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Sarah Palin is taking a break from politics and getting ready to begin a holiday book tour next week to promote her newest book, "Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas". Her latest is published by HarperCollins, according to AP. The description on Amazon reads,

"In Good Tidings and Great Joy she calls for bringing back the freedom to express the Christian values of the season. She asserts the importance of preserving Jesus Christ in Christmas—in public displays, school concerts, pageants, and our expressions to one another other—and laments the over-commercialization and homogenization of Christmas in today's society."

Her Facebook page is a little more eloquent and clear as to what she hopes this book will bring to America:

"This book is not about isolated trivialities. It's not really about gingerbread cookies or stockings hung by the chimney with care, or the big fat man with the long, white beard. It's not about a holiday at all. It's about that little baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, who arrived long before hope and change became political manipulations. It's about Christ and our ability to worship Him freely. It's about America and what liberty truly means in our day to day lives..."

Sarah Palin's tour will begin November the 12th at a Barnes & Noble in Bethlehem, Pa., and will end December 7th at a Barnes & Noble in Roanoke, Virginia. Just like in her previous book tours for her other books, "Going Rogue" and "America by Heart", she is skipping all the usual major cities, and instead visiting smaller venues and military bases.

Her stops will include military bases in Fort Campbell, Kentucky, and Fort Benning, Georgia, as well as a Costco in Dallas suburb Plano, Texas, and a Wal-Mart in Wausau, Wisconsin. Books will be available for sale beginning November 12th, in conjunction with the tour.

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