Sarah Michelle Gellar Disses Kim Kardashian ‘Vogue’ Cover

    March 23, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Sarah Michelle Gellar is among those who are less than thrilled about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s April Vogue cover. In fact, she’s thinking of canceling her subscription and is even rallying others to cancel theirs as well.

The cover features Kimye–as the couple is sometimes called–in full wedding attire–likely indicating that yet another Keeping Up With the Kardashians wedding is really going down.

Kim Kardashian is famous for a number of questionable things–one of them being her most recent wedding to basketball player Chris Humphries. The multi-million dollar affair was promoted for weeks prior to the big day that was televised by E!. The wedding only lasted 72 days. Many speculated that the entire relationship and wedding were staged to up the reality TV show’s ratings. That was never proven, however.

Sarah Michelle Gellar took to Twitter on Friday to share her great disdain for the Vogue cover.

Her tweet was almost instantly retweeted by about 6,000 Twitter users.

Kim Kardashian’s best friend Jonathan Cheban quickly came to her rescue with a slam for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star.


Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in The Crazy Ones with Robin Williams. She won a Peoples Choice Award in the Favorite Actress in a New TV Series category for her role as Williams’s character’s daughter. Married to actor Freddie Prinze, Jr., the couple has two daughters. Charlotte Grace is 4 and Rocky James a year and a half old.

It’s uncertain if Gellar’s gripe about Kim Kardashian’s Vogue cover is with Kardashian or Kanye West, or if it’s with the magazine itself for publishing what she deems a giant fashion faux pas. Like her or not, Kim Kardashian is on the cutting edge of fashion, so the magazine really wasn’t completely out of line with the cover shot.

Regardless of what Sarah Michelle Gellar thinks, Vogue is standing by its decision to keep the couple on the cover, with no apologies or retractions in the works. Do you think they will suffer from cancellations per Gellar’s tweet?

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  • JJC09

    I’m tired of hearing about both of them! Let them get married, who cares!!

  • skibug

    who gives a crap about that idiot west or cardisian or however you spell that no talent bitc- . there are better people that this magazine could have picked . are you people in this rag need the money that bad ?

  • skibug

    how many days will this farce last – 2 weeks ?

  • Cathy Mathiesen

    I think Sara Michelle is a bitch. Jelly much!

    • jean1450

      no don’t think she’s jelly at all. she’s right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sally

    they have a son and daughter, get your facts right!

  • Dean Clark

    Nothing like being a freaking ass whore, whose only talent was blowing some guy in a porn film to become a star, and to have an ass with its own zip code, she has no shape what so ever, and dresses like a slut every time with her tit’s sagging out on every thing she wears, the two of them together make a wonder statement for a slut and her pimp~~~ great work Vogue

    • sparkle

      Well said.

  • lovvetravel

    Sarah Michelle gellar is a bully

  • Melendmo

    who cares, and Sarah what makes you any better? You are in the same boat and if I were you I would keep my mouth shut because you have no room to talk.

  • Melendemo

    So what, are you jealous Sarah, that you are not on the cover? You have no room to talk to talentless so and so, how do you like being attacked? You are no better

  • GLO

    Sarah, THANK YOU SO MUCH! Please don’t get discouraged bout the very lil comments against you. You are representing the decent people of AMERICA! So tired of Hollywood glorifying reality people. In this case, a whore, adultress, baby out of wedlock, a LIAR, a porn person who didn’t get paid for being shit on before her fame, the list goes on and on…. Let us not forget the academy for WORST SUPPORTING ACTRESS of the year!! needless to list the horrible behavior of Kanye, for even disrespecting our FIRST LADY, Michelle Obama. Gosh! I wish more REAL CELEBRITIES would speak up. Some things are better let unsaid but by far is this a situation where decent people NEED TO SPEAK UP AGAINST GLORIFYING WRONG DOING… To me Vogue is NO LONGER FASHION BIBLE, MORE LIKE FASHION EVIL… Look how Duck Dynasty didn’t back down for what was right in their opinion and at the end of the day, THEY WON! Please don’t regret speaking up and don’t let that trash family BULLY you around by all the magazines they pay to GLORIFY their BAD BEHAVIOR! PLEASE!!! You are a TRUE ACTRESS who worked really hard by auditioning for your roles, acting school, etc… If anything, try to get other celebrities to help you get our old Hollywood Back where it once was. Reality shows should be of celebrities who worked they’re way to the top to share their lives with America, not of people who make sex tapes or hit someone and all of the sudden they are REALITY STARS. Such a disgrace to real stars and celebrities. I hope every Real celebrity and stars turn VOGUE down from here on.