Sandra Bullock Turns 50, Celebrates In Wyoming

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Sandra Bullock turned 50 on Saturday. I know, I don't see it either, but she did!

The lovely and ageless Sandra Bullock celebrated with family and friends in Wyoming last week. The party began on Thursday with a fun girls' night out at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Southern Soul Allstars were on hand to play for Sandra Bullock and her friends, including Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings. The band said Sandra wanted to keep it low-key.

"They said they kept it [quiet] because she sometimes likes to just act like a normal person," band member Dianne McManus said of Sandra Bullock and her friends. "They came out and danced and took a bunch of pictures."

We love it when they take a bunch of (warning: NSFW) pictures....

A source said of Sandra Bullock's night out, ''There were probably 6 to ten women in the group. It appeared to be a ladies night. They just came in to listen to the band.''

The source added, ''It was pretty low key. They all had one drink...and were all dressed casually. Sandra [Bullock] looked radiant, beautiful and was very sweet. It looked like she was having a blast.''

Chelsea Handler also posted this sweet pic of a candid moment between Sandra Bullock and her sister.


Now for something kind of creepy:

Sandra Bullock has a lot to celebrate this year! She reportedly made $70 million doing the film Gravity, which would be one of the biggest paydays for any celebrity at any point in Hollywood history.

That score is only on par with her illustrious career as one of Hollywood's top stars. Interestingly enough, Sandra Bullock has made 50 movies! Since her start in 1994's Speed, she has shined in every single one.

Happy late birthday to Sandra Bullock. Here's to many more!

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