Sansa Stark Blows Up Twitter After Sunday’s “Game Of Thrones”

    May 19, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Sansa Stark is one of only a handful characters on Game Of Thrones that fans find themselves actively rooting for. After starting the series as a lovely young girl who had big dreams of finding a handsome prince to marry, she has evolved into a jaded young woman who is all too familiar with the horrors of real life, and those horrors just won’t seem to stop coming.

(SPOILERS ahead, so be forewarned if you haven’t seen the most recent episode)

Sansa has survived the brutality of King’s Landing, a horrific life with Joffrey and his wicked mother, and now she’s been kidnapped by the slithery Lord Baelish after being–at least partially–blamed for the murder of the king. On Sunday night’s episode, she was confronted in a very creepy way by Baelish, who followed up a declaration that in another life she might have been his daughter with a kiss, which his wife witnessed. That kiss led to his wife–Lysa, who is also Sansa’s aunt–holding Sansa over the moon door by her hair, threatening to drop her to a terrible death for seducing her husband. Baelish comes to Sansa’s rescue, however, and ends up tossing Lysa through the hole.

Immediately after the episode aired, Twitter blew up with posts about Sansa, who can’t seem to get away from people who want to do her harm.

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  • Zaphod Beatlebrox

    Poor little Sansa. Petyr wants to use his littlefinger on her. I hope someday Arya kills him.

  • Amber

    at the first season i hated sansa for being dumb.. but now i pity here

  • Gaven

    I actually hope George R.R. Martin kills Sansa off in his unwritten book. I am tired of her constant whining and sourpussing. OK, your family has faced undeniable tragedy over the years. We get it. Suck it up and avenge them! Your little sister Arya is developing as we would expect one to under those circumstances. It’s your turn to take a page out of her playbook and grow a pair!

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/PurpleAsparagus JakaAlreadyExists

      You made the best point to respond to your statement with yourself. They aren’t the same. Sansa and Arya. They’re two different people, and every person reacts to tragedy differently.

      • jgraves58

        Exactly. Gaven obviously isn’t a very deep thinker.

        • Gaven

          Oh, I see. I can’t think deep thoughts because I don’t value whiny characters, regardless of their “personal differences” with other characters in any given plot. Apparently, one must be a René Descartes, Karl Marx, or Carl Gustav Jung to “get it”.


          • http://www.youtube.com/user/PurpleAsparagus JakaAlreadyExists

            Pointlessly defensive much? lol

    • eil

      Suck it up and avenge them? SERIOUSLY? She’s a fourteen years old gir in a world of sociopatic manipulators! Just try to be realistic.

  • tyrion

    she needs to learn the dance of politics.

    • JasonMD

      No. She needs to learn to play the Game of Thrones. Because in the Game of Thrones either you win or you die!

      • blog2012

        Reek isn’t dead and he certainly ain’t no winner.

  • Padre Greg

    That girl is so fine it’s ridiculous.

  • Crusader70

    Princess Insipid.

  • eil

    Hating on Sansa is stupid and hypocrite.