SanDisk Has Gruvi New Music Cards

    September 29, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Tiny TrustedFlash cards, the size of a fingernail, will come to market in November, with the latest Stones album being the first release available on them.

SanDisk calls the $39.95 microSD format music cards “grūvi” and will begin selling them later this year. The company announced the new cards at the CTIA Show in San Francisco.

By purchasing the Rolling Stones “A Bigger Bang” in this format, a user will be able to preview and purchase other Stones music via a PC or mobile phone. The cards use SanDisk’s TrustedFlash rights management technology to lock the content.

However, that locking will still allow the card to be played on multiple platforms. SanDisk will provide an adapter with the grūvi card that will be the size of a SD card. This lets the little card be played on laptops and PDAs with existing SD slots.

An executive with the Stones’ label, Virgin Records, said in a statement the company planned to expand the grūvi catalog with more artists next year. Syd Schwartz cited the TrustedFlash protection as a factor in allowing more releases on the grūvi music card format.

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