care.

    • moon

      I don’t really agree with building it, but I like the rest of what you said. It’s true. The kids I knew on the streets were led by the most beautiful people physically that were satanists.Beauty was their biggest tool.Beauty is alluring and opens doors. No one looks to the broken, or the bleeding. If you are ugly, forget getting a good job, if you have to satrt on the street. Just be a cleaner. Whereas a good-looking person can hurt children or “weak” around them, then act real sexy and get paid lots of money .But that is what this country is like, very superficial.

  • Jamaal

    We all ready has something that involves satan worship its called television. It teaches us right from wrong, it baby sits for us, it entertain us,it takes us from one side of the world to the other at a click of a button, it lies to us, and it tells us that God is not real. Sound like a a true satan worshipper dream statue.

  • akira eiland

    It is a sad day on this earth when you show such disrespect. What will the satan monument prove? We see enough evil in the world everyday. The people of Oklahoma should not have a constant reminder of what satan represents. So if they do put it there what’s next, a monument of GOD standing over the satanic monument with his foot on satan’s head. People that choose to worship satan, I have no problem with you,do you. But let us have a little hope that there is something awaiting us after we leave this hell on earth!

  • sandra

    Ever heard of “One Nation under God”….he has been taken out of everything that’s why we are in such a mess. Also, those making the Satan statue have no knowledge of Satan…read the bible…Satan who was named Lucifer was described as a bright morning star and no one looked like him in the entire universe. He doesn’t look like the horrible creature they have drawn out….so if they believe in Satan they must believe in the bible because that’s where he began….

    • Bupkis Meister

      That little bit of “One Nation Under . . .” and other such references were added in the middle 20th century by the McCarthyist fanatics. People who were quite will to destroy everything America is supposed to stand for (Freedom of speech, religion, press, etc.) in order to protect their vision of what it should be.

      The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Christianity is the master bricklayer.

      • sandra

        from our forefather on this country was founded on God….if these people believe in Satan they have to believe in God. I am a Christian….

        • Incognito

          WRONG Sandra.. one nation under god was NOT in the original documents

    • Ella Hines

      Great point!

    • Ella Hines

      Great point!

    • Ella Hines

      Great point!

  • Tony Karusso

    If anything, the statue would be a constant reminder that evil is present in the world, and it will probably cause more ppl to do good lol. Thank you Satan Statue, now more ppl will probably make it to Heaven.

  • http://warmongezionistjewspalestinechillbloo.blogspot.com/ Henry Asta

    Satan should be worshiped and his statues should be erected all over America since America is Absolutely a Satanic Nation where they practice among other atrocities government sponsored murder in the forms of endless wars, and legalized abortion, besides they practice separation of church and state, and the abomination of legalized same sex marriage, even their school children are being indoctrinated into Satan’s so-called deep secrets through the public education system

    However, for those who believe that by worshiping Satan they will get away from God’s righteous judgment, I have very sobering news for you, Satan does not move a finger without God’s approval as stated in Job 1: 6-12, “One day the angels came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came with them. The LORD said to Satan, “Where have you come from?” Satan answered the LORD, “From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it.” Then the LORD said to Satan, “Have you considered my servant Job? There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil.” “Does Job fear God for nothing?” Satan replied. “Have you not put a hedge around him and his household and everything he has? You have blessed the work of his hands, so that his flocks and herds are spread throughout the land. But stretch out your hand and strike everything he has, and he will surely curse you to your face.” The LORD said to Satan, “Very well, then, everything he has is in your hands, but on the man himself do not lay a finger.” Then Satan went out from the presence of the LORD…

    And as stated by Jesus Christ in John 3: 18, “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son”


    lol!!! i hope they do put up the statue. ill drive my happy ass 10hours just to take a picture of me switting on it just like i use to do with santa clause. lol!! this world is already in a world of crap, whats 1 7ft tall statue going to hurt??

  • http://twellow dj

    I think that you all need to look at the definition of satan and God.. satan is nothing but bad in this world and God is good… everything that comes from satan is evil and God is goodness and mercy and grace…

  • Pecos

    I will drive you that 10 hours to see the statue of Satan, I will hold the camera AND take that picture. Rather than sitting YOU COULD TWERK the staue. Because, in this way you and all you GOD nay-sayers can wait in line in HELL to get not TWERKED but #ucked! Remember, that Eternity is forever!! Everyone of us will be judged.

  • B.W.

    Satan doesn’t even look like that. According to the Bible, Satan masquerades as an “angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14) or as one of the sons of God (Job 1:6). Do you really think children would be happily standing around an ugly goat looking beast? I wouldn’t. Satanists don’t even worship the devil. They just want to cry and bicker for equal rights.

