Sarah Jessica Parker Among Many Stars Saying Thanks


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Sarah Jessica Parker, Roseanne Barr, Jimmy Kimmel, Carrie Underwood, and Courteney Cox are just a few celebrities who gave Twitter shout-outs to our men and women in the U.S. Armed Forces in honor of Veterans Day.

You've probably seen a lot of American Flags flying high today on various social media sites. Tuesday, November 14 marks a day to give thanks and show gratitude to the 19.6 million veterans that serve our country.

Many of our veterans have issues when they return to civilian life. About 77% struggle to get a job, with 25% unable to find a job after one year of searching. There is hope, however, several corporations like Walmart and Starbucks, have started hiring initiatives for vets. Veterans can go to the eBenefits site to help find employment and search for other helpful VA links.

It's estimated that 22 veterans kill themselves every day. Their families are also at risk due to the emotional stress of a loved one being deployed into battle. Kristina Kaufmann, executive director of Code of Support Foundation, warns, "If we can't figure out a way to provide better support for families, the public will pay one way or another."

There are many ways to help our veterans. You can click here to learn how to do a few simple things that will go a long way in providing support to the men and women who risk their lives for our freedom.

Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker gave some advice on how to support veterans by getting involved with fundraising.

Additionally, many celebrities expressed their gratitude and thanks on Twitter today.