Sasser Worm Scribe Confesses

    July 5, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A 19 year-old German, Sven Jaschan, has confessed to writing the Sasser worm that affected millions of computers last year.

Mr. Jaschan faces a more lenient sentence on charges including sabotage, data manipulation, and other related crimes due to his status as a minor when he unleashed the Sasser worm.

Sasser Worm Scribe Confesses

Among those affected by the worm was Delta Airlines, which was forced to cancel several flights. Sasser infected thousands of businesses and an estimated 18 million computers.

The defendant’s prowess with worm and virus writing has gained him employment with Securepoint, a German security software firm. And, regardless of the trial’s outcome, they plan to keep him in their employ.

“The court must hand down a sentence that can have an educational effect on the young man,” Katharina Kruetzfeldt , a spokesperson for the tribunal hearing the case in Verden, Germany.

Sasser began hitting machines equipped with versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system on May 1, 2004. Microsoft subsequently offered a reward of $250,000 for information leading to the identification and arrest of Sasser’s writer.

An anonymous acquaintance of Mr. Jaschan’s provided a tip to authorities. It is unknown if Microsoft has paid the reward or if they know the identity of the tipster. A raid on the Jaschan household came as a result, with investigators finding Sasser code on a home-built computer. Mr. Jaschan admitted his involvement then during questioning.

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