  • rosamund

    I say go for it. There’s supposed to be a seperation of church and state EXCEPT when it comes to Christianity. If they’re going to allow the Commandments, EVERYONE should be able to display their religious freedom. Now, can I get an Amen from some the Wiccans, Jains, heathens, Voodoo’s and the rest of the crew?

  • dorenescrima

    Where in the Bible does it describe satan with horns and tail with a pitch fork? Those who bow to him will burn. There are many antichrist in the world now.

  • Sheila

    Because weather you like it or not, Satanism is a religion. They have been around a lot longer then you think and no they do not kill children or virgins. Murders who claim to be Satanists are not killing for the belief ,they are killing because they are Evil themselves. Learn about their beliefs before you say something. Just like Wicca is a religion..before there was Christianity, there was Pagan religions.

    • moon

      satanists sure hurt me, I usually wish I were dead from all the trouble they caused me. I know they murder people, children, animals, and make peoples lives worse than the hell. The rule the streets. Ever been on them?

    • bianca fuentes

      and who makes em evil smarty and informed i think you should be the one looking it up and going to a zycologist poor of you if you believe them they satanist of course they kill and them themselves admit it now why would YOU try to cover them up that’s what they do because that what their God is death and destruction how sad too see such a ignorance

  • Mig

    Finally a good reason for us Christians to flee this country, if such an evil monument would actually become built in the land of the “one nation under God”.

  • Superstr8

    This whole thing is objectionable. The worse being the children on the statue.

    But then again, it might serve to remind people of what direction this country is headed. When do any of us think about what affect our actions have on children. Look around. Even if you’re not a parent. Our society is falling apart.

    Khrushchev (premier of Russia in the 50’s-60’s Cold War era) said Communism would destroy America through our children. I didn’t think I would live to see that day. It’s looking more and more like he might have been right.

  • Mike

    I am the chief priest of the Satan Slayer Church…I will erect an 8 ft tall statue on the same site depicting one of our divine protectors slaying the beast.

    You can take this to any extreme as you choose to.

  • http://Webpronews Lisa Benavidez

    This statue is obviously not what Jehovah God pleasant because it is giving attention to satan and even a statue with children surrounding him!! This is terrible this should not even be published or be given any media at all, this exactly what is wrong with this article!

  • Darkriver508

    The whole reason for separation of church and state is to avoid this whole situation. With that being said, this country was not founded for any of the reasons I read in the comments. “Money is the root of all evil” Columbus explored to make money, colonies were founded in hopes of making money; the people that settled it were outcasts and a labor force was needed but people wanted money for their labor, hence slavery, the revolutionary war was begun so England wouldn’t take the money the colonies made. If anything this country today is what it was when it was founded, a money machine. As long as the laborers continue to make money, what they believe or don’t believe doesn’t matter.

  • Ella Hines

    What we tend to forget is that any society must have laws in order to have a safe environment. In order to have laws, there must be someone, somewhere, somehow that provides a moral compass by which to author such laws. If we look to one another to find someone wise enough, we could never, ever agree on what is right and what is wrong. It depends on the person we ask. That is why any reasonable person will agree, we must have an infallible source of righteousness by which we author our laws and build our society. The laws of the U.S. are founded on biblical sources which reflect the views of our Creator. When we go outside the parameters of biblical righteousness to establish our laws, we author confusion, strife and chaotic behaviors. No one can reasonable argue that U.S. laws were originally founded with the Bible providing the knowledge of what is good and what is evil. It is evident to anyone who cares to research…even bankruptcy laws were fashioned from the biblical injunction regarding 7 yr. release from debt, etc. So when we decide to take matters into our own hands and you decide what is right or wrong or I decide what is right or wrong, simply upon our own recognizance, what can we expect but confusion, chaos or ultimate anarchy? Those who are atheists, Satanists, etc….I would ask “must we abide by your mental affirmations as to right and wrong, or should you have to abide by mine? I think not. Then whose? I choose Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth and all that is therein.

  • Kristine

    I don’t live in Oklahoma thank GOD, but I am highly against erecting a statue of Satan. I am not religious, I do not attend church, and I don’t read the bible, but I DO believe fully in God and Jesus Christ and I can already see the hell that this will cause (almost literally). This country is already losing its faith and God is not-so-slowly being pushed out. Erecting a statue of complete and utter evil is just wrong.

