Sandra Bullock’s Stalker Joshua Corbett Charged With Possessing ‘Arsenal Of Weapons’

    June 19, 2014
    Val Powell
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Joshua Corbett, 39, the man who allegedly broke into Sandra Bullock’s home weeks ago is now facing weapons charges.

Corbett pleaded not guilty to breaking and entering the actress’ home, but he is now charged with possessing “an arsenal of weapons” including illegal machine guns that were found in his home.

Los Angeles authorities arrested Corbett at Bullock’s home on June 8 after he climbed a chain-link fence to get inside the actress’ home. According to investigators, Corbett spent an hour inside the property before the authorities found him.

Bullock was at home at the time of the incident, but reports did not indicate if her son was there with her. Authorities did not say whether Corbett brought weapons with him when he broke into the home.

The illegal weapons were found when investigators searched Corbett’s home after his arrest. The discovery led to 10 counts of possession of a destructive device, two counts of possession of an assault weapon, and seven counts of possession of a machine gun, all of which were added to his previous charges.

When he pleaded not guilty to stalking and burglarizing Bullock’s home, a $185,000 bond was set. With the new charges, however, the bond was raised to $2.2 million. Corbett is now facing a possible jail time of seven years and four months. If he is convicted of the new charges, Corbett could spend 12 years in prison.

No information has been released about Corbett’s identity. However, CNN has confirmed that he carries a private pilot’s license. According to Corbett’s attorney Stephen Stikoff, his client is suffering from serious mental issues and he had no intention of harming Bullock when he entered her home.

Based on reports from the law enforcement, Corbett is obsessed with the Gravity and The Blind Side actress and possibly kept a diary about her.

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