Sandi’s Ts Site Review – Some Basic Suggestions

    August 1, 2003

I have the following suggestions for Sandi:

1. put text navigation bar somewhere on the upper section of the page, it can be to the left, right or center. Start with your products by categories, just like they are listed on the images.

2. do not center the text.

3. use the same colors of your logo for the text:
– normal text: dark navy blue
– links: dark pink reddish?

4. do not use bold unless on headings

5. make small boxes on the opposite side of the text navigation bar for:
– refresh page
– search here
– order page
– faqs
– tell a friend
– etc.

6. about the title of your page, it says:
“Unique T shirts and sweatshirts for adults and children plus gift ideas too!”
I would add at the end:
… at Sandi’s T’s

7. about the images for the different categories of your products, I would make the images a little bit smaller and a little bit closer together.

Best wishes, Rox

Roxana Castaeda S.
Diseo Web Per
Lima, Peru, South America

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