Sara Bareilles Disses Katy Perry, Sort Of


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Today on "CBS Sunday Morning" singer, songwriter Sara Bareilles spoke about the similarities between her song "Brave," and Katy Perry's "Roar," and although she's been chummy with Perry for quite some time, she can't help but notice that the songs do sound the same.

"I can't say that I think that they don't sound similar," she said. "I've known Katy a really long time, and we're friends." Additionally, Bareilles said the success of "Roar" has only helped her, and she's glad that people seem to be talking about her song even more these days. "Roar" has "only really [been] good for my song," she said. "So thank you Katy Perry for that."

But it wasn't Perry who should take full credit for "Brave," being such a success. Although Bareilles initially wrote the song when a friend was thinking about coming out, it's been adopted as a motivational tune by people battling cancer. In fact, the 34-year old singer was accompanied by 4-year old cancer patient Joshua Chambers last month, and she said she's thrilled to have the song take on a whole new purpose.

"I just felt like I was watching the song take flight and take on a life of its own," she said happily. "It was becoming something bigger than it had even intended to be, and that's always, oh my gosh, what amazing hope for something you create."

Bareilles' latest album "The Blessed Unrest" recently earned her a Grammy nomination and she said that most of her songs come from personal experience, which she admits might be a little narcissistic, but that's just the way she writes.

When the song "Brave" was first released it reached number 61 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and when Perry's Roar came out, "Brave" jumped to number 31, which only shows that a lot of people associate the two songs together.

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