    • bianca fuentes

      Jesus and God????? JESUS IS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://att.net mike

    Unfortunately, the laws of this country give them the right to believe what they want, and in all honesty, it would be fair. HOWEVER, there is plenty of evil already in the world today, and we certainly don’t need a statue to remind us of that. I bet these are the same people who want to celebrate Christmas without Christ. It doesn’t work that way.

  • J

    I just hope I can get one for my front yard from Home Despot or OSH. Beautiful art work it is, right up there with Bernini’s ‘Ecstasy of St Teresa’ .

  • David

    People and their misbelieves. That’s not Satan… That is Baphomet.

    “The wings of the soul represent spiritual freedom. The goat symbolizes fertility- fertility in multiplying the life force, vril, which activates and raises the serpent. The “Goat of a Thousand Young” is referring to the crown chakra, “Sahasrara” in Sanskrit which means “Thousand Petaled Lotus.”

    I’m not a Satanist and I know this… Why don’t you????? Let it stand. It may just be education.

  • Rabbit

    Every post on here is arguing with a previous post. You’re right- you’re wrong ect. and nobodody even knows each other personally. See what religion does.. I think you are all good people and need to keep your religion status to yourself and life your life happily. 😉

    • bianca fuentes

      and umm looks who is talking the one who didnt reply and didnt argue on another statement huh?!

  • Oen Tio

    To build a statue of Satan 7 feet tall with children around is
    totally wrong. As a immigrant and Roman Catholic, I hate to say,
    that those who are responsible for this, should be condemmed.
    God created the world in seven days and he will separate those, who
    accept him from those who believes in themselves. America is already in deep trouble, it is trillions in debt and morally at the bottom by letting
    children adore the presence of Satan. This will all go back to the time that Moses threw the table with the 10 commandments down the hill.
    Oklahoma is not a state that I would like to live in. I hope that this
    statue of the Devil with children around, will be removed as soon as
    God Bless America and those, who stands for it.

  • Ham Kneck


    • stonerkid

      So God is going wreak havoc on the state and kill many innocent people and children with tornadoes over a statue they had nothing to do with, hahahaha! It’s shit like this.


    ROMANS 14:11

  • karl marl

    Born-Again Kuhristiyans should be disallowed the freedom of owning computers. It inevitably reminds me of just how many ignorant, backwater trolls I have to share my country with. Westboro Baptist Douchebags.

  • Keith

    Come on, isn’t it obvious what’s going on here? They’re going to take their ball and go home so nobody can play if they can’t build their fun loving devil statue. Build it, who cares? God still loves you & freedom of religion is awesome. Jesus loves you this I know 😉 John 3:16

  • Keith

    Quit preaching judgement and condemnation. God doesn’t care if you’re offended, He came for the lost. He’s looking to redeem. You don’t show God’s love through judgement. When Jesus approached the prostitute that was about to be JUDGED by people like you, He wasn’t worried about His image or what they thought, He saw a young lady that was hurting and condemned by the people and He wanted to redeem her. Stop with the self righteous act, you’re not righteous without God. Without God we’re all the same. Jesus said Love God & Love your neighbor as you love yourself. He didn’t instruct you to tell the people that God will crush them and destroy their city if they allow their state officials to build a devil statue. He could crush us all for the crap that we’ve done, but He’s more interested in redeeming and loving us. Love like Jesus. He is the redeemer of man. John 3:16

  • stonerkid

    Hahaha! It’s just one ridiculous argument after another I don’t care too much about the story or religion really but this comment section made me laugh my ass off.

  • njeden

    Whoa, won’t it stink? Male goats stink real bad, I would think it could not be put up because of the smell. I bet those kids are looking up and wondering if it is a hairy”but”. Is that allowed to give people the finger.How come it is holding it’s hand up giving the people the finger.How come if it is suppose to be satan, and the north star of Jesus is above it. Can’t you people make up your minds up who you want to worship. You really think a state like Oklahoma is going to allow something so ugly on their lawn of a state capitol? You don’t know the heartland very well. You can bet the country will be watching this one. We will march from every surrounding state in the heartland and help remove it.

  • njeden

    Whoa, won’t it stink? Male goats stink real bad, I would think it could not be put up because of the smell. I bet those kids are looking up and wondering if it is a hairy”but”. Is that allowed to give people the finger.How come it is holding it’s hand up giving the people the finger.How come if it is suppose to be satan, and the north star of Jesus is above it. Can’t you people make up your minds up who you want to worship. You really think a state like Oklahoma is going to allow something so ugly on their lawn of a state capitol? You don’t know the heartland very well. You can bet the country will be watching this one. We will march from every surrounding state in the heartland and help remove it.