Sara Bareilles Wants Katy Perry Beef To Stop

    January 26, 2014
    Daryl Nelson
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In music, melodies, lyrical themes and good ideas get recycled all of the time, and sometimes it comes from one artist inspiring another, and other times it’s done on purpose.

And it’s safe to assume that many of Sara Bareilles’ fans thought Katy Perry was stealing from her song “Brave,” when she created “Roar,” as both share the same melodies and song concept.

But despite Bareilles’ fans tweeting all kinds of nasty things to Perry, she said she never wanted things to unfold like that, simply because that isn’t her style. “I was surprised and to be honest, disappointed at how vicious people were,” said Bareilles in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “It’s not my nature, and it’s not reflective of what I feel I hope to incite in people. People really felt like Katy was ripping me off, and I disagree.”

Earlier this month, we covered Bareilles’ interview with “CBS Sunday Morning,” where she admitted that her and Perry’s song sounded similar. But she also admitted there were no hard feelings or rivalry, because the two have been friends for quite some time.

But that didn’t stop her fans from going at the “Prism” singer, and Bareilles said the backlash had more to do with people wanting a squabble than it had to do about music.

In addition, Bareilles says there’s enough music and fans to go around, and nobody should want to see two friends fight or bicker. “Katy and I have known each other a really long time, she’s a friend of mine,” said the singer. “And it seemed like there was this infusion of people wanting to create conflict and drama. I find that to be really fatiguing.”

“It’s an old paradigm of pitting people against each other based on the idea that there’s not enough–not enough fans–not enough music lovers, not enough space for both of you, so you have to hate each other.”

Bareilles said the manufactured beef really upset her, and she felt like she was pulled into it without say. “I don’t believe in that,” she said. “I was disappointed. I feel it was misguided. There’s better s— to do than worry about that stuff.”

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  • Tom

    Stop what? Nobody cares who Sara is. Everyone knows who Katy is.. Sara just stop trying to make everything about yourself. Earn some awards, some sales, and some grammies or just buzz off.

    • Tom Isdumb

      Holy crap you're dumb

  • Tom

    Sara Boringalice? Puh. Katy is far superior.

    • Tom Isdumb

      Lol are you 12 or 13

  • Tom Isdumb

    Tom you are literally so dumb

  • Jimza Skeptic

    I think Sara keeps bring this up to drum up publicity. Katy Perry is more talented and hotter looking. Sara is the nerd in the back of the class room that is ready to go off. Jealousy will get you nowhere Sara.

    • People are Dramatic

      Sara isn't the one bringing it up in interviews…she's been asked about it in every interview since "Roar" came out. Her stance the whole time has been to praise both Katy and her music.