Sarah Palin Blasts Melissa Harris-Perry on Facebook

    January 6, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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It’s been over a week now that Melissa Harris-Perry made what some are calling inappropriate remarks about Mitt Romney and his family, however it seems the backlash is only increasing instead of going away.

From CNN commentators, to celebrities like Alec Baldwin, a lot of folks continue to chime in about Harris-Perry’s comments, and some have demanded that she lose her job. However, probably her biggest critic is Sarah Palin, as the ex-Alaskan governor took to her Facebook page to detail her frustration with MSNBC and the mainstream media.

“Holy unbelievable,” she writes. “The hypocritical leftist lamestream media should be shamed by every caring, child-loving American. It has once again reached a new low. See the article linked below. One just can’t win in their petty little games. Good thing most Americans don’t play those little games! It’s a beautiful thing the Romney family has done by embracing ‘the spirit of adoption,’ What on earth is more beautiful? Shame on MSNBC for mocking this.”

However, some are calling Palin’s comments hypocritical and other’s say she’s being selective in her outrage, because she was very vocal about the whole “Duck Dynasty,” Phil Robertson situation. Because when Robertson spoke about the African-American and gay community last month, and was vilified by a large number of people, Palin said he should be able to speak his mind under the right of free speech. However, she didn’t use that same reasoning when talking about Harris-Perry.

And what did Romney have to say about the MSNBC host making jokes about his adopted grandchild and saying she’d wish he would marry North West, Kayne West and Kim Kardashian’s baby? He chose to accept her apology, and didn’t say much else.

“I recognize that people make mistakes,” he said during a Fox News program. “And the folks at MSNBC made a big mistake, and they’ve apologized for it. And that’s all you can ask for.”

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  • qt db7

    Didn’t PERVERTED Bill Clinton complain that Obama’s
    supporters played ‘the race card’ against Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton
    during the democrat primaries in 2008?

  • qt db7

    Gov. Palin is right.
    A&E needs ‘Duck Dynasty’ more than ‘Duck Dynasty’ needs A&E.

    To democrats/liberals/Gay people:
    tolerance/diversity is a 2-way street.

    Gov. Palin, ‘Duck Dynasty’, and We the People are WINNING.
    Democrats/liberals are LOSING and PISSED off.

    About reading GQ magazine:
    We the People D.R., D.C. (don’t read, don’t care) about LIBERAL

    We the People know who you democrats/liberals people are.
    You democrats/liberals people and ‘Walking DEBT’ Obama are
    trying to transform America into some STUPID SOCIALIST European utopia.

    Since when did democrats/liberals care about God?
    If democrats/liberals really care about God, then they would
    NOT SCREW/DISTORT with the U.S. Constitution eveyday.
    Democrats/liberals and communist China just want to KILL unborn babies.

    • mahilena

      seems the only one pissed off here is you qt db7 , which is what typical conservatives losers do all the time…anyways conservatism is on the way out!!! hahahahha

  • Paul A’Barge

    Fire Melissa Harris-Perry. Because, double standard, racism and sexism.

    MSNBC fired Alec Baldwin and Martin Bashir, both white men. Melissa still has her job despite the obvious double standard. If Melissa were a white man she would be gone.

    Fire Melissa Harris-Perry. Now.

  • http://doesthatreallymatter? E.P.Hope

    It never really suprises me when The part time gov. says, she left us when we needed her for fame and $$$ so lets not forget what she is about”MONEY”and lets not get all emotional like she is the Female “Moses” she is not. She only sticks her chicken head out when it is good for her “FAME”. And when I say that ,I mean keeping her name out there.Stop I know what your thinking “HATER” I don’t hate her, I voted for her twice and watched her turn to the dark side $$$ because it was easier than getting the job done for the people who voted for you.I miss Sahra THE LEADER not some chicken heart who puts their opinion on line (OOPS!) We need to stop working against each other,I am an American Liberal who has a good job and has woke up and will not support haters looking for the next war. OH! and for you bible thumpers. I have a question, What do the bible and the constitution have in common? They were both written by bigoted, recist, sexist men who thought ‘GOD” was on their side. God is on GODS side, Hate is still hate and Jesus was not a HATER. AmericanJobs Bill 2014!!! Go America!

  • Jon

    Sarah Palin is ridiculous and a horrid person. How hypocritical of her – what happened to freedom of speech – clueless itch.

  • Noel Freedman

    Sarah Palin Fortune Cookie slip read: Hen who lay egg in Fox House soon cooked goosie.

  • John

    Sarah is doing what sarah does best, stir up hate and division among her her mouth breathing hoard of Faux-bots. Liberals are not evil, conservatives are not evil, people that inspire such hate are evil incarnate. She needs to go away along with all hate mongers on both sides, united we stand!!!

  • John

    Sarah is doing what sarah does best, stir up hate and division among her her mouth breathing hoard of Faux-bots. Liberals are not evil, conservatives are not evil, people that inspire such hate are evil incarnate. She needs to go away along with all hate mongers on both sides, united we stand!!!

  • DMac8889

    I’m at a complete loss at why people are calling Palin a hypocrite. She never called for Harris-Perry give an apology, or ask for her to be fired. She simply pointed out the obvious. Harris-Perry’s show concerning Romney’s child was insulting, and Palin pointed it out to those that read her Facebook. She didn’t go on the National news and demand an apology. So why is everyone, including Morning Joe attacking Palin. As far as Bashir, again Palin forgave him, did not call for his firing. He got himself fired. Why the attacks on Plain. To E.P. Hope: if you stated that you voted for Palin twice. That means you are from Alaska. Palin doesn’t stick her head out to just criticize, she comments on issues also. The problem Palin has is the Media only brings her forth to the national (internet) news when they believe they can take another shot at her, even when that attack makes no sense like this one above. Harris-Perry gave her apology five days after Palin critique (not a personal attack on H-Perry). To then give some CLASS credit to Romney, long after Palin attacking the Network, seems like nothing but a cheap shot.