Sarah Outen Rescued by Japanese Coast Guard

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Sarah Outen, the adventurous British woman who embarked on an 850-day expedition around the world, has been rescued by the Japanese Coast Guard. According to the Telegraph, Outen, 26, became stranded 560 miles northeast of Japan after a savage tropical storm continuously capsized her 22-foot boat.

As the rescue operation was gearing up, a handful of helicopters and planes kept a close eye on Outen, who was trying to stay safe inside her boat. While she waited for the coast guard to arrive, she scrawled SMILE on one hand and BREATHE on the other in an attempt to keep her spirits up. And, like most modern-day adventurers, she kept everyone up-to-date on her escapades by posting to Twitter.

A statement released by her team claims that Outen has been rescued, and was been enroute to the mainland. "Sarah is now making her way to back to Japan," her team wrote. "We are awaiting final confirmation of details of Sarah's arrival in Japan and will let you know more once we have further information."

Her first request upon reaching dry land: pancakes, cold orange juice, and grapes. I'd say she's probably earned it.

CNN reports that Outen was halfway through her mission when she encountered the storm. In fact, she'd already traversed 11,000 miles of terrain, and has already journeyed through such countries as Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and China. No word yet how this situation will affect her expedition.

Below you can sample some of the tweets Outen issued during the tropical storm. It's hard to gauge just how intense the whole experience was from 140 character exchanges, but I'm sure it was pretty brutal. Have a look.