Sarah Palin Refuses Interview With Google Glass-Wearer

    May 30, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Sarah Palin recently denied comment when she was approached by a reporter wearing Google Glass, and he suspects that all the controversy surrounding the state-of-the-art eyewear is behind it.

Nilay Patel wore the glasses to cover the Indy 500 and ran into Palin and her husband at the Woodford Reserve Hotel the night before. When he approached the couple, he says Palin refused to take a picture with him or even talk to him. Since the technology was all the rage at the gathering–with several curious people approaching Patel to ask about them and take photos with him–he asked Palin if she wanted to try them out.

“What’s in it for us?” her husband Todd said. “We don’t know what company you’re with.”

Patel assured them he wasn’t looking for an edorsement, but Todd Palin asked him to leave anyway.

It’s no secret that many are concerned about privacy when it comes to Google Glass; in fact, a petition has been started to ban the technology from being used until clear boundaries are put in place surrounding them.

“Google Glass is a new twist on technology which hasn’t had clearly stated limits on the locations in US communities where it can and cannot be used. In order to protect our communities we need limitations to prevent indecent public surveillance of our friends, children, and families,” the petition states. “It is hard to prevent it because the hardware gives no notification that it is recording an individual at any given time.”

Even Patel brings up an interesting point; when he was covering the race, he ducked into a men’s bathroom, forgetting he still had the glasses on. When he got some dirty looks, he quickly remembered and took them off.

For now, there seem to be many kinks to be worked out when it comes to Glass and when and where the technology should be used, and that includes around celebrities and political figures.

Image: The Verge

  • http://Yahoo Timmy Terd

    “what’s in it for us”? Sounds typical. What a little pussy whipped yam yoke.

  • http://webpronews ohio61

    I think Sarah is affraid she was going to have her brain drained,and Todd was looking for more money.

    • founders1791

      We know for certain that ‘you’ didn’t think with all that pressure exerted when you sit down on it.

  • me

    “What’s in it for us?” Sounds like a real servant of the people fit for office.

    • bct2000a

      That fits Sarah Palin in a nutshell…all she cares about is what she can get for herself. Look at how she quit on the people of Alaska in the middle of her term as governor, after she could no longer use that position as a stepping-stone to the White House. She is every bit as self-centered as the other establishment politicians.

  • Don Hoblit

    Personally, I wish Sarah Palin was President…pray (sorry, but I do) she runs for the Senate in Alaska…

  • Igimo

    If it was the new Special Edition Google Glass I’m sure she would have given an interview: youtu.be/nmqkPpHrhFo

    Read more: http://www.upi.com/blog/2013/05/30/Palin-says-no-to-Google-Glass-wearing-reporter/8511369941694/#ixzz2UppkVSy8

  • iizthatiiz

    Perhaps there is more to this story than reported by Ms. Crum. Nilay Patel admits that he was more than a bit plastered when he encountered Sarah Palin.

    The night before the race, Patel was hanging out in his hotel bar documenting his “journey to the bottom of the hotel’s Woodford Reserve.” (btw, Woodford Reserve is a brand of bourbon, not the name of the hotel). He reports that Palin was engaged with other hotel guests, as he tried for several minutes to speak with the Governor.

    It seems quite probable that Todd Palin wasn’t too keen with the idea of a staggering drunk with a camera strapped to his face interrupting his wife while she was engaged with other hotel guests.

    Business Insider has a fuller report of Patel’s near-encounter with Sarah Palin. http://www.businessinsider.com/sarah-palin-has-no-interest-in-trying-google-glass-thank-you-very-much-2013-5

    Perhaps Palin has an aversion to boorish drunks, rather than google glass.

  • Tawny Jones

    Gorgeous, glamorous Gov. Sarah Palin doesn’t have time for drunk pretend-journalists who are hustling bad products & looking for face-time. She is fighting the big battles for the soul of America.

  • Starla

    poor dumb Sarah–she thought the Glass would record what she was thinking and confirm to everyone that she has no brain activity. What makes Toad Palin think that he gets to decide who should be escorted out? Where was Piper–I thought she got to skip school all the time so she could bully the reporters and tell them the toyal family was on another SuperPAC paid family vacation.

  • founders1791

    And so it goes the oballah cult and their dept of propaganda think normal citizens can’t see the truth….

    Todd Palin had this guys number in an instant!

    The guy with the glasses, Nilay Patel, is 100% out for himself with self promotion and getting paid by multiple income streams that drive traffic to his failed website, Google pays him to wear them, and he was paid to promote the Ganassi Race team…..

    “..I was a spectacle at the spectacle…I was safely inside the Ganassi owner’s suite..reliant on my Nexus 4’s AT&T service..”
    – Nilay Patel, managing editor of The Verge

  • Bill589

    The progressives of both parties brought this on themselves.
    If they didn’t continually attack Sarah when she was Governor of Alaska, she may have mainly stayed up there, relatively quiet, and focusing on doing her stellar job helping Alaska’s citizens.

    But thanks to the them, we have Sarah Palin in the national scene.
    The Lord truly does work in mysterious ways.
    God bless our constitutional republic and it’s patriots.