Sandi’s Ts Site Review – Make it Easier to Order

    August 1, 2003

Well where to start really, I’m afraid to say it but the home page looks very much like someone on Geocities who has just finished their first home page. It’s undesigned, has too many gizmos at the bottom, no graphical impact, no proper navigation. This leaves me very confused – is this a hobby or a business?

Clicking onto a product page reveals the navigation system – ok this works, reflected on the pages it needs to be and simple enough to get around. However the animated graphics are just too much. Perhaps look at using mouseovers so the image animates when you focus on it.

Product layout on the pages is nice and consistent, left image, right image, neatly aligned and very clear.

One of the questions you asked was, “why do you think people visit the site but don’t order anything?”; well, I think this is partly down to the ordering method.

You are in desperate need of a shopping cart to make it easy to buy something, I had to search for the ordering info page link which is at the bottom hidden in the other links. Everyone wants everything quickly so a buy now button linking into the most basic shopping cart will be a huge benefit.

I also think you should promote the quality of your workmanship, make it clear that these are unique hand-made designs, products with a perceived sense of quality will give confidence to the potential customer. Instead of “Browse through the design pages below..” Try “Browse through my range of unique hand-made designs..”

I’m sorry if much of this sounds harsh, but the site looks very dated using all the bells and whistles that were popular 5 years ago all on one page.

You need an overhaul, drastically cut down the gizmos and animations, find a free shopping cart and keep the organised product layouts, I am sure this will help.

Peter Langford
IT & C Manager

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